Amazon Prime Day has officially kicked off; CBS2's Jessica Layton reports.

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Amazon Kicks Off Prime Day Sales EventAmazon Prime Day has officially kicked off; CBS2's Jessica Layton reports.
Monroe College HackedThe website for Monroe College has reportedly been hacked, with suspects demanding a ransom to end the malware attack.
Warning Issued About Customs Cyber-AttackThe federal government is warning tens of thousands of travelers photos and license plates were stolen in a cyber-attack. CBS2's Chris Wragge reports.
MTA Gives Riders More Data About Service DelaysMTA mobile apps, signage and the website will now give riders more precise service data. CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
Stalker Accused Of Making Fake Nude Pics Of VictimCBS2's Lisa Rozner has the latest on the man accused cyber stalking a woman and creating phony nude photos of her.
Woman Who Grew Up In Foster Care Creates Website To Help Others Like Her In The SystemIt can be hard growing up in foster care, but one woman used her experience to voluntarily created a new city-run website full of resources. CBS2’s Dick Brennan reports.
NYPD Use Of Celebrity Lookalike Photos In Facial Recognition CriticizedThe NYPD is facing criticism over its use of celebrity photos in facial recognition practices. A report shows police have used photos of Hollywood stars and even a Knicks player to help track suspects. CBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas reports.
Experts Say Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Not Forgetting Personal Information It HearsChild safety advocates are demanding the federal government investigate Amazon's popular Echo Dot Kids Edition, saying it violates children's privacy law and is putting kids at risk. CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Long Island Village Looking To Fight Crime Via Doorbell CamerasHewlett Harbor, a village on Long Island has launched what it called "Operation Private Eyes." It's putting front-door camera technology to work community-wide. CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.

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Nassau County Turns To Apps Which Fixing Troublesome RoadsNassau County has a plan to download drivers’ complaints, offering a new timetable website for a fix. CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports.
Do You Know What Your Children Are Doing Online?Most teenagers have a smartphone, and many of them are finding their way onto the "dark web" through secret apps. CBS2's Cindy Hsu is joined by cyber expert Lisa Good.
Police: Teens Hacked Secaucus School's Wi-FiPolice in New Jersey say two students hacked into a Secaucus school's Wi-Fi system, causing chaos. CBS2's Scott Rapoport reports.
Session Recording May Pose A Threat To Your CybersecurityYou, like many online shoppers, may not realize your every click and keystroke are being tracked. CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.
Is America Ready For Fake 3D Printed Steaks?A Spanish company wants to fill the world with “conscious carnivores” one steak at a time. The company relies on 3D printers to make their meat stand out.
Suicide Tips Seen In Kids' YouTube VideosCBS2's Tony Aiello has the latest on the disturbing discovery of suicide instructions, violence and sexual content hidden within YouTube videos meant for children.
Feeling Overwhelmed? It Could Be Time To Digitally DetoxMounting emails, too many apps -- can you barely navigate your way through all your devices because of all the clutter? CBS2's Tara Jakeway spoke to a few experts who offered up some advice.
Password Weakness Opens Security Systems Up To Hacker AbuseHome security systems are supposed to make people feel safe, but when hackers took control of one family’s system, they felt anything but. CBS2's Anna Werner reports.
Food Sharing App Aims To Reduce Food WasteAn American woman has created a social sharing app that allows people to give food to those in need. CBS2's Kristine Johnson reports.
City Council To Hold Hearings For Workers' ‘Right To Disconnect’ BillA new proposal that would ensure employees in New York City have the right to disconnect from work on their phones, computers and other digital devices is set for a hearing Thursday. CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis reports.
Man Targeted For Harassment By Ex Through Grindr AppMatthew Herrick says his ex used a popular dating app to get revenge and blames Grindr for his being stalked and harassed by 1,400 strangers. CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports.
Video Shows Driver Using Video Chat While Operating School BusA woman hired to safely drive students to and from school is under investigation for using FaceTime while driving. CBS2's Meg Baker report.
Expect 5G Wireless Service To Be The Talk OF CES 2019The Consumer Electronics Show officially starts Tuesday in Las Vegas, pitting the biggest tech company's latest gadgets on display. CBS2's Kara Tsuboi reports.
Man Targeted For Harassment By Ex Through Grindr AppMatthew Herrick says his ex used a popular dating app to get revenge and blames Grindr for his being stalked and harassed by 1,400 strangers. CBS2's Lisa Rozner reports.
All Eyes On Consumer Electronics Show In VegasCBSN New York has a preview of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Instagram Users Not Happy With ‘Test’ To Swipe Instead Of ScrollThe social media site apparently tested changes on Thursday morning to the way users view their feeds - swiping instead of scrolling - and people kinda freaked out. CBSN New York's Alex Denis reports.
Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' Breaks Streaming RecordAlmost a quarter century since its release, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was played 10.8 million times on Spotify on Christmas Eve 2018. CBS2's Alex Denis reports.
Eye On Cyber: Security Tips For Using Airplane Wi-FiSecurity experts are warning that airplane wifi has weak security and travelers need to take extra security precautions when surfing the internet in flight. CBS2's Siobhan Gorman reports.
More Private User Data Shared By FacebookSocial media giant Facebook is accused of releasing private information to other tech companies, like Amazon and Netflix. CBS2's Chris Wragge reports.
Google Announces Campus Expansion In New YorkCBS2's Aundrea Cline-Thomas has the latest on Google's campus expansion in New York City.

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