Report: Bedbugs Found In Basement Of ESB

NEW YORK (AP) — It survived the Depression, a bomber crash and King Kong’s climb, but can the Empire State Building withstand a bedbug infestation?

Officials say exterminators had to clean out an employee changing room in the tower’s basement after bedbugs were found there last week.

The officials tell The New York Daily News that an employee had the bedbugs on his clothes and brought them into the building, but that the problem is now under control.

Tourists visiting the skyscraper say they are disgusted by the bloodsucking pests.
Bedbugs have been discovered recently in New York City theaters, clothing stores, office buildings, housing projects and posh apartments.

The city fielded 11,000 complaints about bedbugs last year.

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  • Carol

    So what is being done about this.I don’t think that most people believe it or want to.

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  • nathan

    they were in a guys clothes in the basement. stop with the panic please media

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