NEW YORK — The pressure on Harlem congressman Charlie Rangel to settle his ethics probe has been intense, and sources told CBS 2 on Wednesday that the embattled politician is close to striking a deal.

Sources say the Congressman is on the verge of signing off on a deal in which he would admit to some ethical wrongdoing.

Just what he will admit is still unclear. He is facing a raft of charges, ranging from his four rent-stabilized apartments, nonpayment of taxes and use of congressional stationery to raise money for a school.

Long Island Republican Peter King says Rangel is right to avoid a public trial.

“For him to go through the spectacle of a public trial, especially in this atmosphere, in an election season where not only would he be attacked in a partisan way by Republicans, but he’d be abandoned by a lot of Democrats…So I think it’s best,” he said.

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