Giuliani: Ground Zero Mosque Building More Hatred

In Rare Instance, Former NYC Mayor, Governor In Agreement

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) —  The imam of the so-called ground zero mosque started his government sponsored tour of the Middle East on Thursday as former Mayor Rudy Giuliani became the latest to suggest a location switch.

CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports Democrat David Paterson and Republican Giuliani have rarely agreed on much, but they have found common ground when it comes to the mosque.

“I think Gov. Paterson had the best approach here. Nice compromise, find another place,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani, who led New York City through 9/11, challenged the mosque’s imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, to think seriously about a site switch.

“If he is truly about healing he will not go forward with this project because this project is not healing. This project is divisive. This project is creating tremendous pain to people who have already paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Giuliani said.

But while Gov. Paterson said he began preliminary talks with one of the mosque planners on Wednesday, it is clear that no serious talks can begin until the imam returns from his $16,000 State Department-sponsored trip to the Middle East. Critics are worried the imam will try to fundraise there now. The State Department has said he can’t.

“Every indication from the attorney general’s report is that they have $180,000. It’s a $100 million project and then where is that money coming from?” Giuliani said.

Paterson said that he will try to convince mosque developer Sharif el-Gamal and others that moving the mosque in some kind of land swap with another developer in the area will be historic.

“What we would like to do is promote some ethnic and cultural understanding even before the first brick of the building is laid,” Paterson said.

The governor also deflected concerns about giving the mosque state land.

“Not-for-profits that are run by churches receive state resources all the time,” the governor said.

Right now the imam is in Bahrain and he will move on to other Middle East destinations over the next two weeks. This is his fourth U.S. government-sponsored trip to the area. He went twice during the Bush administration, and he made another trip earlier this year.

  • Humood

    Only in your heart Giuliani and the like of U.

  • Tubbyt

    Heres my idea:
    Instead of a bitter war, so to say, let’s build the Freedom Towers bigger and better than the WTC. (I know not realistic right now) And let’s put a Mosque in each tower. One on the bottom and another on the top…and since they are called the “Freedom” Towers and we have “freedom” of religion in the USA, lets have an entire floor dedicated to our major religions. Heck, it would be like the U.N building but instead we be dedicating a floor to a Synagogue, Hindu Temple, Mosque and Catholic Church. The Freedom towers could not be a target because we be representing ALL people. What do you think of that, protesters????

  • Damon F.

    Yeah, how dare anyone think of putting a community center in private property that they rightfully own. I mean it used to be a Burlington Coat Factory, for christ’s sake. How dare they take over our abandoned Burlington Coat Factories? That’s exactly what they did when they invaded Morocco back in the 1300s. Luckily, the Moroccans didn’t need coats in that climate, but what about our poor Manhattanites? They could freeze to death someday unless we leave this abandoned building that can’t be seen from the WTC site alone so hopefully one day, BCF, or at least another fine hosier can return and provide the frigid masses with proper garments to survive in the depths of a New York winter. They could theoretically inhabit one of the many other abandoned buildings in the area, but what if those are already filled with Hindu community centers? What will we do then?

  • Danielle

    Mayor B did not walk the streets like Mayor G did on 9/11. Let’s not forget. Americans need to be more cautious now especially with the birth of “home grown” terrorists who are muslim. Move this mosque to another site.

    • Jacob

      You know who also walked the streets on 9/11? The 70 Muslim families whom lost loved ones in this tragic incident. And no, they are not terrorists. Let’s start thinking logically here.

  • mary

    What is the population of Muslim people that live & work in this area that they have to have their mosque here?

  • max

    What a bunch of hipocritical whiney losers Americans are.

  • David

    I think that’s it’s great to build the mosque there. Muslims have the right to build it there. We as Americans need to forget 9/11 and move on. This mosque will only bring peace to the neighborhood. The Jews own century 21 and make a killing on tourists, the Christians have their church so let the Muslims also have their mosque.

