‘Man Up’: Words That Sparked K-Rod’s Fury

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Francisco Rodriguez has been suspended for two games after police say he beat up his father-in-law Wednesday night at CitiField.

K-Rod arrived in handcuffs for his arraignment Thursday afternoon and was later released without bail.

Police say Rodriguez, 28, attacked Carlos Pena, 53, outside a lounge reserved for players’ families. He is charged with third degree assault.

So what sparked the incident?

According to the Daily News, K-Rod threw the first punch in defense of his mother, who was also present.

The News quotes Pena as telling the relief pitcher to “man up and play better.” Apparently not one to let someone talk to her son that way, Rodriguez’ mother told the older man to “shut up,” and a Spanish screaming match between the two resulted.

“You can’t talk to my mami that way!” Rodriguez shouted, sparking the brawl which resulted in cuts, bumps and bruises for Pena – and a restraining order for Rodriguez, issued on behalf of his wife and her father.

K-Rod is also barred from seeing his twins until he goes to family court.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that Pena was the one shouting in defense of a woman, shouting “You can’t talk to my daughter that way!” while the baseball star and the mother of his children were caught in a heated argument.


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  1. rich from jackson new jersey says:

    don i hear you about those guys you mentioned. they deserve to go to jail. like you said they ARE CITIZENS of this country NOT visitors. my point was they do not have the GOD given right to be running around this country slugging people causing battery or felony’s. my point is if visitor’s of this country get arrested and prosicutted then deportation is a must. we have too many foreignors coming to this country bringing their values to our country and don’t understand what a privledge it is to be hear. if you don’t agree i have a couple of plane tickets for you to go back to wherever it was you came from. BEING HERE IS A PRIVLEDGE!!!!

  2. Dogg says:


  3. Don says:

    Hey Rich, let’s see here. Hernandez does cocaine. Straw & Gooden both do drugs, booze & both get arrested for beating their wives. Wally Backman beats his wife & gets arrested for DUI. Why didn’t we send them to the country where they came from, oh wait, the U.S. is their country, Hey MORON!!! U.S jails are full of men (MANY whites, blacks & other ethnic groups) born in the U.S who beat, rape & kill their wives, moms, dads, sons, daughters & your asking for respect. Rich, you’re a moron!!!

  4. tom says:

    The NY mets are a complete emabrrasement and I have not gone to any games for the last 3 years and will continue to not go to any games at Citi Field until Omar Minyaya, Jerry manuel and the rest of the clowns are gone. We need a proffessional team and professional management. This team is one bog disgrace and it’s always a few jerks that just ruin the entire chemistry of this team and this time it’s K-Rod. Enough is enough.

  5. rich from jackson new jersey says:

    send them all back to the country they came from. obviously they don’t respect their own family members – how are they suppose to live here and respect our citizens!

    1. Gene says:

      If there is a restraining order against him in Calif. and Venezuela, WHY were his girlfrien and her father in the players Family lounge…….disturbing

    2. Luis says:

      Jeez, could you be more of a xenophobe, rich?

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