Bronxville Overrun By Troublemaking Teens

BRONXVILLE, NY (WCBS 880/1010 WINS) – Aside from a an occasional train whistle, it’s quiet and peaceful in Bronxville during the day but at night, especially in the summer, it’s a different story.  

Unruly, rowdy, boisterous, and destructive teens have been running amuck in the village and the mayor calls it a real nuisance.

“It’s very intimidating,” one resident said.

LISTEN: Police Chief Tells WCBS 880’s Sean Adams They’re a Victim of Their Own Success
LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sean Adams speaks to Bronxville residents

Officials say groups of 75 to 125 teenagers are involved and for the most part they’re believed to be out-of-towners.

“My kids come by and they’ll say ‘Oh look, they’re all from Eastchester or they’re all from Tucahoe,’ and I’ve heard there’s a lot of kids coming up from the Bronx,” one woman said. 

Police say there have been problems with noise, vandalism and even fighting. One resident said she once saw a boy punch a girl and “throttle” her by the throat.

“It’s changing the nature of Bronxville at night,” Suzanne, a resident, said. “It can’t become safe if it keeps going like this.”

“I think it is a big problem with the local police,” said one woman.

To help keep the peace, police have beefed up patrols. But this is becoming an expensive problem, as overtime piles up.


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  1. kristine says:

    Hello! I was looking for something to read then I found yours, nice blog!
    I check out the whole stuff and its really interesting. Hope to check out more from you . Keep it up!

  2. Ross says:

    No unkempt, loud teens are welcome here. This area is reserved for wealthy, preppy families of any race, but it is not a place where poor most middle class people even feel comfortable. They should really play where there families are and where they can feel comfortable with people who look and sound like they do.

  3. chirs says:

    Having spent many a year yelling at these dirty out of towners from my daddys mercedes I can tell you exactly who the kids are around town.
    Some are bronxville middle schoolers and 9th graders wandering around town, but they don’t stay out all night because they have houses they can walk to and they don’t cause trouble cause their well trained.
    Then you have the guidos, they hail from eastchester and tuckahoe and they are the predominant hoooligan found in bronxville. Straight out of jersey shore these people wander in packs of 20-30 with potential for almost 100 guides on any given night.They often pick fights with each other or the 4 or 5 hoodlums who actual live in bronxville but don’t like being normal. They stay in town all night and intimidate the local kids who live in bronxville.
    Recently there has also been an influx of kids from the bronx and yonkers, whose parents drop them off in bronxville because they think its safer. These kids are even more menacing and have pulled knives on students, and staged fights between themselves on the kickball field.
    Unlike bronxville kids, who mainly hang out in town when they are younger because they can drink in their parents basements when their in upper highschool, the kids from out of town range from middle school to seniors in highschool. This makes them far more dangerous than the average bronxville kid.

    Bronxville must simply follow the lead of arizona and require that all minors in bronxville without an adult must provide ID after dark, or their name and address. Eventually the hoodlums will go home and the parents will have to deal with their shit and hopefully they will beat some decency into them.

  4. IM says:

    Although I live on the Tuckahoe border, I run on the Bronxville track a few nights a week. There are often large groups of kids hanging around the high school. For the most part, these kids don’t appear to be doing anything wrong. They are just very loud. I agree they don’t seem to be out-of-towners. I heard them speaking about HS, events, etc and from what I hear most of them are Bronxville kids.

  5. Joe says:

    So where would you people like teens to hang out?

  6. sue says:

    I live in Bronxville and it seems to me the majority of the teens causing the problems are own teens. This seems to be a case of the town and parents denying that their own are causing the problems, it is so much easier to blame it on outsiders.

    1. jm says:

      Thank You! I just read a blog that the Mayor of Bronxville wrote back in May blaming local Catholic School high kids for all of this. I personally will not be shopping there again given those remarks. The police should realize what I am sure all of the merchants know, that without “outsiders” they have no business,

  7. edouardo says:

    It would not surprise me if a few locals aren’t involved as well.
    The innuendo that these vandals must be from elsewhere is patently prejudicial.

  8. nick says:

    125 kid in bronxville would put about 10 kid on every corner of main st

  9. Reality Joe says:

    Coming from a New York City Police Officer, who is a Westchester resident, and frequent Bronxville often……allow the Bxville Police the ability to deal with these appropriately. They have no business there, and the problem needs to be nipped in the bud. Justly and swiftly. Otherwise you can lose the “VIlle” part. And just call it the Bronx.

  10. beth says:

    I’m born and raised in Bville. These stinking degenerates are not welcome here – go back to the city or wherever their from. I predict a law against them before the holidays.

  11. jay says:

    It is called freedom. If you don’t like move out of N.Y. Since when are teens not allowed to walk around and enjoy life the way everyone else does.

    1. Rick says:

      maybe enjoy life the way everyone else does is a good point. Freedom does come with responsibilities.

  12. J says:

    It isn’t about money. When my parents grew up, they didn’t have money, but they were still taught how to behave. We make sacrifices to live in a nice community and we should keep it nice by not tolerating this kind of behavior. We see the results when such behavior is tolerated and we read about about it in the crime reports. Then, everyone wonders why some places are hellholes. It starts with the basics.

  13. Joe says:

    Rich people in Bronxville are scared of minorities roaming about freely. They are notoriously racist and are accostomed to controlling minorities as hired help.

    1. Tom says:

      Oh, 75-125 teenagers roaming about is “normal”? And I don’t recall seeing anything about minorities in this article. Could it be that YOU are the racist for assuming this?

    2. lulu says:

      What a bogus comment. I’ve seen big groups of teens around town and the troublemakers are white kids. Not necessarily poor ones either. So wise up.

      1. b says:

        how can you tell rich from poor they all dress the same like slobs

    3. bill down says:

      You’re the racist. Nothing was mentioned about race in the report. I guess you like pre-judging people based on where they live. I’ll guarantee you’d be up-in-arms if someone labeled you based on where you live. Grow up

    4. bob says:

      And your point is ? people worked hard to live here we dont want to live in a crap hole …..

  14. gm says:

    “How about a curfew for unaccompanied minors after 6pm? If they break it, arrest them.”

    I like that idea!

  15. Bill says:

    Awe poor little rich people….This goes on in every neighborhood in NYC,

  16. J says:

    How about a curfew for unaccompanied minors after 6pm? If they break it, arrest them. We have to find a way to make it less appealing to be in Bronxville than somewhere else.


    1. Bruce says:

      Six o’clock? It’s not even beginning to get dark. I guess you never had children.

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