  • Imran

    Jon, plz let me correct you, pleople didn’t die that day on the name of Islam they died on the name of terror. Just like Jews where murdered in nazi camps didn’t died on the name of christianity.

    I agreed with regarding being sensitive to the feelings of the famililes who lost loved ones, but we are not so sensitive to the feelings of muslims when it comes to making fun of their religious figures. Than we play our freedom card, freedom of expression, freedom speach…. etc. Why not extend the same freedom them this time around?

  • Sal

    I agree with sherri, a night club would be more appropriate near the site. Oh but there few already in the vicinity.

  • Jon

    there has been a lot of talk about “sensitivity” on this issue and, unfortunately, far too many politicians have gone out of their way to bow to the desire of those who want to see the mosque built, which is quite troubling. It is one thing to be politically correct, it is quite another to be politically blind. One cannot discount or ignore that it is a pattern of practice for Muslims to build mosques on “conquered” ground but, even that is not the issue. Nor is the very valid concern about where the $100 million is coming from. If the issue is one of “sensitivity”, then why are only the opponents being urged to be sensitive of the rights of those who want to build the mosque there? Do they have the “right”, yes. Is it right, no. Why is it that those who want to erect the mosque there are not being urged to be sensitive to the feelings of not only the famililes who lost loved ones in the name of Islam on that day? Why are they not being asked to be sensitive to the fact that it is troubling to many Americans for many reasons to have a mosque there? Are we that afraid of offending muslims for fear of atrocious reprocussions? If so, the answer should be more clear. Giuliani is right. It is divisive and they should knock it off!

  • Jagdish


  • Alice J

    Moderate Muslims agree the Mosque/Cultural Center should not be built there.

    While legal it isn’t sensitive to the families of those souls murdered by radicals on 9/11.

  • jerry

    no mosque , no good

  • Sherri

    It should not be built so close to where thousands died and many more are feeling the after effects. Not right at all. Hey, here is an idea, why don’t we go over there and bomb the temples they have and then turn around and build a Christian church? How well do you think that will go over?

  • Washington

    If my kids were caught shoplifting and put on TV, i would not show up on an interview without a brown bag over my face…AHAHA
    like Rick James said, DARKNESSSSS! thats what Rudy’s life is, darknesssss….divorced due to small peepee, a fornicating wife who divorced him, shoplifting kids…a generation of f*k ups….

  • Keef

    At least the Republicans get to keep their Strip Clubs at Ground Zero.

  • Jewliani

    Just let Rudy’s kids loose to the muslim markets such as in flushing & jackson heights…im sure Rudys kids will rob them blind and they wont have rest of the money for the mosque. Rudys kids are expert shoplifters…

  • moga

    Shouldnt Gooliani be looking out for his kids before they steal again?

  • chad hennings

    Wasn’t it American men that shot up an Abortion Clinic and tried BLOWING up The Olympics in Atlanta…all in the name of a higher power???
    How easily we forget.
    Should I get any opposition to not build a Church near these sites??
    It is obviously more appropriate to have 2 strip clubs, an Adult Video store and Century 21 as well as numerous street vendors making $$ off images of the Towers.

  • willie

    9/11 caused by Bin Laden and his group, Bin Laden was supported by the USA against Russians, he became a monster and attacked the USA…why do you expect Muslims to pay for what ha had done? shouldn’t the US government pick up the tab on this one…

    It pays to think…

  • Nemesis

    Let them build their mosques on other MOONS and planets! There are over 170 moons to build on, and LAND IS FREE. NO taxes, no mortgages, no water bills, no maintenance fees, no real estate assessments, no rents, NO TICKETS, no diseases, NO FLOODS, no hurricanes, no tornadoes, NO PRISONS. Ahhh, can you say UTOPIA?

