Music lovers might already have a treasure trove of valuable vinyl stashed on shelves or in boxes, CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.

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As Vinyl Makes A Comeback, Some Finding Big Money In Old RecordsMusic lovers might already have a treasure trove of valuable vinyl stashed on shelves or in boxes, CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Amity Packing Company Recalls Ground Beef Due To Possible ContaminationThere's a consumer alert involving ground beef that could be contaminated with plastic.
Change Coming To How Credit Scores Are CalculatedMillions of Americans may soon be paying more to borrow money because change is coming in the way credit scores are calculated; CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.
FICO Scores To Start Rating Consumer Debt More HarshlyNew rule changes could soon lower your credit score and make it harder to get loans.
FedEx Warns Customers Being Targeted In Text Message ScamFedEx is warning customers about a new text message scam.
New York City Council Passes Bill Requiring Businesses To Accept CashCash is the universal currency, and now New York City businesses will have to accept it; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Consumer Reports Finds Security Issues With Women's Health AppsAn estimated 50 million women around the world use health apps, but a new investigation shows users' information may not be as protected as they think.
Deadline To File Equifax ClaimToday is the last day to file a claim in the Equifax data breach case.
Bed, Bath & Beyond Closing Dozens Of StoresForty stores are closing in 20 states, including at least three in the Tri-State Area.
Production Mishap Causes Excedrin ShortageHeadache sufferers may have to look harder for their go-to medication. The manufacturers of the popular pain killer Excedrin are reporting a production mishap that's causing a temporary shortage; CBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports.
Consumer Alert: Baby Stroller RecallThe company Baby Trend is pulling four mini-strollers from its Tango line.
High-Tech Innovations On Display At National Retail Federation ExpoThe worlds of shopping and technology merged at an expo in New York City, and it's not just the online experience that's getting an upgrade; Lisa Mateo reports for CBS2.
The Dig's Elle McLogan On Bonnie Slotnick CookbooksIn the latest episode of The Dig, CBS2's Elle McLogan visits a New York City shop full of old cookbooks.
AI Being Integrated Into Everyday ProductsArtificial intelligence is improving and it's not just for self-driving cars and robots; Kara Tsuboi reports for CBS2.
'Yes To' Recalling Popular Peel-Off Face MasksA face mask popular among young girls is being recalled.
Macy's To Close 29 Stores, 2 On Long IslandMacy's is closing 29 locations around the country, including 2 on Long Island.
State Audit Claims LIRR Using Misleading MetricsA state audit is claiming the Long Island Rail Road has been misleading its riders. It found "deficiencies and inconsistencies" in how the railroad measures its ridership and train breakdowns. CBSN New York's Carolyn Gusoff reports
CES 2020: Latest Robotic Technology On Display In Las VegasFrom the impractical such as a robot serving up melted cheese, to something a little more realistic like a robot designed to pump out piping hot pizza to order, innovators hope new robots find a place in your home. CBS2's Chris Wragge reports.
NJ Bill Would Help Make Electric Cars More AffordableNew Jersey may soon offer one of the best electric car incentives in the country; CBS2's Meg Baker reports.
Automakers Revealing The Vehicles Of Tomorrow At Consumer Electronics ShowThe Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas, and it's not just showcasing gadgets like computers and smartphones; Kara Tsuboi reports for CBS2.
New Jersey May Soon Offer Electric Car IncentivesA new bill making its way to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy's desk aims to make electric cars more accessible and appealing to residents. CBSN New York's Meg Baker reports
Pier 1 Closing Hundreds Of StoresStock in Pier 1 tumbled nearly 17% yesterday after two big developments.
Tad's Steakhouse Closes After 60 YearsCustomers lined up for one final meal at Tad's in Times Square as the popular steakhouse closes for good after 60 years in Manhattan.
Police Warning Public To Write Out 2020Police are warning the public to write out 2020 on checks and other documents to avoid possible acts of fraud.

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