Judge Grants Bail For JetBlue Flight Attendant

Allegedly Flips Out, Grabs Beers & Slides Down Emergency Slide

Updated 08/10/10 11:29 a.m. 

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A Queens judge has granted bail for a flight attendant accused of cursing out a passenger on an airplane public-address system, grabbing some beer from the galley and exiting on an emergency slide. 

Steven Slater is charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. 

Defense attorney Howard Turman asked a judge in Queens on Tuesday to release him without bail. The judge instead set bail at $2,500. Slater smiled slightly as he was escorted into the courtroom. 

Slater may be shipped back to Riker’s Island until someone posts the bail for him. 

In arguing against bail, Turman said Slater’s mother has lung cancer. 

Authorities said Slater dropped several f-bombs on a JetBlue flight’s loud speaker Monday night, grabbed two beers, deployed the plane’s emergency slide at Kennedy Airport, and then took off. 

From all accounts, the 38-year old Slater simply had had enough. 

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater

Steven Slater (file)

Sporting a cut on his forehead from fallen overhead baggage, Slater walked out of Port Authority Police Headquarters after the incident, handcuffed with a smirk on his face and absolutely nothing to say. 

But passenger Philip Catelinet said Slater had plenty to say over the plane’s public announcement system while he was on board JetBlue Flight 1052 out of Pittsburgh on Monday afternoon. 

“He said, ‘to the passenger who called me a (expletive expletive, expletive) you. I’ve been in this business 28 years. And that’s it, I’m done’,” Catelinet said. 

Catelinet said Slater spouted the obscenities after his flight landed at JFK from Pittsburgh International Airport. Airport authorities said Slater snapped after he argued with a passenger attempting to get overhead baggage before the plane was parked at the gate. 

“You know, you don’t want to see a flight attendant lose their cool like that. I’m glad it happened on the ground and not anywhere in the air,” Catelinet said. 

JetBlue officials released a statement saying: “There were no injuries and all customers deplaned the aircraft safely through the jetway.  At no time was the security or safety of our customers or crewmembers at risk.” 

However, the airline never acknowledged it was one of their crew members who deployed the emergency slide. 

Catelinet said he ran into Slater on the Airtran and overheard him talking to another passenger about his breakdown. 

“He said he had a bad day, that this passenger had set him off,” Catelinet said. “I thought it was a crazy way to quit your job. And I thought if only we could all quit our jobs so spectacularly, but not get arrested in the process.” 

Several Facebook pages have been set up in tribute to Slater, with many users of the social networking site expressing support for his grand exit from his job. 

Slater was arrested later at his Belle Harbor home, and chances are he won’t be checking overhead baggage anytime soon. 

Have you ever quit your job in a huff and made a dramatic exit? Please click here and tell us about it on Facebook. 

  • rnrn

    The only thing missing from this story is a tazed passenger. Passengers are ruthless, agreed. No problem in his actions in my book.

  • Ken

    Yes sir, fine example of a man who has control of himself. This guy’s no hero. Wise up people.

    • jrscott

      I agree. Both of them have serious issues. The guy grabbing the baggage early is an arrogant POS, and the attendant is a hypocrite, not to mention whiny. The attendant knew the kind of trouble he would cause and did not care…it was all about him.

    • John

      Ken, give me your address and I will mail you a sense of humor.

  • brew

    A little gay if you ask me…

  • Bobbb

    He’s a champ, hope things end up ok for him. I feel for those flight attendants as they have relatively little authority but are still asked to enforce the FAA rules.

  • Sliding Down Thechute

    AMEN Brother!

  • George Stewart

    Yes !!!!!!!He is MY HERO !!!!!! I am sick of these PIGS who care nothing about the other Passengers. That passenger should be in JAIL. I hope the Flight Attendant get’s on SNL or some other venue . I remember the Movie Network too ! Hey Leno or Letterman ?????????

  • temple62

    I agree, I have had it too with air travel. Passengers who bring over sized roller bags aboard and the airline fails to have them check the bags at the counter? The TSA steals valuables from my checked bags under the guise hey are from the government and helping to make air travel “safer”! Then there are the stewards who block the aisle while passengers are trying to get seated! Not much fun anymore, driving is a better choice in the continent.

  • roger clemens

    You should be in charge of the TSA

  • Yeye

    Well gog to jail with you @##@##@. That’s what up!

