Sources: Suicide Note, Bloody Boat Found Off L.I.

LLOYD HARBOR, NY (WCBS 880) – A boat covered with blood was found Thursday night floating in the waters off Long Island.

Sources tell WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall, the 70-year-old owner of the boat, named the Caramar, had committed suicide.

The man called his son and told him that he planned to take his own life, sources said.

The Long Beach resident lost his wife last year; they had been married for many years. Sources said a suicide note was found.

The Coast Guard is searching for the man’s body.


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  1. taylor says:

    No it is totally real!! I was at high school today and there were multiple helicopters flying 60 feet above our school and they called the school to tell us not to worry and they are searching for a body. I go to the high school closest to Lloyd Harbor and every one was surprised! Now I am glad I am taking forensic science!!

  2. Lillie says:

    I knew this man and his wife. She battled cancer for a very long time.Her husband was strong for her and their children throughout this very sad time. He never had time to grieve.He missed his wife and wanted to be with her.

  3. felicia says:

    Well….looks like I called that one.

  4. Michelle says:

    Insurance companies don’t usually pay out for suicide. Nice try though.

    1. Lewis says:

      Yes they do pay out for suicide…there’s usually a 2-3 year time frame after the sale of the policy that’s used as a safe period so someone can’t buy a policy and kill themselves right after. It gives them a few years to think about it. I used to be a Certified Financial Planner and dealt with this a few time.

  5. AL says:

    ‘bloody boat’




  6. bubba multardski says:

    its not a fake u idiots!!

  7. Ali says:

    if this was a fake death thinking his family will get some sort of life insurance money, he shouldn’t have left the note.

  8. danielle wedden says:

    it does sound like a faked death, however its possible that he cut his wrists or sliced his own throat……lots of very sharp knives on boats, especially a fishing boat.
    either way…..its tragic and sad.

    1. bubba multardski says:

      the guy lives in long beach & has his boat in huntington harbor??

  9. k says:

    The man called his son and told him that he planned to take his own life, police said.

  10. RP says:

    I have to agree with Bill

  11. felicia says:

    Covered in blood? Unless the media is exaggerating, I would guess the owner killed himself and fell overboard. One can only fake so much blood, right?

  12. Andrea Slaughter says:

    It could be a drug deal gone sour, also….

  13. bill says:

    Maybe I watch too much TV…but this smells of a faked death

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