Hoboken Gets Smart About Parking

NEW JERSEY (1010 WINS) — There will soon be a few more spots to park in Hoboken as the city gets ready to switch out decades-old meters with cutting-edge multi-space meters.

Ten new meters will substitute the 90 single-space meters currently in place on the east side of Washington Street between Observer Highway and 8th Street.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer says the new meters will create twenty additional parking spaces in the city and reduce street clutter.

The meters are also more convenient for drivers providing them with more payment options including credit cards and coins. They could also be programmed to accept smart cards in the future.

The meters are also equipped with vandal-resistant hardware and solar panels — which makes them environmentally-friendly since there won’t be any need to replace batteries on a weekly basis.

The roll-out of the new meters is expected to be completed within a week.


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  1. Samantha Puckett says:

    @Wax – You’re not alone. I was wondering the same thing.

  2. Wax says:

    Hi. I’m confused, how would new parking meters have any effect on more parking spots,I wish someone would expain how to me. Thank you

    1. b says:

      The old meters were for specific spots. One meter for each spot. Those spots were often much larger than they needed to be for the cars parked in them. Now, the new meters are for the entire block (one meter for one whole block). So theoretically you can squeeze more cars into each block since the spaces will not be individually defined. Of course now it will be easier for some one to take up more space than they need.

    2. Louis Verrone says:

      Come on! They’re going to add 20 more parking spots in the city. lol

      This will help Hoboken’s parking nightmare a lot I’m sure.

  3. robert says:

    They already have these meters around.
    And they are HORRIBLE. There are lots of direction all over,but you are pressured with a time meter to figure out what you want to do. I am an intelegent guy,and it is confusing. The other people who were there when I was also were scratching their heads. Go ahead and try to put in a credit card and stay for only an hour. Or if you only have cash and need change this machine did not give change.

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