NEW YORK (CBS 2) ― Two men were in custody Tuesday, charged in a deadly gas station holdup in Queens.

Nadeem Khan, 39, was shot and killed in the booth of a Mobil station in Flushing. Two suspects were seen on surveillance video.

Christopher Roberts, 21, was charged with second degree murder, and 21-year-old Maurice Echols was charged with robbery.

Police said both men were also accused of repeatedly robbing a Chinese restaurant in Flushing in the days after the murder.

Khan was  in the U.S. for only nine months.  “He was so happy to be in the United States; that was his dream to come here and work here,” brother Washim Khan said.

Khan was working the overnight shift, in a cash booth that would have been secure, but because of the heat the door was open.  That allowed the two gunmen easy access.

“You saw the video, I was the video. They just came in and shot the guy. They just came in and one, two, three; three bullets,” station owner Balvinder Singh said.

Khan’s funeral service was held on July 26 in Corona. “My brother was a very nice guy, simple guy, doesn’t bother nobody. Don’t know much English,” brother Sohail Khan said.

Those who frequent the station shared in the loss.  “It hits home. I feel bad for the family and for these guys. All they’re doing is trying to make a living,” customer Crystal Williams said.

“I wish I could give a million dollars to have my brother back,” Washim Khan said.

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