Camila Cabello Breaks Down ‘The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving’ By SongNow that Camila Cabello has released two hit singles (‘Crying in the Club,’ and ‘I Have Questions’) off of her upcoming album, The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving, she is is beginning to let her excitement show about the work she’s putting into her solo debut. Camila explained to morning hosts Shoboy and Nina just how much of the album is broken up, percentage-wise, between “hurting,” healing,” and “loving.”
‘I Have Questions’ is the Song That Changed Camila Cabello’s Life“It was a really low point in my life,” Cabello tells Shoboy and Nina from 92.3 AMP Radio. “[‘I Have Questions’] changed my life because it was the first time I felt like I could talk about the kind of pain I was experiencing.”
Selena Gomez Is Her Own Toughest CriticSelena Gomez explains how one issue she faces sometimes, is doubting herself.
The Comedy Kids on The Big ShowMax Chwatko and Alex Travin are 8 year old third-graders from Chappaqua, NY are known as the “Comedy Kids” who tell jokes to raise money for cancer research.
Rapper Logic Doesn't 'Give a S*** About Mainstream Media'Logic talks to 92.3 AMP Radio afternoon host Astra about performing at Governor's Ball, his upcoming show at MSG and musical inspirations.
Selena Gomez Addresses The Controversial Subject Matter of ’13 Reasons Why’Netflix's original series 13 Reasons Why was met with both widespread acclaim and controversy. A television series has never focused on mental illness, sexual assault, and the effects it has on teenagers, especially young women. As an executive producer, Selena Gomez recognized that, telling Karen and Jeffrey from Fresh 102.7 "It's a very complicated thing to talk about."
Selena Gomez On Terror Attacks: I Refuse To Let Fear Take OverSelena Gomez is proud to say that she is fearless in the aftermath of the Ariana Grande concert bombing. Following the incident in London, the pop star isn’t letting the past terror attacks change the way she operates. Gomez told Shoboy and Nina from 92.3 AMP Radio, “I refuse to let fear take over any of it...we should not be run by fear and we refuse to.”
Why Selena Gomez Loves Adorable 4-Year-Old Singing ‘Bad Liar’ While AsleepSelena Gomez loves her 4-year-old fan who was videotaped singing, “Bad Liar” while sleeping in his car seat. The video has been retweeted and shared thousands of times on Twitter and even the superstar saw it. She told Shoboy and Nina from 92.3 AMP Radio, “
Rachel Crow Is Feeling Positive, Wants Us All To Shine Like a "Dime""'Dime' is a feel-good song and it's just about people who have done you wrong in the past... because I feel like, especially today, there's so much negativity and I just wanted to put a little burst of positive energy out there."
Fifth Harmony’s New Era Is More ‘Hands On’ and AuthenticFifth Harmony's new era begins with the release of their latest single "Down" featuring Gucci Mane, their first since the departure of Camila Cabello last December.
Scott Shannon Says Goodbye To Gregg AllmanScott Shannon talks about Gregg Allman, singer, songwriter, and founding member of the legendary Allman Brothers Band who passed away at the age of 69.
Niall Horan: I Forgot The Lyrics To ‘Slow Hands’ On The Ellen ShowNiall Horan revealed exclusively to Karen and Jeffrey from Fresh 102.7 that he forgot the lyrics to his own song, “Slow Hands” while performing on “The Ellen Show.” Niall said, “On Ellen, I ended up doing two passes of the song because I forgot the second line of the first verse and I wrote the song myself.” The songwriter also explained how he wrote his hit single.
Liam Payne Talks Newborn Son, Music & His Accent With ShoboyShoboy & Nina talk to singer Liam Payne about becoming a father recently, his new single, "Strip That Down" with rapper Quavo from the group Migos, working with Ed Sheeran and the 1D hiatus.
Anjali Talks #JawsandPaws, Casey Veggies and "Uh Oh" with NikoNiko talks to singer Anjali about her new single, "Uh Oh" featuring Casey Veggies and her non-profit, Jaws & Paws and it's mission to "spread awareness for the conservation of endangered keystone species that maintain a healthy balance in their ecosystems." #Adorama Theater | #StubHub Stage
Miley Cyrus Talks New Music, The Voice With ShoboyDuring her visit at 92.3 AMP Radio in NYC, Miley revealed that she will be returning to ‘The Voice’ for the show’s 13th season, and she’s bringing a familiar face along for the ride — dear ol’ dad. Let’s not forget that Miley’s also got a brand new single out now, titled “Malibu.”
Liam Payne On Lost British Accent: 'I Just Can't Control It'"Apparently I've been changed -- I'm not me anymore! I've been changed and they put an American kid in."
Famous 4heads With Trey (From Ar'mon & Trey)TREY IS A BEAST AT THIS GAME!! He lost a little momentum as time went on, but his final score was still definitely enough to beat his brother Ar'mon in Famous 4heads. How 'bout that shade he threw at the end...
Famous 4heads With Ar'mon (From Ar'mon & Trey)Spoiler alert...Trey DESTROYED his brother in this game!!! Poor Ar'mon. We have to find something he can win. 'Cause according to Trey, it's not bowling OR Famous 4heads, lol.
Ar'mon & Trey: Ne-Yo, Zendaya, and Loyal FansTo say that Ar'mon and Trey are thankful for every career highlight they achieve would be an understatement. These guys ooze talent, and they're just getting started.
Miley Cyrus: ‘I Give My Pigs Spa Treatments’Miley Cyrus is as happy as a pig in s*** at her home in Malibu, California. The pop singer — with a new single and aesthetic that matches her home life — keeps two pigs, two horses, and seven dogs on her property, meaning s*** happens, quite literally, on a regular basis. “I fell in pig poop and I went to dinner with my mom right after.” ~Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Confirms Dad Billy Ray Will Be Mentor On 'The Voice'During her visit at 92.3 AMP Radio in NYC, Miley revealed that she will be returning to ‘The Voice’ for the show’s 13th season, and she’s bringing a familiar face along for the ride — dear ol’ dad. “...This year I’m coming for Blake Shelton! I’m bringing out the big guns, I’m bringing out dad and having him give all the Country advice... I know my dad’s been the best mentor for me, so I’m excited for him to be able to mentor others because he’s got the best advice."
Luis Fonsi Talks 'Despacito' Success, Justin Bieber and Future Plans with ShoboyPuerto Rican producer Luis Fonsi is riding high on the success of his collaborative Top 40 single featuring Justin Bieber. Although this is the second time around for Fonsi’s “Despacito” — the first released back in 2016 with fellow Boricuan Daddy Yankee — his collaboration with Bieber has Fonsi’s style and influence reaching audiences previously untouched.
Which version of "Despacito" does Luis Fonsi's daugher prefer?Sensitive Subject: Which version of "Despacito" does Luis Fonsi's 5-year-old daughter prefer? The Daddy Yankee version or the Justin Bieber version? #Adorama Theater / #StubHub Studio

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