Man Accused Of Pushing Woman Into Side Of Moving ‘R’ Train

Straphangers Subdue Suspect, Who Offers Baffling Explanation

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — This one fits nicely into the “you gotta be kidding me” category — even for New York City.

An evening commute turned into a near death experience for a Manhattan woman. Witnesses said they saw a crazed straphanger push her into the side of a moving train. The attack has some train riders on alert.

An “R” train barreling into a Midtown subway station nearly killed 39-year-old Manhattanite Ute Linhart. But she didn’t fall in front of the train. She was pushed.

“It’s scary. It really is,” one rider told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Linhart was standing on the 28th Street subway platform when she said a suspicious looking man came creeping up on her. Linhart told police when the train pulled into the station the man pushed her into the oncoming train.

The impact sent Linhart flying back onto the platform. She suffered broken ribs, a broken left shoulder and left arm and a crushed sinus cavity.

One witness snapped a picture of the man she said is the alleged attacker Jose Rojas.

Straphangers kept the 25-year-old suspect up against a wall so he couldn’t get away. Prosecutors said Rojas admitted he pushed Linhart and told witnesses “I don’t know why I pushed her.”

“There’s no going around stopping or preventing an assault like that from happening because it’s just inevitable,” said Bedford Stuyvesant resident Peter Macintosh.

When asked if she ever thinks about things like this happening to her while she’s standing on a subway platform, Dianna Marino of Astoria told CBS 2: “That somebody might push me into the train? No.”

But some subway riders told us this week’s unprovoked assault has them thinking about what they’ll do now to protect themselves.

“I have to be aware of my surroundings at all times. If not then something like that will occur,” said Yonira Couvertier of Queens.

“When someone looks a little suspicious I will shout and scream and say police,” added Mary Mejia of Queens.

“I keep away from the train. When it comes in I’m always back,” another rider told CBS 2.

Linhart is being treated at Bellevue Hospital, where she reportedly said she’ll never take the subway again.

Rojas has been charged with second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault, and is being held without bail.


One Comment

  1. james says:

    that guy was just pushing people into the train that other American’s don’t want to push into the train.

  2. marty1234 says:

    i blame bush….

  3. DigitalBob says:

    Is he an illegal alien?

    1. marty1234 says:

      i believe bush is an american citizen…

  4. whatever227 says:

    Forget race, anyone who pushes someone in front of a train shouldn’t be walking out of the subway.

  5. Den says:

    Great another illegal Mexican contributing great things for America

    Sure glad we have open borders so we can have even more of these people come give us some excitement

  6. Alex says:

    Shouldn’t there be hate crime charges? Oh, that’s right, White people are officially second class citizens and not fully protected by the law….
    Imagine if the races were reversed.

  7. frankie says:

    The way things are going the woman victim will be accused of “racism” and charged with a hate crime for blocking the passage of Rojas.

  8. Charlie says:

    George Bush made him do it

  9. John Smith says:

    Bet this is another Mexican National (Illegal Alien) who should not be in Our Country.

  10. Cris says:

    This would be avoided completely if the U.S. would follow in China’s footsteps and install plastic barrier windows between the platform and the tracks. It’s a simple concept that will not cost all that much and will save lives.

    1. Howabout That says:

      Trust me in China, Roja would have been NO-MA. His body would have been disgarded in a remote place, after the firing squad.. no questions asked.

    2. James says:

      I’ve suggested the same thing as well, as I found such a barrier to be great ever since I experienced the one they have installed for the train at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport.

      On a side note, I’ve always known since I was a kid to never stand near the edge of the platform. I always figured this was common sense, but the apparent number of individuals lacking such this day-and-age is astonishing. It reminds me of the parents I saw at the Grand Canyon years ago, who allowed for their child to freely swing from a tree limb right on a rocky outcropping at the rim (Which dropped a mile deep no less)! I knew it was only a matter of time before someone actually died doing something recklessly similar to that, and sure enough, fatalities from such behavior have occurred multiple times since then.

  11. Kevin says:

    Terrible, just terrible – We need to fence off all the train platforms, put rubber around all trains and have gates that open when the train stops. If we can save just one women, it will be worth it:)

  12. Ron says:

    This subway assault is the fault of the former Bush Administration

  13. azariah says:

    Obama needs to pack it with mud and cement. Maybe that’ll work.

