CBS2's Lisa Rozner has more on the new prime minister's first full day on the job.

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Jewish New Yorkers Optimistic About New Israel PM Bennett, But Palestinian Groups Not PleasedCBS2's Lisa Rozner has more on the new prime minister's first full day on the job.
COVID Delta Variant Spreading WorldwideExperts say the variant is intensifying the urgency to get more people vaccinated. CBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports.
New Yorkers Cautiously Optimistic Bennett Will Be Good For IsraelMonday was the first full day on the job for Israel‘s new prime minister, Naftali Bennett. CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports.
Meet Israel's New Prime Minister, Naftali BennettAfter a record 12 years in office, Benjamin Netanyahu has been ousted as Israel's Prime Minister, and a new leader with American roots is taking the helm. CBS2's John Dias has the details.
Change In Power For IsraelThe state of Israel is waking up to a new era. After a record 12 years in office, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been ousted, and a new leader with American roots is in charge. CBS2's John Dias reports.
Netanyahu's 12-Year Reign Ends; Bennett New Israel Prime MinisterCBS2's Lisa Rozner has more on what the change means for Jewish communities in New York City.
Longtime Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu OustedCBS2's Lisa Rozner has the latest.
Bidder Pays $28 Million To Join Jeff Bezos In SpaceBillionaire Jeff Bezos is planning a cosmic joyride in July, and Saturday, someone bid $28 million to join him. The auction drew thousands of bids from 159 countries; Mark Strassman reports for CBS2.
Researchers Believe 'Heat Bombs' Are Causing Warmer Waters To Seep Into Arctic OceanWarmer waters are seeping into the Arctic Ocean, threatening sea ice. Researchers now believe they know why; Nichelle Medina reports for CBS2.
Opposing Party Leaders Unite To Push Benjamin Netanyahu Out Of OfficeFor the first time in more than a decade, it looks as though Benjamin Netanyahu will soon be out of power in Israel. In an unprecedented move, leaders from eight opposing parties unite to push the prime minister out of office; CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.
Vice President Harris Arrives In GuatemalaVice President Kamala Harris is on her first foreign trip Monday, tackling an urgent and difficult issue.
Jersey City Joins Other International Cities To Showcase European Modern Art CollectionA little bit of Paris will eventually be in Jersey City. The transformation of a building in Journal Square aims to make the area a tourist destination and a hot spot for art; CBS2's Alice Gainer reports.
New Jersey Man Has Sights Set On Bricklaying World ChampionshipsFor generations, craftsmen have claimed to be the best of the best, but did you know there's now a Super Bowl of masonry to prove it? It's called the Bricklaying Championships, and a leading competitor is from New Jersey. He's the focus of this week's Snap Shot New York with CBS2's Steve Overmyer.
Protesters Clash In Times Square, Political Science Professor Hopeful Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Will HoldIsrael and Hamas reached a ceasefire agreement after nearly 11 days of violence. Pres. Biden said it could serve as a starting point for lasting peace in the region, but tensions remain high, even in New York City. CBS2's John Dias reports.
Tensions High As Protesters Clash Over Middle East ViolenceIsrael and Hamas reached a ceasefire agreement after 11 days of deadly violence, but tensions remain high, even here at home. CBS2's John Dias has the story.
New Report Says Princess Diana Was Deceived Into Giving Bombshell 1995 InterviewA new report says Princess Diana was deceived into giving a bombshell interview in 1995 that many think changed the course of royal history; CBS2's Maurice DuBois reports.
Pro-Palestinian, Pro-Israeli Protesters Clash In New York CityThere were multiple injuries and arrests after protesters got physical with each other and police in Times Square on Thursday; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Israel Approves Cease-Fire That Will Take Effect FridayIsrael has announced a cease-fire after nearly two weeks of fighting Hamas militants in Gaza; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
President Biden Moves To Intervene In Middle East CrisisPresident Joe Biden has moved to intervene in the fighting between Israel and Hamas, but there is no indication that hostilities will decrease; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Many Calling To End Violence In Middle EastPressure is mounting in the Middle East with calls to end the violence after more than a week of fighting between Israel and the Palestinians, but there appears to be no end in sight; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Company Hopes To Fly Supersonic Jets In 2026Supersonic jets could be making a comeback nearly 20 years after the Concorde stopped flying.
Death Toll Climbs As Calls For An Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Go UnheededMore than 200 Palestinians are dead and about a dozen Israelis have been killed in the Middle East; CBS2's Alice Gainer reports.
Deadly Violence Continues In Middle East As Calls For Ceasefire MountPresident Biden is backing calls for a ceasefire as the deadly violence in the Middle East shows no signs of letting up.
Israel Slams Gaza Strip With Another Round Of AirstrikesIsrael slammed the Gaza Strip with another round of airstrikes, including a high rise that housed media outlets, and Hamas continued to fire rockets into Israel; Imtiaz Tyab reports for CBS2.

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