Fantasy Phenom Announced

Congratulations to Gregg Sussman of Manalapan, New Jersey, winner of WFAN’s first Fantasy Phenom Challenge, presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.

LISTEN: Gregg Sussman on his win, with Joe & Evan and Mike Francesa

Gregg beat out four other finalists who were chosen from over 2,000 fans and loyal listeners who showed up at the auditions. Tryouts were held at area malls this July, as well as at local Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants throughout New York and New Jersey. The opening round of candidates were narrowed down to 50 semi-finalists and eventually to the five finalists. The semi-finals were also held at area Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants.

As the Fantasy Phenom winner Gregg will have the opportunity to host a once-a-week radio program for one year on WFAN Sports Radio 66.

Gregg is a recent graduate of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. He has worked as an Assistant Sports Director, Talk Show Director, and Broadcaster at WMUC Sports in College Park, Maryland.

WFAN would like to thank the thousands of listeners and potential broadcasters who participated in our Fantasy Phenom Challenge.

Watch Gregg’s winning performance:

csb Fantasy Phenom Announced


One Comment

  1. Laroy Jonez says:

    Actually if you want to talk racism, how come Tony page is the only one who takes calls from wino homeless black guys on overnights? Why don’t they call during the day??????

  2. jono says:

    Tony Paige and Mike Francesa: famous Jews. You people are idiotic.

  3. Eric says:

    Wow, I didn’t know there was more Turturro brothers. Or maybe that’s just Nick trying out a new career after failing in Hollywood. Terrible voice, flubbed numerous times in an unoriginal, uninspired rant and this whole thing was a setup and waste of time.

  4. robert hayes says:

    Sussman…..hmmm… are Jewish guys the only ones allowed on the FAN?!

    1. Harry says:

      Funny you say that Robert, About 20 years ago when I graduated college I put my resume in to ESPN and I remember someone telling me not to bother because they will only hire you if you are Jewish.

      Sounds like reverse discrimination to me, but God forbid we say anything.

  5. The Mouth of the South says:

    Everyone here,

    Greg did an excellent job here in the finals. Im not here to blow smoke up anyones behind, im just speaking the truth. He won and he deserved to win. Im glad WFAN gave this opportunity to a young kid with talent. So what his voice isnt the most soothing thing you’ve ever heard. That voice delivered an excellent rant with great points and facts to back them up. He’s good, damn good. This was anyone’s competition once it hit the final 50. We all were good save a few people, however, he obviously was THE FANS CHOICE. He won the voting and the judges approval. So good on you Greg. Congratulations, you deserve it bro.

    With Much Respect,

    John “Mouth of The South” Schiavone

  6. dabooch says:

    Gregg be natural, that’s the key. People’s ears don’t lie, they know when your having fun just saying what is on your mind.

  7. MartyT says:

    Congratulations Gregg as I enjoyed your enthusiasm From a person who always wanted to be a radio dj but only did it in college I envy you and wish you the best of luck.
    When you make Mushnicks and Raissmans columns you will know you hit it big

  8. PaulieEastside says:

    Can we all just agreet that they should ban Ralph from Manhattan?

  9. phillatio says:

    is there any way i can hear white plains al’s broadcast in the phenom segmennt..too bad al lost to a guy who’s younger than robert evans..but he deserves a “10” for trying

  10. AMAZINZZ says:

    Forget phenoms. Bring Sid back from Miami. deepsix Carton

    1. philatio says:

      carton just got a 3 year contract with msg and the fan so he going no where..maybe sid can team with francesa or the shmoozer..that would be fun..the juicer and the shmoozer on the faaaan sports radio 66 wfan new yooork..or replace juicer with the spooner

  11. rvd says:

    Awful voice. Not good for radio at all. Hopefully it’s only one year then he can go work at another station.

  12. k b blackistone says:

    Way to go Gregg!!!!!!!

    Kevin Blackistone

  13. DR says:

    Another Yankee hater, he’ll fit right in on the FAN. Terrible voice and he flubbed about 5x in 2min……geez. This guy stinks on ice.

