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L.I. Judge Under Fire For Sex Offender Decision

GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (1010 WINS/CBS 2/AP) – A Long Island judge who is the target of complaints from a victim’s advocacy group has been given other duties pending the findings of a state investigation.

State courts spokesman David Bookstaver says Suffolk County Family Court Judge Andrew Tarantino was reassigned.

Tarantino is the focus of a five-page complaint filed by the group Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center.

“He gave a two time convicted sex offender access to these children without CPS (child protective services) being able to monitor the supervision, Laura Ahearn, of the center said.

The group alleges that in April, Tarantino improperly granted twice-convicted sex offender, Dennis DeMille, overnight visitation rights with his own three children.

The order has been stayed pending appeal, 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports.

“The overnight visitation makes me a nervous wreck and sick that someone would even put my children at increased risk,” the childrens’ mother said.

The children are ages 7, 5 and 3.

“They’re too young, they’re innocent and I want them to stay that way,” the mother said.

In May 2008, DeMille, a former Garden City Middle School teacher, pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old in Nassau County , and in November 2009, was sentenced for a conviction of possession of child pornography in Suffolk County.

CBS 2′ Jennifer McLogan has also learned the Commission on Judicial Conduct has been asked to investigate whether Judge Tarantino went to a Long Island beach with a teenage respondent in another of his family court cases.

While the cases are being investigated, Tarantino has been re-assigned to hear only civil cases, Rivera reports.

For now, DeMille is allowed to have visitation rights with his children with his own parents acting as supervisors.

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One Comment

  1. Brian Cheshire says:

    Judge Tarantino Does not follow his oath of office, He violates the constitution that he swore to uphold. I read DAVID TYSKA’S court papers and this judge has destroyed his right to parent! His Whole case needs to be opened up and fixed! Judge Tarantino gave custodu to the mother which is a pedifile. David wants to be in his sons life! Judge David Freindlich has refused multiple petitions from David. After seeing these petitions and dates, I believe he too is Violating his oath of office and needs to be removed! I was in front of Tarintino and he violated my visitation with my Daughter! IS CBS GOING TO DO ANYTHING WITH THIS INFORMATION OR SHOULD WE BE WRITING FOX NEWS JUDGE NAPOLITANO?

  2. Child Abusing Judge says:

    Again Judge Tarantino is in the news again look in Newsday April 6th 2011 under Judge censured in the park excursion……He is sick. All of his former cases should be reviewed and redone.

  3. f4j says:

    New York chapter – Find Us.

  4. Jack says:

    ‘Best Interest of The CHild’

    It’s a B.I.T.CH on families.

  5. ALR Member says:

    How about a folllow-up story?

    1. Child Abusing Judge says:

      It’s forgotten, This Judge is getting away with murder! He has abused too many children and nobody cares. I hope CBS finds it in their hearts to do a foolllow up story.

      1. Child Abusing Judge says:

        It’s forgotten, This Judge is getting away with murder! He has abused too many children and nobody cares. I hope CBS finds it in their hearts to do a follow up story.

  6. David Tyska says:

    Judge Andrew Tarantino Jr put my son David into a home with my Ex wife Mariane who has a sexual history around young boy’s and her Boyfriend who is ELVIS ANDREAS FRAZIER 582 CAMPGROUND RD,BELL BUCKLE TN 37020 Race:W Sex:Male Height: 6-3 Weight: 355 lbs. Eyes: Hair:BROWN Age/DOB: 12/27/1965
    Offense: SEXUAL BATTERY Date: 01 August 2008

    1. David Tyska says:

      I’m trying to get a News source to interview my story so that I can get my son out of the abusive situation that Judge Andrew Tarantino Jr has put him! CBS News in New York would you help me so that I may help my son?

      1. Mariane Jensen says:

        Your son is not in an abusive situation, so you need to just stop playing games Dave..
        It’s funny that you have all this time to play these games yet NOT ONCE have you contacted me to just ask how he’s doing or if he needs anything. Wow, you must think you’re daddy of the year when people hear your claims and feel bad for you. Too bad they don’t know the truth, that your actions caused you to not be a part of your sons day to day life and your ridiculous accusations are only created in your own mind. Get the help you need so maybe you can be happy one day

      2. David Tyska says:

        My ex wife is truly is a good liar!

      3. David Tyska says:

        Judge Tarantino and Mariane Jensen and Law Guardian Myrka Gonzalez abused my son David.

    2. Mariane Jensen says:

      For all who may read this just to clarify the only history David Tyska’s ex wife Mariane has around young boys is with her ex husband, David Tyska. He, as he continues to prove is nothing but a little boy, not just physically which is true but mentally too.
      Grow up Davey boy and stop trying to pretend your a man… Try just once to be one instead!
      Quit posting lies, I’m getting really tired of people finding this stupid stuff about me and laughing, asking me who the crazy little freak that keeps posting stuff about me is. You just make yourself look foolish every time

      1. Child Abusing Judge says:

        I know mariane Jensen personally and for her to knock down her ex husband David? Is truly a joke….Miss Jensen is a pedophile and I found some adult movies of Miss Jensen and her diary entries on the internet! Mariane needs professional help!

  7. Jolin says:

    Im in court now with a grandparent visitation case where the paternal grandfather was charged with 3rd degree rape reduced to sexual assault. Fortunately we escaped Tarrantino, but now we are under Orlando and it seems to me that the courts are quite liberal in the best interest of the child and overlook concerns such as these.These grandparents childs records indicate that there was physical abuse as a child and that is being overlooked as well. I wonder about our whole justice system, not just Tarrantino

  8. You're not that educated says:

    The age of consent in the State of New York is 17 and it is also illegal to posses child pornography.

    You learn the facts!

  9. I'm educated says:

    The childrens attorney had a witness that said the father is not a danger to the children, and the mother testified that she wanted the children to see and have a relationship with the father. A few facts that are in the court decision that the press did not report. He had sex with a 16 year old girl, he was not a sexual predator of little children. Learn the facts….then again, its easier to react and publicize than to be educated.

  10. So Sad says:

    That idiot should be thrown off the bench.
    He’s a disgrace!

  11. Sure says:

    In order for a judge to grant this, he asks ‘the people’ (The DA/Prosecutor) if there’s any complaints or if they have any objections. If not, he allows it. This is a victim’s advocacy group that most likely has no idea about the case, the defendant, the judge, or the DA’s decisions.

  12. jay says:

    Thank God that judge is finally being replaced!

    1. Child Abusing Judge says:

      Judge Andrew Tarantino Jr was not replaced; He was moved to Riverhead Civil Court. They moved him so that this matter would calm down! The corruption will only get worse because they have not replaced the cause of the corruption; Supervising Judge David Freundlich.
      Islip Family court needs to be shut down! It’s just a place where Judge’s destroy children’s lives!

  13. BF says:

    There is not enough information here to pass judgment on this Judge. We have no idea what his conviction entailed, how much time he got, what kind of programs he went through and what he has done with his life since the conviction. We have no clue it the mother has other motives regarding the children. If he were on probation, a judge would make the decision as part of his program. He/she have to consider many sources before making a decision. Also, Long Island has some of the toughest laws and monitoring in NYS.

  14. Roy says:

    I bet Mr TEACHER didn’t serve one day in jail for his convictions…..

    1. BF says:

      Actually many people prefer a few years in Jail than being on probation for 10 years.

  15. Ed C says:

    When the state investigation is completed and the judge is found to be a closet sex offender himself. Set him up with the big boys in prison so he can feel the pain and helplessness the little ones feel.

  16. ME says:


  17. claudia whitcomb says:

    Check the judges computer…

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