  • Bill

    I just read that the Post Office has hired him.

    • Darrell


    • Retired 44

      Bill your an idiot. What on earth has the Post Office have to do with this?
      The passenger should have been arrested for disobeying instructions from the flight crew. Passengers not obeying simple safety commands from the flight crew, put every one’s safety in jeopardy

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  • sammy

    I hate flight attendants, they always give you an attitude, and give you looks when you ask for something. It is a tough job but they also get a lot of perks so I am glad this ungrateful one is finally done!!

    • the great sandina

      obviously, you’ve never worked a day in your life, sammy. why don’t you go work a customer service job before you start judging other people. r-tard.

      • http://yourmommalovesme.wordpress.com yourmommalovesme

        Sandia cashing your welfare check at the bodega isn’t a customer service job. FYI.

      • John

        Love that: r-tard!! Ha. Sammy has issues dealing with people, which is why he sits at home looking at videos of cheerleader competitions. Just be gentle on him. ; )

    • kdog

      Name the perks honey?? Flight benefits? yeah, right… all the flights are overbooked, canceled or downgraded to smaller aircraft…. so employees rarely get to travel. pay raises are frozen, health benefits have gone down hill…. Attitude?? Try doing the job. It is TOUGH!

    • This guy was no man

      Many of us work in the “service industry”, including those of us who work in health care. But we don’t throw up our hands when unreasonable (as many are who are in pain, sick, tired, etc.- it’s all part of the job, man) customers/patients get on our last nerve. Would you be applauding a pharmacist who grabbed a bottle of pain meds, screamed at everyone through the loudspeaker, and walked off? Of course not.

      I hear a lot of complaining from flight attendents, and no doubt some of it is merited…but shut up. It’s tough all over. Try being overseas and serving our country under the current idiotic administration. Now THAT is dangerous and deserves our respect.

      I have little respect for a whiny guy like this. No hero to me. Not even a man.

      • Tom

        Not even a man? Wow, that statement belies your true feelings. Would you say that about David Allen Coe?

      • missy

        In my experience those in the health care industry are the worse when it comes to customer care, you people think you can do what you want, when you want and darn with the customers, patients ect. you are as bad as school teachers and politicans.

      • rabiddog9

        other than the “we have had enough and are not going to take it anymore” aspect I have to agree. My first reaction was indeed supportive but I work in the medical field and have seen a decline in civility from patients steadily over the last 10-15 years. There are a large number of TROLLS out there and sometimes I just want to wring their necks. It’s an education and cultural thing. The entitlement mentality has infected the whole system,,, and the most guilty are those that have never put anything into the system, imagine that!

      • aLgORE

        Actually, he may take that as a compliment

  • Jared Lorz

    Good for him!
    Shame on the police!

    • Jon

      Hazel Sanchez is the CBS reporter on the story. Nice try.

    • Tammy

      That’s the reporters name, the flight attendant is Steven Slater

  • Darrell

    Anybody who has ever worked in the service industry is totally onside with this guy.

    Customers are swine. They think that because they paid money for something that they are entitled to act like French nobility.

    • hippietraveller

      And I don’t hear anyone commenting on JetBlue’s statement “At no time was the security or safety of our customers or crew members at risk.”

      It seems to me the flight attendant WAS at risk. Didn’t the passenger hit him with his luggage as he proceeded to go against the flight attendant’s request?

      There is a reason for the rule that passengers stay seated until parked at the gate. The passenger should be fined for causing this disruption in the first place!

  • Greg L.

    Richard… he’s not a threat; unless you’re sharing needles with him….


      ooooo witty

  • Chuck

    This guy was totally unprofessional. Obviously needs to be fired. Can’t have a guy like that working for your airline.
    The passenger should be prosecuted if he disobeyed the rules.

  • Matt

    How did i know he was gay before the article mentioned his partner….ohh right hes a male flight attendant.

    • John Q Dallas

      And his picture is soooo cute! Maybe it was something he ate for lunch.

  • Bobby

    Reading this story makes me support gay marriages now. I think this is all racial. Play the race card.

    • hippietraveller

      This is lack of respect for humanity. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

    • Zachariah Love

      STRONG DISAGREEMENT! Insert inappropriate Obama/Palin comment. Compare to Hitler/inanimate object. Refer to as Socialist/Quitter. Effectively kill thread.

