School Move To Have Students Lock Up Their Phones During ClassSmart phones can be extremely distracting for students in class, but the principal at Maxson Middle School in Union County, New Jersey, is taking a unique approach to help kids focus more on school and less on their phones. CBS2’s Meg Baker reports.
'GOAT' Tops Survey Of Most Annoying Slang WordsA new study by market research company OnePoll asked Americans about their most annoying slang words. On the list: Ghost, Gucci, Hangry, Bae and GOAT - Greatest Of All Time.
New Jersey Teen Once Homelessness Accepted At 18 Colleges, Lands Dream PickThe story of Dylan Chidick is a tale of triumph over tragedy when, after being n and out of homelessness during his youth, he got admissions letters from 17 schools. On Tuesday, the teen landed this 18th acceptance letter, and it was the one that counted the most: His dream school, The College of New Jersey.
Link Found Between Teens On Social Media And Mental IllnessCBS2's Cindy Hsu reports on a new study linking mental illness and a teen's use of social media.
Cuomo Proposing To Raise Age To Buy Tobacco, E-CigsIt could soon be tougher for teenagers to smoke in New York State.
Update: New York Moves To Ban E-Cig FlavoringFlavored e-cigarettes, popular among teens, may soon be pulled from stores in New York State, a first in the county. CBS2's John Dias reports.
Study Links Social Media & Teen E Cigarette UseA USC study found that underage kids make up 25 percent of Juul's followers on Twitter.
School Warns Parents About Teen Sexting Being InvestigatedA letter sent Thursday to district parents by Ridgewood's superintendent of schools warns them about "possible sexting incidents" involving students. CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
Bullying On Instagram More Common Than Most ThinkA new report found 1 in 5 people between the ages of 12 to 20 have been bullied on Instagram, but the 1 billion-user strong social media platform offers help to deal with the problem. CBS2's John Dias reports.
FDA Warns Of Possible E-Cigarette CrackdownThe Food and Drug Administration is warning of a possible crackdown on e-cigarettes to keep them out of the hands of children, saying teenage use has hit epidemic levels.
Video Game Addiction Officially Named A Disorder By World Health OrganizationThe WHO is now saying that the obsession can become such an addiction it warrants being classified as an official disorder by the group. CBS2's Tony Aiello reports.
Anti-Defamation League Speaks Out On Anti-Semitic Insults At High School Lacrosse GameA heated lacrosse game caught attention for all the wrong reasons. CBS2's Lisa Rozner has more.
Public School in Westchester County Creating Quite The BuzzIt's the first in New York to establish a "bee team." CBS2's Tony Aiello has more.
'Study With Me' Videos Offer Virtual Support System For Students Preparing For Big ExamsUpon first glance the videos may seem boring, but during finals season are some of the most popular in the millennial world. CBS2's
De Blasio Facing Pushback Over Plan To Diversity Elite City High SchoolsCBS2's Hazel Sanchez has the reaction from both students and parents.
School In New Jersey Offering Digital Detox ClassKids are getting high tech at younger and younger ages, and that prompted some college professors to create a digital detox program. CBS2's Ali Bauman reports.
InterSchool Orchestras Of New York Brings Young Musicians TogetherExecutive Director Karen Geer stopped by with a pair of performers to chat more about the organization.
Bariatric Surgery Reduces Long Term Health Risks Of Severe Obesity In Teens, Study ShowsIt's estimated that as many as six million children in the United States are severely obese, but should teens resort to surgery to lose weight? CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Millennial Stereotypes: True Or False?MILLENNIAL STEREOTYPES: True or false? CBS2's Elle McLogan digs into the accusations aimed at her generation.
Mom's Body Shaming Post Goes ViralCBS2's Tracee Carrasco reports.

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