  14. Rebecca from a Gulf State says:

    President Barack Hussein Obama has ordered a six-month moratorium banning all New York subway travel and national public transit so he can look into the situation.

  15. zone says:

    Feed it to a larger beast that enjoys live prey

  16. Howabout That says:

    May Mr. Rojas be pushed into an on-coming train and turned into Fertilizer for ALL to SEE. Go-Green and Fight Crime at the same time. If this happened in any other country in the world, he would have been shot in the head and his family charged the $1 for the bullet.

  17. Atalludumfks says:

    The devil made him do it! Geesh! God couldn’t stop someone hurting an innocent bystander!

  18. Lou B says:

    Don’t stand too close to the edge of the platform, people!

  19. vsk says:

    And people wonder why I take a bike 11 miles each way to work.

    1. Bruce says:

      Yeah – been meaning to ask you about that, vsk. Whassup wit dat?

  20. Jon says:

    George Bush made him do it

    1. Bruce says:

      Obviously it’s Bushes fault. He gets the blame for everything else, doesn’t he?

      1. D~ says:

        Yep, GWB strikes again!

    2. Bruce says:

      Mr. Rojas will be charged with a “hate crime” in 3…2…1…

    3. Kate- Anti-DemoRAT says:

      ****BREAKING NEWS: The mad man who pushed her was actually George Bush himself!! Obama confirmed it via teleprompter moments ago. If you were thinking this accusation is crazy, considering Bush is currently in Texas, consider the following: Obama was elected to be the new leader of the free world, commander in chief, the president of what once was the greatest country in the world, all with no credentials, no pride, no experience, no birth certificate, no academic records, just a nice voice and a cast of articulate writers behind his speeches. Now that is CRAZY.

  21. kanzaman says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….perhaps enough real Americans are sick and tired enough of how America has become that we may return to our roots and become the America we used to be, the one that everyone looked up to and respected. Now THAT would be HOPE and CHANGE I could believe in.

  22. This_Is_My_Name says:

    Obama should invite the 2 of them to the White House for a “Train Push Summit”. That’ll smooth things over.

    1. Goodgold says:

      Yeh, the woman acted “stupidly” for being so close to the train. Jose was only trying to protect his zone of intimacy and she crossed it.

    2. RealRick says:

      Maybe have beers saying ‘she acted stupidly.

  23. Stupid says:

    i am stupid, i am stupid, i am stupid.

  24. CAROLJANE says:

    Wht are you ASSUMING she said anything? People do this stuff all the time and are NOT provoked. People need to learn they are responsible for their own actions. Don’t blame everyone else for your problems.

  25. CAROLJANE says:

    I totally agree with you.

  26. CAROLJANE says:

    The man is crazy no matter what color his skin is. The way things are going these days he will not spend a day in jail for what he did to both of those people.

  27. Cindy says:

    Well, I certainly hope the authorities will not ask about his citizenship status–that would be the REAL crime.

    1. Erika says:

      And just why is that Cindy??? If he’s not an illegal, then he has nothing to worry about. Right????????

      1. D~ says:

        I think Cindy had her tongue firmly planted in her cheek, Erika. At least I hope she did. If she’s serious then maybe she should be pushed in front of a moving train for being so ignorant! Just saying……..

    2. AZ Cindy says:

      I do hope your comment is tongue in cheek

  28. Melissa in NorCal says:

    Dude was mad he couldn’t beat up a man, so he took it out on a woman. Hand him over to Bubba for…”processing”.

  29. Hugg says:

    If this happened in my town the judge would let him go as an illegal. It happens all the time.

    1. RealRick says:

      If it were to happen in my town, 10 people would have drawn down on him and he would be the hood ornament of the next train.

  30. amplitude jones says:

    we are under invasion by racist animals who want the humans murdered.

    1. kelly says:

      That is correct. So go and jump into a train and save us the effort.

  31. Dan says:

    Come on, if he IS a member of a minority then he SHOULD be helped with affirmative action programs. They NEED those programs. Let’s face it – minorities can’t cut it on their own; they need help or they’ll fail. It’s reality. They cannot succeed without help. THAT’S the purpose of affirmative action programs – to help those who cannot make it on their own. Right?

    1. Globalwarmer says:

      Gosh Dan!
      But that sounds a lot like our very own first arrirmative action worthless to the tenth degree little dictator want-ta-be obozo the mighty twit.

