Salary Of Clarkstown, N.Y.’s Top Cop More Than $300,000

Police Chief Noonan Is Highest Paid Municipal Employee In State

CLARKSTOWN, N.Y. (CBS 2) —  The salary of a Rockland County police chief is drawing a great deal of attention from members of his community.

According to a new report, Clarkstown Police Chief Peter Noonan is the highest paid municipal employee in New York State — earning just over $301,000 last year.

“I think it’s out of control. I really do,” resident Vaughn Graham told CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport.

“I wish I was the police chief…that’s what I think,” said Jennifer Henion.

“It’s just a terrible, terrible shame,” said Alan Albert.

While Clarkstown has been rated one of the safest towns in America, Noonan’s salary dwarfs that of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, who earns around $200,000, according to police sources.

Noonan leads a police force of around 170 officers, while Kelly commands approximately 35,000.

“I congratulate him…I’m sure it’s well deserved,” Kelly chuckled when asked what he thought at a press conference.

CBS 2 tried to reach out to Noonan Friday, but was told he was on vacation.

The earnings report also said Westchester County had the highest average municipal salaries in the state.


One Comment

  1. wensday says:

    Too bad everyone forgets about how most law enforcement is GROSSLY underpaid…

  2. thegratefuldad says:

    Fold ALL Rockland County Police into one police force.

    not seperate ones for each town. This is ridiculous.

    If this was done, I may not get nausea over the salaries of the Police.chief.

    Is this an idea htat’s been discussed? WHy is it not being done?

  3. Phrozen1 says:

    I too agree that his salary seems to high and out of control, but we have become accustomed to complaining about things we don’tunderstand. Just looking at numbers most of us are speaking out of envy. People that work in jobs less significant make more than that as bonuses. Maybe we should wake up and realize that we want professionals in important jobs to be focused and paid well to ensure that. Do we want stressed undepaid cops more concerned about paying their mortgage or relaxed, inspired, and accountable professionals.

  4. Night Nurse says:

    As a person who lives in “the safest town” I must say the Clarkstown PD does a good job keeping its locals safe. I must prempt this & say I am NOT a cop, don’t trust most cops, but…. Chief Noonan’s salary is crazy, but it is taken out of context. Before you all pass half-witted judgments look at the data! Rockland County, NY is expensive. Taxes are high. Schools in Clarkstown are excellent (one of the selling points for homes). Crime rates are low. And the list goes on. Police officers have to wait YEARS to get on the CPD payroll. I know NYPD cops who have tried >5yrs & still aren’t hired. I agree there is a great disparity between the salaries of NYPD & CPD, but that’s due to NYC bureaucratic BS! (FYI, Rockland Cty teachers get paid more too.). So, to those of you who have commented and feel he is overpaid – foolish! Here’s the deal- he’s a “public servant” who’s making more $ than most of us (me included), but he’s doing a great job. Don’t hate the player! Hate the game!! Or, stop complaining, get 2 jobs & move to Rockland (if u agree to be law-abiding). Really folks, isn’t there something else to complain about!?! What would u prefer? A poorly paid Chief in a county overrun with criminals??? Really now!

    1. Booradley says:

      This post is ridiculous. Being from Rockland the first thing I can tell you is that it is a very safe area and great community for raising a family. This does not come as a result of the police force in the area. Rockland is fortunate enough to exhibit steady and higher than most areas median family incomes. The public schools are good as well as the private schools in the area. The reason it is safe is because the community is comprised of hard working families not crackdens full of criminals as you see in many impoverished areas. Paying the police less in Rockland would not lead to exponential growth in crime. Criminals will not start moving in all of sudden once they hear cops in Rockland had a pay cut. These safe communities will continue to exist so long as hard working families wish to live in Rockland. If keeping the community safe means breaking up high school drinking parties and the occasional pot smokers than I guess your right. I never knew that those type of duties needed a six figure salary. The sad thing is that their high salaries come from our taxes, when the real thing keeping the community safe is the presence of the hard working families themselves.

  5. DanTe says:

    You’re the idiots who voted for that. Maybe You should be investigated for gross stupidity and thrown in jail.

  6. Joseph Rotter says:

    If you live in a safety town, it means that he’s doing with his cops a good work.
    I would pay it to be safe with my family in any place.

  7. me says:

    amazing when you think of the kick backs he can possibly rack in on the side as well.. seriously how do you then judge performance.

  8. Cricket says:

    That sounds like a ‘blue crime.’

  9. mohdhanifah says:

    Compared to what CEO’s in America are paid, this is peanuts. SO, why complain.

  10. Billy Bloom says:

    Wqw, one of the safest towns in America… Sounds like the man earned his salary,

  11. pete says:

    It’s time to either outsource his job or let him go and promote someone below him who is making much less than he is.

    There are so many qualified and skilled men and women who are capable of doing the same job as he does, but at a fraction of the cost. I’m glad that I don’t living in Rockland county as the taxes would kill me!!

  12. Mark says:

    Shame on the Elected Officials who approved his salery and raises whiched allowed it to reach that level.

  13. Bill says:

    His salary is outragous.

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