  • John L. Lucci

    What a spectacular way of ending a career!

    • jrscott

      Jon L. Lucci – I once walked out of a job with my CEO following me to my car literally begging me not to leave. That was pretty sweet too! :)

  • djd

    I want to do the same thing right now.

  • Jim

    I think he should be president.

  • Blax

    It would have been a whole lot funnier story if he had pitched the passenger out instead!

  • WeMadeAmistake

    It’s good thing this incident didn’t happen during the flight. I doubt that shute would be long enough!

  • kevin

    Right on! Grab some beer and take the inflatable slide out, if only we all had one to use as an escape route.

    • jerit

      cant wait for the new phrase “take the slide out” to become popular for dramatic exits from crappy jobs…

  • jb

    bravo sister!

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  • Terry6206

    It seems like this is a very nice guy who is under a lot of stress with his mother dying of cancers (news reports) and an obnoxious passenger.

  • yshaggy

    Wish I had the guts to do this on my job

  • AAL
  • tina

    Kudos to you !! You did what we all what like to do at work. Cuss out the boss or customer that is making you crazy. Where is his defense fund? i will donate!
    People are crazy!!

  • Dave

    That passenger should be arrested for not obeying the rule and assaulted flight attendant Steven Slater while the plane was in international grounds. Don’t know why people are so eager to get off the plane once it landed. Don’t they know they still have to wait to “check out” for their baggage?

  • fran

    The passenger should have been tackled and tied up. Stupid ignorant people who have to go in the overhead before the plane stops.
    I have seen a child get hit with someones bag because she could not wait.
    Interfering with the flight crew is a federal offense. I would love to see the passenger arrested. His name and picture published,

  • Danl

    I am proud of this guy! How much more rudeness do people have to take from one another… The passenger is in the wrong for the explitives and hitting him. Flight attendants do have authority over passengers while they passenger are on the plane. Kudos to this guy.

  • roger

    The greatest story of the decade. This guy should be given the keys to the City!

  • ellie from the block!!!

    Kudos to Steven Slater! No one deserves to have someone call them names- simply for doing their job! I can’t stand it when people are rude to flight attendants, waiters etc. Those people work SUPER hard for not so much money… I wish I had been there to witness what sounds like a hilarious exit! Jet Blue should show compassion and not charge this man with anything- except maybe theft of the beer….And the passenger was a JERK! THUMBS UP STEVEN SLATER!!!!

  • Clemdane


  • M.

    Jeez Richard, taking it a little over the top!

  • Bedema

    I fly a lot and these people that want to get luggage out before the plane gets to the terminal have to be dealt with. Just like the ones who walk around when the seat belt sign is on.

    • Reality Check

      Bedema suggests: “I fly a lot and these people that want to get luggage out before the plane gets to the terminal have to be dealt with. Just like the ones who walk around when the seat belt sign is on.”

      What do you suggest, summary execution by a sky marshal ???

      Turn the plane back so they may be taken off the plane and arrested ???

      Suggested that the “have to be dealt with” sounds very ominous.

      • John

        Reality check, maybe it’s time to move out of Mom’s basement. Just sayin.’

  • Diane P. Stremlau

    Have made three flights on three different airlines this year and the lack of respect shown by the passengers and their failure to follow directions is appalling. The flight attendants were professional, courteous and extremely helpful. The lack of concern for fellow passengars by travelers is an extreme concern from huge backpacks smacking me in the face, disembarking the plane as though everyone has an emergency, the private phone conversations in the waiting areas that can be heard within twenty feet of the user and leaving areas strewn with debris leaves a less than favorable impression . Perhaps we need to redefine the word STOP from stop signs to following rules and regulations. Think most people need to discover that common courtesy and consideration for others makes the world go around more smoothly. Watched the flight attendants address a medical emergency with rapidly, affectively and with a positive outcome.

  • Tom

    Good for you, dude! And grabbing a few drinks before scooting down the evac slide was a pretty cool move, too! Commercial air travel sucks so bad – for both passengers and flight attendants alike!

  • Ed

    This is a classic!, but really necessary? He was better off informing the captain of a crazy passanger and security would have escorted the idiot out and for at least week that person would have paid big time

  • richard

    This people are dangerous, you don’t know what they can do next, he could grab a gun come back to work and shoot his co-workers, he is one of those brain dead idiots, please arrest him and keep him away from people, he is a potential murderer.