  32. AZ Bill says:

    I’m just glad that he’s up in NY and not down here in AZ.

    1. TheChairman says:

      Yep, another mentally deranged Mexican made it from the AZ border to New York.

      Don’t worry Bloomberg, we’ve got 450,000 illegals for you to welcome into NYC.

  33. bubba says:

    Hate crime

  34. Xrlq says:

    Give him a break, you evil xenophobes. All he did was menace a guy Americans wouldn’t menace, then push a woman Americans wouldn’t push into a train Americans weren’t riding at the time.

  35. Greg Buls says:

    Before you talk about locking this guy up forever, take a look at the last name. Rojas. Probably Latino. That means that racism is a mitigating circumstance, right libs? There’s probably an army of ACLU attorneys lined up to represent this guy, precisely because of his skin tone. That’s how you roll, right, libs?

    You can bet that He MUST have suffered some kind of discrimination at some point. So he’s not FULLY responsible for his actions because he has brown skin, right libs? Let’s give him a break.

    1. Goodgold says:

      Yeh, two weeks and credit for time served, then back on the streets.

    2. kelly says:

      So true! I’m sure Bush is to blame for this too.

  36. ARCHIE says:

    Just curious… is he an illegal?

    1. kelly says:

      more than likely

  37. Tim says:

    He was just sharing his culture. Don’t you racists feel enriched?

    1. Pluto says:

      Probably an MS-13 gang member, it is Friday the 13th

  38. Kathleen says:

    Obviously one of the many Bloomberg and Obama claim are only here to work. Sadly, too many of these people consider their work raping, murdering, and assaulting Americans.

    1. I hate Stupid White People says:

      Yeah, because white American men don’t rape, murder or assault. And Dan, affirmative action is for past transgressions and current systemic racism. If you think racism doesn’t exist, just read your comment.

      1. Atalludumfks says:

        and your comment is less racest?

      2. RicardoCabeza says:

        First off you idiot you “correct” for actions that have already happened and if you don’t realize it the days of institutional racism are long and gone my tubby not bright amiga. Lastly INDIVIDUAL racism will always exist throughout ALL ethnic groups. Here’s a suggestion squat deep push hard and and stop getting your vision obscured by your colon.

      3. King Pap Shmear says:

        Yea! white people’s just make up stuff.

      4. Try again says:

        @I hate Stupid White People,

        Yeah, you’re username screams tolerance.

    2. Veronika says:

      Funny that the woman pushed was a German citizen…. with immigration background.

      1. ev says:

        Hey V,

        Not sure how that’s funny. Could u explain it to me? Maybe I’m slow….

  39. Vincent is a dumbie says:

    Up until I read Vincents comment I was against making English the mandatory language of the USA.

  40. Vincent says:

    Thek New York Post will give the full correct story and not leave you will a blog mind to give stupid comments with.

    1. I is Stoopid says:

      What language is this, Vince?

      1. Me Too says:

        Yea! And when they do that’ll show me,…..something.

    2. How doyou spell G.E.D.? says:

      A product of the government-controlled public school system.

      1. Jared Lorz says:

        Yes yes, everything is the governments fault.

      2. rachel says:

        I is Stoopid, why do you think George Bush is so stupid?

        Why do you think Republicans across this country voted for this idiot twice?

        Are Republicans stupid because of some OTHER reason? You’re an absolute moron

    3. 1ofZillions says:

      Thanks Vince, for the suggestion. Obviously there is a typo… “Thek” was intended as “The” – Blogs are valuable. Otherwise we would not be able to communicate ideas, we would just be readers without connections.

  41. Steve says:

    Lock him up forever, or he will do it again.

    1. sam salinitis says:

      maybe if idiots around the city would not shove and push onto the train like a band of idiots we would never have to worry about who gets puished into a train….

      1. KennyP says:

        Nice moronic comment…hopefully the majority of New Yorkers are not as stupid as you.

      2. noah aier says:

        LOL, Kenny! Seriously, what kind of comment was that, sam s? Was that a joke? Ah, man, got a laugh outta me, so, thanks!

      3. seth says:

        what a stupid comment..unfortunately there are a lot of morons just like you out there. I think it is like 1 in 4 or something

    2. Jsck Kinch(1uncle), Midwest City,OK says:

      A problem of division and overpopulation.

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