9/11 Responders Slam Obama On Health Bill Silence

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Some 9/11 first responders were criticizing President Obama for getting involved in the Ground Zero mosque controversy but not pushing for passage of the $7 billion Zadroga health bill, CBS 2’s Magee Hickey reports.

John Feal, who was injured working on the pile after September 11, reportedly wrote to the president “It is disturbing that you have the time and energy to speak in favor of the mosque, but not on the health crisis caused by the attacks.”

As the Muslim faithful gathered in Harlem last night in honor of the month of Ramadan, some said they welcomed Governor Patterson’s efforts to find a middle ground, to meet the developers of the controversial Muslim community center and Mosque near Ground Zero to see if there is the possibility that state land could be provided as an alternate site for the center.

“I would go to the table and I’d listen. They surely would have to offer me something in the vacinity that saves me money and is going to expedite our project more quickly,” said Zead Ramadan, Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Other Muslim community leaders said they’re not interested. “I think it’s very unfair to try to ask that of the developers. They have a constitutional right just like everybody else,” said(Dalia Mahmoud of the Muslim Public Affairs Council of N.Y.

Congressman Peter King said it’s a good idea for the governor to get involved. He told CBS 2 on the phone that “if the leaders of the mosque take up the governor on his proposal, it would show that their intention is to bring people together, to build bridges and not just to make a political statement to have a mosque near Ground Zero.”


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  1. dD.A.RAM says:

    Stop insulting the American people and those brave guys by saying that the building of the mosque will put radical muslim away.WHEN will the exasperation of the chriastian will be diluted by allowing a church be built in S. Arabia

  2. stopem says:

    These first responders are true heroes and their opinions should hold a lot of weight to us as americans but our country is slowly moving towards radical islam just read this.

    The courts in michigan ruled that dearborn mosques could broadcast the “call to prayer” on loudspeakers on the outside of the mosques for everyone to hear (even if you don’t want to hear it) the same michigan courts ruled against manger scenes or nativity scenes anywhere on city or state/federal property in dearborn michigan and I think this should be reported on since there is a double standard here of monumental proportions.


    The difference between the “call to prayer” on loudspeakers and a manger scene at the fire department is you can avoid the manger scene at the fire department or not look at it but you cannot escape the “call to prayer” on loudspeakers in your home or at work or eating at a diner it’s unavoidable for non-muslims and this needs to be talked about from this so called tolerant religion.

    The dearborn michigan muslims want to erect a statue of helen thomas too by the way and nobody is talking about this either and I just see a helen thomas statue as making a point that they don’t like israel that’s what this is about.

  3. Ronny Reuter says:

    Obama has not addressed the health care of those who are, and were affected by the terrible bombing at the WTC. He jammed the health care package he wanted down the American peoples throats, but has little value for the heroes who gave, and continue to give their lives because of lung conditions and other ailments as a result of the WTC destruction. I guess he figures that they’ll die, and won’t be around to pay taxes, or vote for him in the next presidential election. He cares for Obama, and no one else. Wake up America! You wanted change, and you got it!

  4. Ronny Reuter says:

    Let’s see if they discuss the idea. If they dig their heels in, they’d be jamming the mosque down the American’s throats, If they discuss it and move it a few blocks away, they’d stand true to their word that they want to bring people closer together, and overshadowing the memories of those who lost their lives in the name of principle. Yes, they have a legal right, however, is it morally right? I think not.

  5. PR_one says:

    Congressman King, how far from ground zero would be satisfactory to you. For the Islamic-American community to exercise their constitutional rights?

    1. Ronny says:

      About 1 mile or so, not across the street. It is insensitive.

  6. marie says:

    Did The Nutty President during 911 have to tell you idiots to put on face mask, yet you want $$ for your ignorance.

    1. Ronny Reuter says:

      If you remember, the people were told that the air was safe. IT WASN’T! Now these people have lung conditions, cancer, etc. Where were you when the planes hit?

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