    • amjones

      you want people arrested for what they MIGHT do?!? wow, great concept of freedom you have there. What was he charged with?

      • Gene

        Sounds like he was arrested for quitting his job. The passenger got away with it? There’s justice for you.

      • Emma

        They’ve just put new laws into affect in Russia now (courtesy of Putin, former head of the KGB there, who knows how to get these things done) that precisely does that: gives authorities the right to arrest anyone who they think is going to commit a crime.

        Oh, well. Suppose we can just as well get on with it. That’s where the obaMadministration is taking us anyway.

      • leggs67

        Shades of “minority report”

      • donone2

        Please, nowhere did she say arrest him for what he might do. I agree, arrest him for what he did. This man is dangerous and needs a serious cooling off period. the “cooler” is the placew for him!

      • pondicherry

        amjones, you illiterate, he was charged with 2nd- and 4th-degree criminal mischief, 1st- and 2nd-degree reckless endangerment and criminal trespass in the 3rd degree.

      • manofsteel

        If you’d read the article:
        “According to a spokeswoman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, Slater being charged with 2nd- and 4th-degree criminal mischief, 1st- and 2nd-degree reckless endangerment and criminal trespass in the 3rd degree.”

      • aLgORE

        why not? Hussein Obama got a NOBEL prize for just talking about what he would do…..

    • mike

      you are an idiot richard.

    • jrscott

      Really Richard? Let’s incarcerate (that’s send to jail for all you people who cannot read) all people who are “potential murderers”. Next, if ANYONE is left, we can go after all the people who do not think like you do. I have a better idea. Let’s find a deserted island for you so you can live without fear. I fear the guy who is getting his baggage while the plane is still moving far more than the guy who got tired of being yelled at and beaten.

      • anne nonymous

        I agree with arresting all people who cannot read to jail. That would be most Obama voters.

    • Ryan

      Richard, you’re a brain dead idiot. Quickly, go shoot yourself.

    • LaveSusManos

      or not

    • richardisaretard

      A potential murderer because I he got mad and had a blowout? You are a paranoid idiot. You’re the one who should be kept away from other people so you can’t spread your poisonous, idiotic seed…at the very least you should be sterilized.

    • Dave

      Richard, go back to the nursing home. This is movie material! Airlines should equip flight attendants with cattle prods.

    • Guy

      Easy there, Einstein. He got angry and cussed a guy out after he was sworn at and hit with the passenger’s luggage. This isn’t a “loose cannon” issue as much as it is a burnout issue. He’d probably been thinking of quitting for a long time.

    • Indiana Chuck

      Sounds like one pax needed a good shootin’

    • Patrick L. Hicks

      oh my god , you are watching to much news. paranonia will annoy ya. I’m lookin at this guys picture and you can tell if he ever even saw a gun he would wet himself.


      sorry richard “you’re an idiot” potential murderer? you have obviously never worked in the service industry. who is there to protect the flight attendant? That’s a hostile work environment if you ask me. You can’t say anything to the precious customer who is not “always right” he didn’t hurt anybody he had enough and he left with a bang. he new he was gonna get fired so he went for it. people now a days have no respect for themselves or anyone else it disgust me. you are PARANOID…

      • http://toolwhisperer.wordpress.com anonymous

        The US Marshall is there to protect them, actually. They’re on every plane. This guy is obviously a flamer who lost control of reality. He acted on an outrageous, negative, and illegal impulse. That’s cause for alarm, at the very least. Richard may be a psychologist.

    • Reality Check

      Everyone is a “potential” murderer.

      You, Richard, “may” be a child molester.

      I have no evidence proving you are not.

      But does that make you a child molester or him dangerous, no, of course not.

    • Nate

      There is a difference between grabbing a few beers and leaving and shooting someone. Use some friggen judgement.

    • corey

      wow. Just when I think yo cant be any dumber you go and say something like that and prove it.

    • Reality Check

      Richard wrote: “he is a potential murderer.”

      Everyone is a “potential” murderer.

      You, Richard, “may” be a child molester.

      I have no evidence proving you are not.

      But does that make you a child molester or him dangerous, no, of course not.

    • Bethie

      You are joking Richard, aren’t you?

