Former Brooklyn and Northern NJ resident Wyclef Jean wants to be his native Haiti’s next president. But it looks like there are some of his countrymen who want none of that nonsense. Apparently, shortly after ‘Clef announced his plans to run for office, he started receiving death threats that told him to leave the country, according to a post on

The ex Fugees member has since moved to a secret location in Haiti and now has to wait to find out if the country will actually approve his candidacy bid, since questions about him meeting the residency requirements are still flying around.

The Haitian Constitution says candidates must live in the country for five consecutive years prior to an election, which he hasn’t. But, like all celebrities, he feels he deserves special treatment because of his ambassadorship 2007, which he feel excuses him from the requirement.

“We await the CEP decision but the laws of the Haitian Constitution must be respected,” Jean said via e-mail.

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