Mayor Eric Adams says the new office will unify all the city's various tech agencies under one umbrella.

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Mayor Eric Adams Announces Creation Of Office Of Technology And InformationMayor Eric Adams says the new office will unify all the city's various tech agencies under one umbrella.
Mother Of Student With Autism Says NYC Must Make Good On Promise Of GPS Tracking Of School BusesCBS2's Lisa Rozner has the story.
Amazon Web Services Outage Causes Internet Disruptions, Snarls MTA AppIf you had trouble getting to your favorite websites or apps Tuesday, you were not alone. Amazon Web Services had a major outage Tuesday afternoon. CBS2's Nick Caloway reports.
Grocery Delivery Apps Becoming A Concern To New York City Bodega OwnersCBS2's Ali Bauman has the story.
Federal Cash Help Protect School Districts From Cyberattacks, RansomwareCyberattacks against school systems are becoming more damaging and aggressive with threats of extortion, unless ransom is paid. CBS2's Jennifer McLogan reports.
Suffolk County Officials Urge Residents To Check Out 'Smart 911' AppYou can now give 911 dispatchers a lot more lifesaving information without saying a word. CBS2's Carolyn Gusoff reports.
'Star Trek' Actor William Shatner To Travel To SpaceShatner, 90, best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk, will be traveling on board Blue Origin tourist flight.
Facebook Whistleblower Likens Social Media Giant To Big TobaccoCBS2's Dick Brennan has more on the scathing testimony offered by Frances Haugen in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.
Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen Testifies On Capitol HillHaugen says the company puts profits above all, including the safety of children. CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Facebook Suffers Widespread Outage, And There Are Warnings It Could Happen AgainCBS2's Dick Brennan has the latest on the social media giant's difficult day.
‘Devious Licks’ Viral Challenge Inspires Students To Steal And Vandalize At SchoolsA new, destructive TikTok craze has teens stealing and damaging property at schools. CBS2's Christina Fan reports.
Massive Internet Outage Impacts Thousands Of Big-Name RetailersCBS2's Dick Brennan has more on how it happened.
Google Maps To Track Crowding On Mass TransitGoogle Maps will soon help commuters avoid crowded public transportation.
Self-Driving Cars Being Tested In NYCYou may not have noticed, but fully self-driving cars are being tested on the streets of New York City.
N.J. High School Students Create Website To Help Peers With Pre-College OpportunitiesCBS2's Meg Baker has more on High School Navigator.
Massive Cyberattack Targets BusinessThe attack affects hundreds of businesses, including financial service firms and a European grocery chain. CBS 2'S Catherine Herridge reports.
Amazon Sidewalk Raises Privacy Concerns For Some UsersAmazon launched new technology Tuesday that the company says will enhance the performance of some devices, but it also uses the Wi-Fi within millions of American homes, and that has some privacy advocates concerned; CBS2's Cory James reports.
Facebook, Instagram To Give Users Option To Hide ‘Likes’Facebook and Instagram are now giving users the option to hide their “likes.” The 4 billion people on the two platforms get to decide if that makes them feel less competitive and happier. CBS2's Dave Carlin reports.
Could Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack Lead To Higher Prices At The Pump?The cyberattack that shut down a major pipeline which supplies much of our area with fuel, is raising concerns for the consumer and the country. CBS2's Jenna DeAngelis reports.
Investigators Say They Now Know Who Is Behind Fuel Pipeline CyberattackCBS2's Cory James has more on what this could mean for gas prices going forward.
FBI Warns Hackers Are Constantly Stealing From People Working From HomeCBS2's Andrea Grymes has more on the feds' investigations and speaks to an expert about how you can defend yourself.
Hoboken Considering Proposal That Would Ban Elected Leaders From Blocking On Social MediaCBS2's Jessica Layton has more on the rule and what it would mean for lawmakers.
Apple Software Update Forces Companies To Ask For Permission To Track DataIt's no secret that the smartphone apps we use track our online habits and build a profile that is used to send us targeted advertisements, but that's changing for people who own an Apple device; Nancy Chen reports for CBS2.
12-Year-Old NYC Girl Starts Movement To Get Laptops To Students In NeedCBS2's Nick Caloway has more on Daisy Hampton's inspiring story.

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