Elderly Man Killed On ‘Boulevard Of Death’

Corrections Officer Being Investigated After Accident

QUEENS, N.Y. (CBS 2) — An emergency neck brace and newspaper mark the location where police say a 76-year-old man was struck by a vehicle as he tried to cross Queens Boulevard just after 5:30 a.m. Friday.

Queens residents will most likely say it’s not unusual to hear about deadly accidents on the so-called “Boulevard of Death,” but what stands out about the latest fatality is the person who witnesses say was behind the wheel at the time of the crash and what he was doing.

The elderly man struck on the notorious Boulevard in Kew Gardens was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital after allegedly being mowed down by Frantz Pierre, identified by correction officials as a civilian employee of the Corrections Department.

“It was a corrections officer,” said witness Brian Blanco, who added that the suspect was driving a marked car.

“Didn’t hear no brakes or nothing,” said Blanco. “All you hear was the ‘bang,’ and you hear him smack the guy…the dude went like…at least 20 feet.”

Officials say Pierre was not an officer but was, in fact, on duty at the time of the accident, driving one of the department’s station wagons.

Witness Alex Najjal says Pierre did not appear to be focused or fully dressed as he got out of his car after the accident.

“This guy was getting dressed, I think, inside the car,” Najjal said. “He got out of the car, his pants were unzipped. He was putting his shirt on. He didn’t know what the hell happened.”

Police say there doesn’t appear to be any criminality in the accident, but the investigation continues.


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  1. Kaityboo says:

    The poor victim was a MTA Bus Driver for 30 yrs, drove a mini van for a non profit agency for another 22 yrs. He knew these streets better than anyone. He was very cautious. He was crossing at the crosswalk and was thrown approx 50ft. Killed by someone who chose to not pay attention when operating what can be called a murder weapon. Result-his 3 surviving children, 6 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren and hundreds of other family, friends and coworkers are devastated and are forced to deal with this tremendous loss. He was a warm loving caring person who did not deserve to be so viciously murdered…..yes this is not an accident..people really need to be more responsible for there actions when operating a motor vehicle. He will be missed and mourned for years to come!

  2. Max says:

    Government employee hacks trying to explain this away. Again … Government employee hacks.

    Witnesses i.e. people who were there; saw the driver get out of vehicle, pants un zipped and putting on a shirt, looking around trying to figure out what happened.

    INVESTIGATE THIS > Sounds like Frantz Pierre was late for work!

  3. Thomas says:

    People please READ !!! The driver was NOT a Correction Officer. He works for the Department Of Corrections as a civilian…….And Jason , you are a moron !

  4. eddie says:

    even though corrections officer is separate department from police,they back each other up,its a shame if it was carlessness the law does not charge anyone ,and a human life is gone.someones father,husband, very sad

  5. BETATHNU says:


  6. BETATHNU says:

    Jason I knew this man he was a good friend of mine he left everyday for work at 5am 76 years old he wasn’t in great shape so he walked VERY slow and CAUTIOUS and he was a plump fellow so you tell me how someone does not see this man walking down a street. Does the city need to do something about that intersection?YES ! Does that mean that this “civilian” was a responsible driver? NO! Do you sound like a cruel and ignorant person? YES

  7. Joe says:

    Unfortunately we will not know what really happened. The only thing we know for sure is that a man died and that his family is in mourning. As with most accidents on this Boulevard there are many details and the media happens to leave out whatever doesn’t support theri agenda. What happened to the fact, as was widely reported in other places, that this man was crossing against the light. It is easy to demonize civil servants but please give us all the facts.

  8. Peter says:

    Jason, where are from? Arizona? The Correction Department in New York is a separate agency from NYPD. Ray Kelly has no authority over correction officers. It’s obvious you have some pent up frustration with police officers. Your rant, is misguided, and frankly, completely ignorant and off topic.

    I have lived in New York City my entire life. Queens since 1971. People have been getting run down on Queens Blvd. for years. The NYPD has tried everything to control this phenomenon. Let’s stop trying to find someone to scapegoat and come up with real solutions.

  9. MJD says:

    JASONS I hope you don’t drive! Talk about road rage! If the Queens DA determined there has been a crime, charges will be pressed.

  10. Brad Roberts says:

    If the driver was distracted at the time of the accident, and that carelessness resulted in an accident which took someones life, I’m sure he will be charged with some criminal offence.

  11. JasonS says:

    Wow, if there was ever conclusive proof that the NYPD is perhaps the most corrupt and the least intelligent and professional police department in the country, this is it. Other newspapers have said that this man was crossing with the light. So let’s review the facts. A man was crossing WITH the light, which means the car was either driving against the light or making a turn without giving way to a pedestrian. Both scenarios prove the driver was breaking the law. He doesn’t even appear to use his brakes, suggesting he wasn’t even looking. He then gets dressed inside of his car, witnesses say he “wasn’t focused.” And then the Keystone Cops, sorry, NYPD gets to the scene, sees a dead old guy and says “hey, no criminality suspected here.” ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Oh but wait, the driver was a city corrections officer. Oh well, that makes it alright then. No need to investigate, or piece facts together, or interview witnesses. No need to arrest someone for killing someone unlawfully. No, nothing to see here, now let’s wrap this thing up as quickly as possible and go and get doughnuts.

    It is at the point where Ray Kelly ought to do the decent thing and resign from his post because he has made NO attempt to do anything about the culture of corruption and incompetence and sheer bone headed stupidity which has made a mockery of the NYPD for decades. These morons make no attempt whatsoever to protect the public from the epidemic of dangerous drivers on New York roads, they obviously don’t care. A three year old child could see there is criminality in this case – death by dangerous driving. And yet once again, for the millionth time, we’re not going to see any charges pressed. LET’S START HEARING THE NAMES OF THE CORRUPT OFFICERS INVOLVED IN THESE COVER UPS. AND LET’S SEE THE RESIGNATION OF RAY KELLY, A THOROUGHLY INCOMPETENT POLICE CHIEF WHO HAS BEEN ABOUT AS EFFECTIVE AS A WAX PAPER TOWEL IN CLEANING UP THE MESS AT THE NYPD. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM. RIP another old guy who was just going about his day and was slaughtered by another criminal on NYC’s roads.

    1. Anonymous says:


      You have proven your ignorance of the law – Tell us what this person should be arrested for. Does the article refer to any sort of alcohol involvement? NO … Does the article refer to any sort of excess speed? NO … Does the article refer to the disobeying of any traffic control device? NO … Even if this driver disregarded a red light you need an additional factor to prosecute for Criminally Negligent Homicide. Since you and I were not there, we have no idea what the pedestrians actions were at the time of the collision. Sometimes there truly are unfortunate accidents.

      Why don’t you take your frustration regarding the NYPD and go find a job to occupy your obvious free time. You are just another disgruntled NYC citizen envious of the people who WILL be there to protect your sorry self regardless of your opinion. Jason – those people are The New York City Police Department.

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