  • Mike

    The ignorance on display here is simply stunning. The government can’t say a damn word to these people because of the first amendment. Private individuals should have the class not to protest the building of a house of worship at a legal location because of the spirit of the first amendment. Since so many people are determined to be bad Americans and protest this buildings, I add the following facts. First, you have fallen for a right-wing snowjob you mouth breathing examples of the lowest common denominator: the location is two blocks away and not visible form the nearest point of the ground zero area. Second, in what way, you mindless rightwing followers, do you connect these muslims with the perpetrators of the attack? If you can do this based only on the fact that they share a broad description of their faith, then each and every Christian is responsible for Irish terrorism and the crusades.

  • angela

    no mosque in the city either!



    • Josh

      Hi Ginger lets go build a synagogue in vatican city…….

  • Willie

    “We Americans” you say?

    Republicans hate Democrats
    Straights hate gays
    Legals hate illegals
    Whites hate Blacks
    Non Muslims hate Muslims
    …and vice versus…

    United we stand…huh…

    Straight to self-destruction…

  • jme

    so print my comments. are you afraid to. the guy is a terrorist and is getting $$$ from terrorists to build the mosque.

  • Willie

    Why should Muslims pay for something a few have done, do we punish the Americans for slavery or bombing Afro-American Churches?
    Or Vietnam, or Iraq etc…etc…

    If Muslims are to cause you harm…they don’t need to pinpoint where they’re doing it, it pays to think, doesn’t it?

    • Madelyn

      This group is not moderate-as they claim to be.
      They have an imam who supports and is endorsed by hamas.
      They plan to open on the 10th anniversay of 911 attack & they say thet we are responsible for the attack.
      They want sharis law.

  • jme

    I haven’t said that before – you only print what you want to print. this guy is collecting cash for the mosque from terrorists.

  • jme

    they only have $180,000 for the Mosque. what do you think this guy is doing in the Middle East not promoting bonds between Muslims and the rest of the world, he’s collecting funds from terrorists and i’m sure bin Laden for this Mosque. wake up and smell the terrorists America before it’s too late.

  • Jeff Marshall

    Governor Paterson should go “Gentle into the Night.” Minorities have fought and died in this country to be able to live and worship where they want, and now this idiot wants to turn the clock back.

  • gene b

    I am in agreement with JR. Providing state land is a violation of the separation of church and state argument, right?

  • Nicole

    Picking a location that is as close to ground zero as possible, causing a tremedous degree of pain and disrespect, all the while proclaiming to be a peaceful outreach group.
    I don’t believe for a moment that they are sincer at all; their refusal to move tells me all I need to know.

    • George

      Thank you for that! I will always remember getting home at 1:45 PM that day, after they evacuated my building and I had to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get home. I turned on my TV to get the news and saw Muslim women & children in Palestine, going nuts in the streets over the news! It made them so happy! They can all rot!

      • Nicole

        yes, I remember that day all too well…came home to see towers fall & plane crash into the Pentagon.
        I really thought it was the end of the world.
        This city and country was thoroughly terrorized and this groups dubious background & Imam do not give me reason to trust them in the least.

        I still remeber.

  • Marie

    Rudy was actually there, and he is one of the few politicians that can actually say that. On the scene, live and in person, supporting the people of this city-not like bloomberg, aho after only 9 yrs says things like “well 911 will always have a place in our hearts, but they must build this mosque here”
    Let him run for mayor again here & I will happily vote for him.

  • ray

    Its all about money!!!!!!! sorry, but when Giuliani talks about healing, it does not make any sense. Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11. in other words, muslims in USA had nothing to do with it. So why take away their freedom of building anywhere. Back to Giuliani, he did not get his share from the money that was paid to get the approval on the site.

  • Harold Hartsock

    Are you prejudice of a religious entity in this location? This is a country for freedom of religion and speech.Construction must be permitted otherwise we have no freedom of religion and perhaps speech is denied next.

    • Nicole

      200+ mosques in nyc alone…..who’s stopping freedom of religion for muslims?

      why does it have to be here & why does it have to open on 9/11/2011?

      why does their support of hamas not concern you?

