Congress Considering Bill To Increase Airline ComfortA vote is expected this week on a measure requiring the FAA to regulate shrinking seats, legroom, and bathrooms on airliners.
Are Smaller Airline Seats Making Plane Evacuations Less Safe?After a warning from famed pilot Chesley Sullenberger, advocates are worried airlines' move to reduce seat sizes and fit more passengers on flights could create a safety concern. CBS2's Alice Gainer reports.
LAX Testing Facial Recognition TechnologyThere's growing concern over the new technology which could be the future of airport security.
British Airways Announces Data BreachBritish Airways announces a data breach affecting 400,000 customers.
Test Results On 10 Patients Find InfluenzaTests founds the influenza virus among 10 people tested after passengers got sick on Emirates Flight 203 from Dubai that arrived at JFK Airport on Sept. 5, 2018. CBS2's Maurice DuBois reports.
How Likely Are You To Get Sick On An Airplane?CBS2's Dr. Max Gomez has the details on how likely someone is to get sick while traveling on an airplane.
Airport Security Bins Are The Dirtiest Items, Study SaysA new study finds that airport security bins are covered in more germs than anything else in an airport.
Study: Air Security Bins Are Most Contaminated SurfacesIf you want to stay healthy while traveling through the airport, you may want to wash your hands, after going through security. CBS2's Mary Calvi reports.
Web Extra: Man Says Wife Fell Ill On Flight From Dubai To JFK AirportMahesh Varavooru says his wife was not one of numerous passengers who fell ill Wednesday on Emirates Flight 203 from Dubai to JFK Airport in New York, but she saw others vomiting during the flight.
American Changing International Flight RoutesAmerican Airlines is making changes to its international route network, including flights in and out of Kennedy Airport in New York.
RAW VIDEO: Jet With Rapper Post Malone, Entourage Make Emergency Landing At Stewart AirportAfter suffering apparent tire damage leaving Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, a jet carrying rapper Post Malone and his entourage made an emergency landing at Stewart International Airport in New York on Aug. 21, 2018.
Plane Skids Off Runway In The PhilippinesA commuter plane skids off the runway in the Philippines, CBS2's Kristine Johnson reports.
Southwest Changes Onboard Support Animal PolicySouthwest Airlines is tightening the leash on emotional support animals allowed on flights. WCBS's Chris Wragge reports.
TSA Agent Grabs Smoking Bar At Airport CheckpointA malfunctioning battery in a vaping device was blamed for causing smoke to pour out of luggage at the Savannah Hilton Head airport in Georgia. CBS2's Kristine Johnson reports.
TSA Admits Operating Passenger Tracking ProgramThe TSA admits it has a passenger tracking program called "Quiet Skies" that reportedly tracks travels not on any government watch lists. CBS2's Kristine Johnson reports.
Mysterious Odor Diverts Plane From NY To SCA sickening smell on board a plane from LaGuardia Airport forced it to land in South Carolina instead of Florida.
New Screening Technology To Debut At JFK AirportNew bag screening technology is set to debut at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday. 3-D scanners will reportedly give a better all-around look at carry-on bags and hopefully speed up those lines at security. CBS2's Alice Gainer reports.
Southwest Airlines To Stop Serving Peanuts On FlightsThe company says it wants passengers with peanut allergies to feel safe when they fly.
NY Giant Says TSA Spilled Mother’s AshesNew York Giants defensive lineman A.J. Francis is calling out the Transportation Security Administration after his mother's ashes were spilled in his checked luggage. CBS2’s Alice Gainer reports.
FAA Proposes New Test For Engine Bird StrikesThe Federal Aviation Administration aims to prevent another "miracle on the Hudson."
Test Would Prevent Another 'Miracle On The Hudson'Federal Aviation Administration officials are proposing a test that would require manufacturers to prove that their jetliner engines can withstand a strike from a medium-sized bird during takeoff and landing. CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.
Airlines Face Growing Pilot ShortageFlights are in high demand but airline pilots are in short supply. CBS2's Kris Van Cleave reports on how the problem could affect your travel.
Higher Fuel Prices Are Hurting Delta ProfitsDelta Airlines says it's paid about 6 percent more for fuel than previously as the price of oil has climbed. CBS2's Dick Brennan reports.
Friday Could Set Busiest Travel Day RecordThe Transportation Security Administration predicts 2.6 million people will take off from U.S. airports on Friday, making it one of the busiest travel days ever.

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