A new, destructive TikTok craze has teens stealing and damaging property at schools. CBS2's Christina Fan reports.

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‘Devious Licks’ Viral Challenge Inspires Students To Steal And Vandalize At SchoolsA new, destructive TikTok craze has teens stealing and damaging property at schools. CBS2's Christina Fan reports.
Report: Internal Research Found Instagram Can Harm Young Users' Mental HealthA report in the Wall Street Journal says internal research at Facebook found its photo-sharing app Instagram can harm the mental health of millions of young users, particularly teenage girls, and the company has reportedly known about it for years; CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Social Media And A Ton Of Teamwork Leads To Location Of Teenager Missing 4 MonthsCBS2's Cory James has the exclusive report.
Social Media And A Ton Of Teamwork Leads To Location Of Teenager Missing 4 MonthsCBS2's Cory James has the exclusive report.
TikTok Testing New Feature To Help Users Find JobsTikTok is a popular place users go to share fun videos, but now the social media site is testing a new feature called TikTok Resumes to help people find jobs; Elise Preston reports for CBS2.
Proud Gay Dad In Brooklyn Keeps People Laughing On TikTokJune is Pride Month, and in celebration, CBS2's Cindy Hsu introduces you to a proud gay dad who's going viral on social media. He and his three kids keep people laughing with their funny videos.
Facebook, Instagram To Give Users Option To Hide ‘Likes’Facebook and Instagram are now giving users the option to hide their “likes.” The 4 billion people on the two platforms get to decide if that makes them feel less competitive and happier. CBS2's Dave Carlin reports.
Popular Dating Apps Add Vaccination Status Option To ProfilesPopular dating apps like Tinder, Match and Bumble are adding another option to add to your profile, and they're getting help from the White House; CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.
FBI Warns Hackers Are Constantly Stealing From People Working From HomeCBS2's Andrea Grymes has more on the feds' investigations and speaks to an expert about how you can defend yourself.
Hoboken Considering Proposal That Would Ban Elected Leaders From Blocking On Social MediaCBS2's Jessica Layton has more on the rule and what it would mean for lawmakers.
Apple Software Update Forces Companies To Ask For Permission To Track DataIt's no secret that the smartphone apps we use track our online habits and build a profile that is used to send us targeted advertisements, but that's changing for people who own an Apple device; Nancy Chen reports for CBS2.
Instagram Making Moves To Protect Teenagers From Online PredatorsInstagram is changing the way it protects teenagers from online predators. The company's head of global public policy talked about the new changes first on CBS This Morning; Elise Preston reports for CBS2.
Millions View TikTok Videos By New Yorker Who Discovered Secret Room Inside ApartmentA mysterious draft led to the discovery of a secret room inside a New York City apartment. Millions have been following the tenant's discovery in a series of videos on TikTok; CBS2's Steve Overymer reports.
CBS2 Viewers Share Their Winter Storm Pictures And VideosThe picturesque scene in Central Park is just one of several pictures and videos shared with us by using #CBSNewYork.
CBS2 Viewers Share Their Winter Storm Pictures, VideosA doggie Shea frolics in fluffy snow, plus other pictures and videos viewers shared with us by using #CBSNewYork.
Apple, Google, Amazon Take Action Against Parler AppApple and Google removed Parler from their app stores for failing to moderate content that incites violence.
Facebook Says It Will Ban Posts That Deny The HolocaustThe social media giant announced it is expanding its hate speech policy to include content that distorts or denies the Holocaust.
Trump Administration Cracking Down On TikTokAccording to the Commerce Department, beginning Sunday, American users will be blocked from downloading both TikTok and WeChat.
President Trump Issues Executive Order On TikTokPresident Donald Trump issued an executive order Thursday against the social media app TikTok.
President Donald Trump Threatens To Ban TikTokThe social media app TikTok is a favorite for teens -- and a favorite target for President Donald Trump. The president has threatened to ban the platform, but the company says it's not going anywhere; CBS2's Nick Caloway reports.
TikTok Says It's Staying After President Trump Threatens BanThe popular video app TikTok has a message for its users one day after President Donald Trump said he'd ban it in the United States.
#ChallengeAccepted Social Media Movement Inspires Women To Post Black & White Photos Of ThemselvesThe premise of #ChallengeAccepted is that the photos promote female empowerment and that nominating friends to take part in the campaign is a way for women to support each other. CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.
Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple CEOs Testify Before House Judiciary Antitrust SubcommitteeThe CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are having a rare turn in the congressional spotlight on Wednesday, with lawmakers posing a critical — and potentially perilous — question for the technology titans: Are you guys too powerful? Nancy Chen reports.
Tech Leaders Face Capitol Hill GrillingThe CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google's parent company Alphabet will testify before the House Judiciary Committee's anti-trust panel.

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