      • dil

        you need some good sex!

    • chargirl

      I think they took away the freedom of nearly 3000 people….I think one mosque won’t matter..there are over 200 in the city. This is just salt in the wound.

  • DanTe

    So when is Pelozi and her brown shirts going to round up the backers of the anti-mosque campaign that she’s hunting for? You know, the Americans? These liberals sure have a huge problem with Americans. Islam is so much better for them.

    • marie

      Better to be silent, and thought a fool,
      than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      What an eliitist

    • Marie

      here here Dante!

      She is an elitist idiot…
      Better to keep silent and thought a fool,
      thank to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • Connie

    I do not think the building should be built near the site. I think it looks like victory for the muslims. It is too painful for the families to be reminded.

  • JR

    If state land is involved, doesn’t that violate the separation of church and state principle? I believe it does.

  • sinjin405

    Continuing the project will only create more anger and there will be no healing. The center should be built somewhere else.

    • connie

      I throughly agree with you. There are too many other sites available. Religious freedom and painful memories are two separate things.

  • as


  • David

    Okay. Religious freedom no matter what.

    Let’s say that the Holy Mosque in Mecca was demolished by a Hezbala bomb. Then the Mosque was replaced by a synagog. Millions of muslims will now bow to the East, a Temple in Mecca. No problem with that, right?

    • ray

      you are stupid, why Hezbala would bomb Mecca????? however, its is known that in Mecca no religious buildings will ever be build except for muslims.

      • I

        Same goes for vatican city………….. double standards or else ?

      • Nicole

        There is in fact a mosque in vatican city.

    • R

      This makes no sense what so ever. Why do they allow people like you to browse the internet?

      • George

        Err, because the US Constitutions allows it!

    • Imran

      David, would allow muslims to build a mosque in vatican city? You see thats where you draw a line which should be respected by others.

      Building a mosque near ground zero may not be a good idea if it is going to anger and pain. Would you please extend the same courtesy to muslims when cartoons are made off of their religous figures?

  • Tim Preseau

    Unwise. Might as well build a rifle range across the street from Columbine.

  • nana

    Giuliani you couldn’t had said it any better, they want to pray in peace and we want peace form that awful day, not a reminder.who do they think they are, we remember when they were all cheering in Brooklyn on that awful day 9-11, and no politican or news media made a big deal about it, right in our own backyards, do we so easily forget who were the victims and who we are suppose to honor.and have regards for their RIGHTS.

    • Imran

      nana, no news media made a big deal about peolple cheering in NJ either, they also didn’t make a big deal about USS Liberty, they also didn’t make a big deal about US girl run over by a tank, they also didn’t make a big deal about selling US secrets to Russia, they ………… where would you like me to stop and ask media why ?

      • Joel


    • danielle

      Thanks Nana, I am a Brooklynite and I too witnessed the cheering on that fateful day. Americans need to KNOW who lives here.



    • mitchell

      i think that this is totally outrageous. barrack Obama is definitely not an American if he wants a mosque built near the world trade center 9/11 site, where many Americans lost their lives, not just Americans but people from other countries lost they’re lives as well. i think this is a disgrace to AMERICA, and AMERICANS, and to the families of the fallen victims of that day.

      • MikeI

        I hope that it’s my sarcasm detector that’s faulty and that you don’t actually mean what you’ve written. It is most American of us to have the mosque built at that location – if we trample constitutional rights (remember freedom of religion?) because some are offended, then the terrorists have won.
        It would also be good to remember a some items::
        1. Some of the victims of 9/11 were Moslems.
        2. Not all terrorists are non-Christian, remember Oklahoma City? Should there be a limit on how close Christian churches can be to government buildings?

      • Joel

        It’s not a mosque, fools. You didn’t scream when Bernie Kerik was diddling his girlfriend in the apartment reserved for ground zero workers.

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