Controlling The Deer Population Costs A Lot In Fairfield

FAIRFIELD, CT (WCBS 880) –  A new study shows that taking a unified approach to controlling the deer population throughout Fairfield County would be the most effective means.

LISTEN: WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau reports

The study shows that towns are spending millions on their own trying to cull the herds.

In Wilton, for example, Pat Sesto, director of environmental affairs, says the town expense is huge.

She tells WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau that, “Wilton, for example, which is a community of about 18,000, we spend over $6 million a year on fencing and repellants and deer and tick control.”

Sesto says a statewide approach would reduce town by town costs dramatically.

She says that, in Wilton, 1,400 deer need to be culled.

Topping the list for expenses was the town of Fairfield, which spent spent $17 million trying to keep its deer population under control.

  • Ed

    If anybody needs deer hunted in their property, contact me. My 2 sons and I have been proficiency certified (100% accuracy shots on deer) and back ground checked by a Fairfield police department. We have over 40 years combined hunting experience and a 100% safety record.

  • Ed


    feed it prissioners my ass. Venison tenderloins are $32 a pound. I’ll take it!!

  • Joe

    Misinformed article. Bow hunting is allowed in certain towns of Fairfield County. Who wrote this? A high school jounalism intern? Get the facts.

  • Kevin

    The lawyers would rather hit them with thier nice cars or have them die of diseases…

  • boss

    make them to burgers…..1/2 the price of chicken burgers……

  • Lou Harrell

    I live in N. C. and if you would pay my expenses (which would be a lot less) to come up there to hunt with my bow for two weeks I could put a serious dent in your problem and at the same time feed a lot of pwople.

  • panais

    Just look some 300 years back. The Natives didn’t even see it on the news. Natural insticts. And make some movies about it, no plot needed.

  • TWT

    Harvest the deer and feed them to prisoners.

  • flexo7

    Let the Pennsylvania Game Commission come up there. These idiots will wipe them out there just as they are here in Pennsylvania!!!

  • Joe Rooney

    Just shoot the damn things. If no bows allowed…shotguns will do just fine. Round them up into open areas and then knock em down. Send meat to the poor!

  • DT

    Bow Season.

  • Rick

    If these people had half a brain, they could have a special permit Antlerless deer hunt and generate a profit instead of paying to cull the herd. The hunters would be more than willing to purchase an additional permit. Besides it is scientific fact that there is no way to manage a free range herd by use of contraceptives, etc. It is also a scientific fact that the only effective way to reduce the herd is through proven management techniques that involves hunting

  • Brown Deer

    Control the deer population or maybe stop building in every nook and cranny and every forest. More like control the human beings who destroy the deer territory.

  • Dean


  • Chris Roy

    I agree I am trying to feed my family here in Maine and can’t see a cullable deer to save our lives!!! Send them here right now!!!

  • dufus

    Something tells me it’s not the deer population that needs to be culled.

  • Ming the merciless

    No bow hunters in Conn.?
    Oh yes plenty of lawers though.

  • lawrence

    have the cities contact me and for a fraction of the cost listed, I can solve their problems. reply to ad for further instructions.

    • jamesmullins

      I will come hunt wiht you….

  • Kathi

    Would it be less costly to round them all up twice a year,truck them to a big farm somewhere and let the hunters have a go?

    • Ed


      have you ever try to catch a deer?

      also, no hunter would take part of “having a go” at fenced deer at a farm.

  • Roy

    Whose pocket did that money go into?

    • Ed

      Its not who’s pocket it went into, it is who’s pockets it went out of.

      Tha’s money out of home owners pockets having to fence their property, replace plants eaten by deer and also deductibles on car insurance when you hit a deer and get $4,000 in damage. Also, insurance premiums are higher.

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