    • Geoff

      you’re delusional. Nice grammar!

    • John

      Get over yourself, Richard.

    • TWBNick

      Geez. You’re an elitist snob right? You’re the guy saying “I’M THE CUSTOMER!” to reps that really hope you have a wreck the moment you leave the store.

      You people suck. I’d trust a guy like this with my kid over the hundreds of jerks I have to talk to daily at work.

    • F1nG3rB@nG

      Wow Richard, your kind of a tard. OOOOO he’s dangerous. You shoulda been drowned at birth.

    • kay

      richard YOU are the nut!……he had a bad day…..that’s all…so he went out in style on the emergency slide…….big f-ing deal!……..worry about things that matter ….i flew for nearly 10 years and some flights wanted to choke everyone that got on my nerves…….but a potential murderer i am not you nut!

    • albertina

      Richard stay away from these boards your pea brain can not deal with the issue on hand wit a higher degree of intelligence.

    • phallis

      conform and fit into your mold, you dull, scared, detraction from progress and individual happiness

    • RealRick

      Just like you’re a potential idiot. Oops, you ARE an idiot!

    • Joe

      What you are saying is that in a similar situation, YOU “would come back to work and shoot his co-workers”. You are projecting your own beliefs, insecurities onto this guy because you don’t trust how you would react in a similar situation. This guy wasn’t violent (as you would probably be), just verbally abusive. Please seek help.

    • Meredith

      You sound like the kind of person who would be standing up and trying to get their overhead luggage down before the plane stopped moving!!!

    • michelle

      you’re a moron

    • Brock Carey

      You may want to learn how to make a complete sentence before responding to such a story. I’m not sure what’s more troubling the fact that you did not make a single complete sentence or that you jammed five of them together. Please make an appointment with your high school English teacher and have them grade your post.

    • tbouk

      We are all potentially murderers, the cost of a life is cheap in our society. However, the likelyhood of this man being a killer is no more than the chances of you or me being a killer.

      I just find it a shame that there are still so many narrow-minded, sensationalising fools in the World, like yourself.

      Have you ever thought about a role in journalism?

    • Phil McCrevis

      My name is Richard… I am part of the problem, not part of the solution. Thank You

    • Richard T.

      It sounds like you’re the idiot passenger who caused this fracas! Go stand in the corner, fool!

    • alan

      dangerous ? the people who are dangerous are the ones who ignore the advise or warnings of an official and think they can do as they please , he is no brain dead idiot , but some one who after twenty odd years could take no more he is no more a potential murderer than you or i or my pet cat . you’ve been watching too much tv . as some one who works in public transport i know how he feels. well done that man

    • Dan

      Yes… and mothers milk leads to heroin addiction. Nice logic Rich!

    • steve

      Richard, You are a potential murderer, I know your kind & what you are capable of. Somebody please arrest him!

    • Tom M.

      Richard is a moron….

    • lu

      The man has 28 years of experience serving people, enough is enough

    • William McDonald

      Are you mentally impaired? This guy just vented on the way out. Hell back when I worked in Retail I’ve imagined of producing a similar scene, but God bless this guy he actually DID IT! he should be honored, not arrested. At most they should fine him for deploying the air slide, he was a threat to no one. If he wanted to hurt people he would have beaten the living crap out of the guy who bad mouthed him.

    • Incredulous

      Seriously? I mean…seriously? So everyone with a computer is a potential hacker? Everyone with a car is a potential car bomber? Everyone with a gun (second amendment and all) is a potential murderer?

      Do you fall into any of those categories, Richard? Are you a potential murderous car bomber with a specialty in hacking?

      The guy had a blow up. Big deal. If it hadn’t been in a public place we would never have heard about it. He wouldn’t have had the cops called or anything. But since it was public, the media got wind of it (probably from that pushed him in the first place).

      So a guy loses his cool. So what? I lost my cool with my mom the other day. Does that mean you can arrest me for potential matricide?

      Grow up. Get a clue. Step into our present realm of reality. And then shut up. Because people like you really make the rest of us look pretty bad.

  • Ria

    The man had enough and he meant he had enough! Although people don’t like the rules and regulations, they are put in place to protect us. That passenger was out of line and the attendant has probably endured one to many incidents like that and couldn’t take it anymore. As long as he didn’t put the other passengers in danger, I say give him a slap on the wrist and some time off!

