Parents and students in Elwood are outraged over the recent incident. CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports

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Hate-Filled Text Message Thread Shocks Long Island School DistrictParents and students in Elwood are outraged over the recent incident. CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports
President Trump Says He'll Act To Ban TikTok As Soon As SaturdayPresident Donald Trump says he'll take action as soon as Saturday to ban the popular video app TikTok from the U.S.
Coronavirus Update: COVID-19 Tracing App Raises Privacy ConcernsTechnology could play a significant role in getting us back up and running, possibly even tracking people to help control the spread of the virus. This is raising a lot of concern over privacy, however; CBS2's Natalie Duddridge reports.
Virtual Easter Takes Place All Over Tri-State AreaWith houses of worship closed everywhere due to the coronavirus outbreak, many parishioners took to the internet to celebrate Easter. CBS2's Hazel Sanchez reports
Coronavirus Update: NYC's Department Of Education Wants Schools To Stop Using Zoom Video Conferencing ServiceZoom began offering its premium video conferencing service to schools for free during the coronavirus pandemic, but hackers have been disrupting meetings.
Coronavirus Pandemic Causing Digital Traffic Jam Across InternetWith the global COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to do almost everything from home, internet capacity is being pushed to new limits. CBS2 producer Nico Dubina reports.
Apple To Close All Stores Outside China For 2 WeeksThe company had previously shut its 42 stores in China at the height of the outbreak. Those stores have since reopened, and will be the only ones open in the world. CBS2's Maurice DuBois reports.
What's He Really Saying? Mayor De Blasio Now Using App To Encrypt His Messages To City OfficialsNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has found a new way to communicate, but it is also raising legal and ethical questions. CBS2's Political Reporter Marcia Kramer has more on the encrypted messages.
Sen. Schumer Warns TSA Still Using Vulnerable TikTok AppSen. Charles Schumer warned on Sunday that the Transportation Security Agency continued to use the China-owner TikTop app, a platform the agency denies using.
Smartphone App Can Possibly Help Detect Eye Problems In ChildrenCould all those hundreds of photos you have on your phone be a key to detecting serious eye problems in your children? CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.
Consumer Alert: Phone Scammers Relentlessly Targeting PSEG Long Island CustomersPSEG Long Island said it has been seeing a 50% jump in phony solicitations. CBS2’s Nick Caloway has more on how you can avoid becoming a victim.
'Safer Internet Day' Aims To Teach Parents About Emerging Online IssuesAccording to the National Association of Attorneys General, 93% of teens aged 12-17 are online on a regular basis. As kids grow up in a digital age, many parents and guardians are finding it hard to censor everything. CBS2's Ali Bauman reports.
Apps Can Help Keep You From Breaking New Year's ResolutionsDigital and social consultant Sree Sreenivasan, professor of digital innovation at Stony Brook University, talked to CBSN New York's Dana Tyler about some of the best apps to help keep you on track for your New Year's resolutions.
New Law Looks 'Do Not Call' Registry LoopholeCBS2's Ali Bauman has the latest on the New York state law trying to close the loophole on the do not call registry.
NYC Student Saved From Bike Gang By SmartphoneCBS2's Jessica Layton has the latest on the middle school student who was saved from an attack by a group of teen bikers thanks to his smartphone.
College Students Get Phones Back After Addiction ExperimentCBS2's Carolyn Gusoff has the latest on the Long Island college students given their phones back after a week-long experiment on addiction.
How Young Is Too Young For Kids To Have A Smartphone?As the holidays approach, many parents are trying to figure out if now is a good time to get their kids a smartphone; CBS2's Nick Caloway reports,
Holiday Shopping: Tips For Picking The Best SmartphoneIf a new phone is on your wish list, Sree Sreenivasan, professor of digital innovation at Stony Brook University, has some advice for picking the right one.
Valentine's Day Text GlitchThousands of text messages that were supposed to be sent in February were mistakenly delivered by cell phones on Wednesday.
College Class Making Students Unplug From Their PhonesCBS2's Carolyn Gusoff has the latest on the Long Island college professor seeing how students react to being without their smartphones for a week.
Are Your Phone's Apps Secretly Listening In On You? Experts Say NoMany believe we are being spied on by social media companies to target ads, but researchers say that's not the case. CBS2's Cindy Pom reports.
Broadway Fighting Back Against Cellphone Use During PerformancesPerformers are fighting back against cellphone use while they're on stage, and some theaters are taking extraordinary steps to silence the distractions; CBS2's Scott Rapoport reports.
Have Your Kids Gone To The Dark Web?Lisa Good, cyber security expert and co-author of the book "Are Your Kids Naked Online?," stopped by to talk about the dangers of the dark web and how to keep your kids safe.
Parents Pledging To Wait Until 8th Grade to Give Child A Smart PhoneWhat age is right to give your child a smart phone? That's a question being hotly debated by parents all over the country; CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez reports.

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