Steinbrenner Monument To Be Unveiled

NEW YORK (AP) — A monument to George Steinbrenner will be dedicated at Yankee Stadium next month.

The late New York Yankees owner will be remembered with the seventh memorial at the ballpark’s famed Monument Park. The tribute is set for Sept. 20 before the Yankees host the Tampa Bay Rays.

His family issued a statement Tuesday saying the monument will reflect Steinbrenner’s appreciation for all Yankees fans.

The six monuments now at Yankee Stadium honor Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Miller Huggins and the victims and heroes of Sept. 11.

Statement from the family of George M. Steinbrenner III:

“We remain profoundly grateful and touched by the many expressions of sympathy and support from so many. We wish to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and prayers, which we continue to hold close. We are especially appreciative that our family’s privacy was respected as we grieved the loss of George.

We know we will always share George’s memory with Yankees fans everywhere, and a monument in his honor to be located in Monument Park will reflect the special connection, appreciation and responsibility that George felt for New York Yankees’ fans everywhere as they were always uppermost in his mind.”

  • Joe-wille

    Crooks help crooks: The “boss” got caught and banned from baseball the 1sttime giving Nixon $$$ under the table then years later Reagen pardons him…some Country club?

  • Hector

    Hey Greg, was George also reposible for the prices of the Jets & Giants tickets? they have gone gone up sky high as well, unaffordable for everyone. How about going to see a movie, prices are now are $15.00 a ticket, $20.00 at some other places. Is George responsible for that as well? Everything has gone up Greg, at least George gave you a great produce where you knew the chances of the Yankees winning was there and still is and that’s a bargain at any price.

    • Greg

      You missed the point Hector. The price of bread has gone up as well.

  • Davie

    This is an example of idolatry a practice strictly forbidden by the bible.

  • Greg

    I know Mr. S was a huge fan of his team and a great supporter of the sport.
    However, I am not a fan of the fact that he single handedly turned an affordable family sporting event into something only the rich can attend. For that he gets a thumbs down.

  • Brad

    While I was not always a fan of Mr. Steinbrenner’s methods, he cared and tried hard for the Yankees and their fans and for that he will always be fondly remembered.

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