Max Details the Life Lessons Writing 'Lights Down Low' Has Taught Him

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MAX's Wife Emily was Inspiration for “Light’s Down Low”Max Details the Life Lessons Writing 'Lights Down Low' Has Taught Him
Vance Joy Plays Famous 4HeadsWatch Vance Joy Try To Recognize Artists Just From Looking At Their Foreheads
Vance Joy On His New Album, Parents, and What He Thinks a Date With Kanye Would Be LikeWe touched on how he feels about New York, his new album Nation Of Two, his close relationship with his parents, and... what a hypothetical 'man-date' with Kanye West would look like
Fall Out Boy On Releasing ManiaPatrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley, and Joe Trohman discussed the pressures the band felt when writing and recording their latest album, what caused the delays in its release and their somewhat overachieving songwriting process with evening host Cane.
Mat Kearney Up Close at FreshFresh afternoon host, Mike Adam talks to singer/songwriter Mat Kearney about his latest single, "Kings & Queens."
James Arthur - 'Naked' Live At Fresh 102.7James Arthur performs his song "Naked."
Bleacher's Jack Antonoff On Creating Music With Lorde and Taylor SwiftJack Antonoff, aka Bleachers, swung by the radio station to talk about everything... no, seriously... from Fun., to working with Taylor Swift and Lorde, to... burgers?
Watch Camila Cabello Try To Recognize Artists Just From Looking At Their ForeheadsDuring her stop at Fresh 102.7 in New York City, Camila Cabello tries to guess which famous foreheads belong to each celebrity singer without seeing their faces.
Camila Cabello Talks About Her Family's Relationship To Her MusicCamila Cabello discusses the celebs her mom and dad get starstruck over, what her 10-year-old sister's favorite song on the upcoming album is, and which songs she was afraid to play for her family.
Demi Lovato Reveals She Learned to Knit in RehabDemi Lovato fans know the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer loves to knit, but the singer tells Fresh 102.7 she actually picked up the hobby in rehab.
Watch Demi Lovato Try to Identify Celebs by Their Foreheads AloneDemi Lovato is a total pro at “Famous Foreheads.” Fresh 102.7 put the star to the test, identifying her pop contemporaries like Camila Cabello and more by looking solely at snapshots of their foreheads.
Demi Lovato Reveals Ariana Grande Is Her Dream Collaborator: 'We've Talked About It'Demi Lovato isn’t collaborating with Ariana Grande for her forthcoming new album, but she hopes to be soon. The singer tells Fresh 102.7 she and the “Into You” singer have talked about it. “There wasn’t really a song, unfortunately, that would be right for us to do together,” she said. Demi also revealed fans can expect to hear more about the new album very soon.
Andy Grammer's Positivity Comes From "One of the happiest people on Earth""My dad is a children's singer, his name is Red Grammer... I literally just ripped everything from him as far as going around and being happy and trying to make people feel good."
Andy Grammer is Going Deeper with New Music: “The world is tough right now. We need this.”Andy Grammer is on the brink of returning with a new studio album and first from the release is the new single “Give Love” featuring LunchMoney Lewis.
Selena Gomez Addresses The Controversial Subject Matter of ’13 Reasons Why’Netflix's original series 13 Reasons Why was met with both widespread acclaim and controversy. A television series has never focused on mental illness, sexual assault, and the effects it has on teenagers, especially young women. As an executive producer, Selena Gomez recognized that, telling Karen and Jeffrey from Fresh 102.7 "It's a very complicated thing to talk about."
Niall Horan: I Forgot The Lyrics To ‘Slow Hands’ On The Ellen ShowNiall Horan revealed exclusively to Karen and Jeffrey from Fresh 102.7 that he forgot the lyrics to his own song, “Slow Hands” while performing on “The Ellen Show.” Niall said, “On Ellen, I ended up doing two passes of the song because I forgot the second line of the first verse and I wrote the song myself.” The songwriter also explained how he wrote his hit single.
Miley Cyrus: ‘I Give My Pigs Spa Treatments’Miley Cyrus is as happy as a pig in s*** at her home in Malibu, California. The pop singer — with a new single and aesthetic that matches her home life — keeps two pigs, two horses, and seven dogs on her property, meaning s*** happens, quite literally, on a regular basis. “I fell in pig poop and I went to dinner with my mom right after.” ~Miley Cyrus
Lorde On Producing 'Melodrama'Lord talks about diving in deep while producing her new album, "Melodrama" and how she listens to her music. Recorded in the Adorama Live Theatre on the StubHub Stage.
John Mayer Talks Dead & CompanyJohn Mayer talks about the benefits of playing with Dead & Company as opposed to being a solo musician.
Bruno Mars Talks '24K Magic'Carson & Cane talk to Bruno Mars about his new song '24K Magic' from his upcoming album of the same name.
OneRepublic Backstage At FallFestCarson & Cane invade OneRepublic's dressing room before their performance at the sold out Fresh Fall Fest.
Phillip Phillips Backstage at FallFestChristine Richie talks to Phillip Phillips backstage before his performance at the sold out Fresh Fall Fest.
Alan Mingo Jr. Talks 'Kinky Boots' With Karen CarsonFresh 102.7's Karen Carson goes backstage at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre and talks to Alan Mingo Jr., currently starring as Lola in the Broadway production of "Kinky Boots."
Nick Jonas In Studio With Trey MorganTrey of Trey And Ghia was LIVE with Nick Jonas in the Adorama theater! Thanks to everyone who joined us.

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