Many believe we are being spied on by social media companies to target ads, but researchers say that's not the case. CBS2's Cindy Pom reports.

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Are Your Phone's Apps Secretly Listening In On You? Experts Say NoMany believe we are being spied on by social media companies to target ads, but researchers say that's not the case. CBS2's Cindy Pom reports.
Robot Helps Perform Girl's Scoliosis SurgeryCBS2's Dr. Max Gomez has the latest on a robot surgical assistant helping fixing extreme cases of scoliosis.
NJ TRANSIT Presents Autonomous ShuttlesThe agency is present autonomous shuttles to local municipalities at an expo in Edison.
AI Better Than Ever But Still Falling Short Of Thinking, Judgement Calls Like HumansFrom self-driving cars to robots that learn on their own, great strides are being made in artificial intelligence. CBS2's Lisa Mateo reports.
FEMA Warns Possible Data Breach May Affect Superstorm Sandy VictimsFEMA is warning that personal data shared with a contractor that supports its transitional shelter assistance program may have been stolen, and this crime may affect those who applied for help after Superstorm Sandy. CBSN New York's Alex Denis reports.
Cyber Attack Delays Start Of School In Orange CountyCBS2's Tony Aiello has the latest on the cyber attack that postponed school in an Orange County school district.
Ring Doorbell Cameras Partners With PoliceCBS2's Kiran Dhillon has the latest on a partnership between police and the doorbell camera company Ring to help track down suspects.
Back To School: Advice For Parents On How To Manage Screen TimeAs kids head back to school, one concern for a lot of parents is screen time; CBS2's Maurice DuBois reports.
NASA Astronaut Accused Of Identity Theft In SpaceA NASA astronaut has been accused of stealing her wife's identity while on a mission aboard the International Space Station.
Verizon Selling Tumblr To Owner Of WordPress At Discount PriceVerizon is parting ways with Tumblr, the social media site it acquired through its 2017 purchase of Yahoo which bought the site back in 2013 for more than a $1 billion.
Unopened Nintendo Game From 1987 Sells For $9,000Scott Amos found a copy of "Kid Icarus," released by Nintendo in 1987, in the attic of his childhood home in Reno, Nevada. CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
Capital One Data BreachIf you have a Capital One credit card or have applied for one, your personal data may be compromised. The company says a Seattle woman stole the data of 100 million people in the United States. Lisa Mateo reports.
FTC Fines Facebook $5 Billion, Orders Changes On Privacy ProtectionsFederal regulators have fined Facebook $5 billion for privacy violations and are instituting new oversight and restrictions on its business. But they are only holding CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally responsible in a limited fashion. CBS2's Chris Wragge reports.
Quest Diagnostics Data BreachCBS2's Natalie Duddridge has the latest on the possible data breach affecting millions of patients who used Quest Diagnostics.
MTA Rolls Out OMNY Payment SystemCBS2's Natalie Duddridge has the latest on the newest way to pay in the MTA subway system.
Video Game Addiction A Growing ConcernCBS2's Jennifer McLogan has the latest on the dangers of video game addiction and what's being done to avoid it.
Woman Who Grew Up In Foster Care Creates Website To Help Others Like Her In The SystemIt can be hard growing up in foster care, but one woman used her experience to voluntarily created a new city-run website full of resources. CBS2’s Dick Brennan reports.
How Celeb Faces Help NYPD's Facial Recognition TechnologyCBS2's Alice Gainer has the latest on how celebrity faces play a role in the NYPD's facial recognition technology.
NYPD Use Of Celebrity Lookalike Photos In Facial Recognition CriticizedThe NYPD is facing criticism over its use of celebrity photos in facial recognition practices. A report shows police have used photos of Hollywood stars and even a Knicks player to help track suspects. CBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports.
Experts Say Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Not Forgetting Personal Information It HearsChild safety advocates are demanding the federal government investigate Amazon's popular Echo Dot Kids Edition, saying it violates children's privacy law and is putting kids at risk. CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Nassau County Turns To Apps Which Fixing Troublesome RoadsNassau County has a plan to download drivers’ complaints, offering a new timetable website for a fix. CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports.
Do You Know What Your Children Are Doing Online?Most teenagers have a smartphone, and many of them are finding their way onto the "dark web" through secret apps. CBS2's Cindy Hsu is joined by cyber expert Lisa Good.
Ending The Package Pile-UpCBS2's Dick Brennan has the latest on new technology aimed at ending the pile up of packages at residences.
New Cars On Display At International Auto ShowCBS2's Steve Overmyer takes a look at the new cars on display this year at the International Auto Show.

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