  • Kyle

    Good for him its about time people stand up for themselves. I’m sure he has one of the more thankless jobs in america. how about the passenger should he get in some sort of trouble for disobeying the rules? and really to publish the employees name and soil his reputation over one incident?unprofession reporting again i hope he gets nothing but a warning and maybe some anger management

  • Jenny_From_The_Block

    I hate it when people try to take their **** out before the plane stops and all the lights go on/off. Kudos to this guy! Love the part about how he took the beers with him down the slide. This dude’s cool in my book

    • Lou


      • jerry

        roger that

    • milli

      milli, , from upper westside , I hate when the plane reaches it”s destination and we’re told to stay in seat
      until plane is in full stop and idiot’s get up to take their belonings , they don’t listen
      if anything he was assaulted and cursed @ by this female which looks as if she was trouble the whole way. maybe he can be repramanded but not jailed for 7yrs he didn’t hurt nor kill any one and the air line stated passengers were not in danger, he defended himself. He did what alot of times I myself have though of

  • sheila

    as long as ya didnt really hurt anyone… GO FOR IT PEOPLE CAN REALLY @#$%$#@!!! u off !! at the right moment !!!

  • Sorry I Missed

    Kudos to Mr. Slater. There are too many square headed mouth breathers on flights these days. Poeple cannot follow simple instructions, lighted signs or use common sense….and its a real shame. As a frequent traveler, I see it all too frequently.

    The other passengers should have applauded him.

  • Alisa

    My new hero!

  • John Steed The Seventh


    • FCW

      Went out with a bang… I still think he should have just pummeled the guy for hitting him. Just beat the snot outa him for it.

      • goofy

        With what, his purse?

  • Daysha


    • Joseph

      Bwaaaa… this is greatness.

      Anyone remember Stu Leonard’s (a dairy in CT I belive) that had a 2 part moto in their store? Paraphrased here: 1) The customer is always right and 2) if the customer’s wrong, go back and read #1.

      In this instance the flight attendand declared “no” to #1 and said “nope” to #2.

      Jet Blue passenger… PWNED.

    • Danielle

      I LOVE Jet Blue even more now!

    • kim

      Yes, I fly quite a bit and SOME passengers are RUDE!!!!! No one else exists except them, their luggage, their time, their comfort. I wish him well. He can get a better job! Time for a career change, I say.

    • Dave

      I was a flight attendant for JetBlue for 7 years. In that time we had a passenger that tried to open the overwing emergency exit window en route to FL, a lady call in a bomb threat for a flight going to Austin becuase she was late getting to the airport and the lovely lady from Queens that insisted on smoking and fought with the Inflight crewmembers till they diverted in Denver, CO. as well as numerous other incidents. I had been spit at, threatened and even pushed. This was all after 9/11. I worked on a commitee with Steven and found him to be professional and funny. Was he having a bad day? No, he was having a bad career in an unfortunate industry that cares little about it’s employees or it’s customers. Airlines just care about one thing, taking your cash and keeping it. I’m glad there’s more support for Steven on here and his actions. Plus, grabbing the beer…Priceless

    • Petra Lavisk

      People are so unkind to the cabin crews these days. They call all kinds of foul names and turn around to fellow passengers trying to get them to laugh along. People entrusted with our safety are treated like sub-humans.

    • Tony

      The passenger who started the trouble should have been thrown out of the plane down the slide.

    • Monty

      Wake up everyone reading this track! The airlines today try to turn these flights in 30 to 45 minutes. That means hurry up old passengrs and get off and then hurry up new passengers and get on and get out of the isle so everyone can pass you and put those giant suitcases in the overhead (because we charge $$$ for them so all of you try to bring them on) and sit down and be quiet. All the while the flight attendants stand around smugly or are making the non-stop announcement for everyone to please be seated so WE can have an on time departure… in other words hurry hurry hurry! Plenty of times I watch novice passengers (which most are) making mistakes with luggage. So some FA gets knocked…why wasn’t he trying to help the passenger instead of being a bystander?

      Well AIRLINES if you want on time departures, build in more turn time so everyone is not so pressured to hurry and make mistakes. And STOP making the stupid announcements for everyone to “step out of the isle and sit so we can have an on time departure. We get it and it ain’t our fault!

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