    1. Warren says:

      Funny, another moron who didn’t listen to the interview on the radio yesterday making a stupid comment. Listen to Gregg’s interview with Joe Evan and Mike from yesterday and tell us again if he is a Yankee hater. It’s his favorite team. WAKE UP!!

  14. Sharon & Eric S. says:

    Great going Gregg….we thought you were the best. Can’t figure out why some people have negative comments. We voted for the best…guess they were voting for their friends. Congratulations on a brilliant performance!

  15. Tank says:

    Sussman>Craig Cart00n

  16. Joel says:

    This guys has prior experience in the journalism and broadcasting from his dealing when in college. I watched, this guy tries wayyyy to hard to be a Francesa or a Carton you can hear it. They made the wrong choice if you ask me.



  18. AL from Seattle says:

    Such BS…Al from White Plains got hosed and I blame that weasel Beningo for it!!!

    1. rob01066 says:

      Al from White Plains stinks and good job beningo

  19. Gary from Mahopac says:

    Al from White Plains got robbed !!!!

  20. antony says:

    Mike from Melville NOBODY and I repeat NOBODY gives a rats rear end about hockey

    and as for this Dude Gregg..give him a shot..most of the hosts on WFAN suck balls anyways

    Sommers and NEER are the worst of the bunch

  21. harris says:

    Man, some of you guys are harsh. Give the man a chance already!

  22. Jake says:

    Can’t really see this kid going anywhere… that voice is just terrible…

  23. PaulieEastside says:

    Wow, that voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

  24. Mike from Melville says:

    Great just what me and a lot of other listeners need, another arrogant Yankee fan that only wants to talk about baseball. Can’t WFAN hire someone that has at least a little knowledge of the only true sport left and that is NHL Hockey. The only sport that most guys would play for free because they love the game. There are many of us hockey fans that hate listening to the FAN sometimes because all they talk about is Boring Baseball.

  25. mark from stamford says:


    I wish to apologize for my previous comments at the wee hours of the morning. I must say my thoughts were rough, however, I do still have problems with some of the proceedings. All five gentleman were great. I thought the contest idea was wonderful, and I congratulate greg sussman on his win! I remain a big FAN!

    Mark From Stamford

  26. Brian says:

    Congrats Gregg! You really remind me of former wfan staffer Gregg Giannotti. Same radio style. Great job at Bar A and look forward to hearing you on the FAN soon!

  27. SHARON T says:

    Congratulations Gregg!! All of your hard work has paid off. Keep reaching for the stars!!
    As for all of you out there with your negative comments…….can’t you just be happy to see someone do well. If this was your son, would you want negative nasty things said about him. What happened to “The Golden Rule”
    Treat people the way you want to be treated.
    “GO GREGG”

  28. Ed Stover says:

    Nice job Gregg…like your style!!!

  29. Tony C says:

    Congratulations Gregg from all of your supporters and new twitter fans agreggsussman from NYC…we think you’ll do great!!

  30. tony M. General Grounds says:

    well done gregg, congrats from the boys at General Grounds, Manalapan

  31. Rob says:

    Don’t listen to the haters Gregg. I’ve been listening to the best (Mike Francesa) for 15 years so I know a little about what makes a good talk sports radio personality. You have what they call “it”. Everyone saw it, it was obvious from the start. Having some people who are so passionate about how awful you are will actually work out in your favor. In my opinion that’s a great thing. I wonder how many loyal listeners Mike has that claim to “hate him” but listen every day? For me, you rock the Fan. Good luck in all you do in the future.

  32. Fantasy Failure says:

    Thanks, but no thanks.. I’d rather listen to audio recordings of a dentist drilling cavities while crying babies run their nails down a chalkboard. Absolutely awful.

  33. FJOE53 says:

    Thomsen & Schmitty have no clue whats going on… This kid will be the NEXT BIG THING… It was really no contest. He beat the other 4 real easy, Best part is AL from white plains LOST out AGAIN… 1st to Joe b & now to Sussman. Give it up AL, your not good enough

  34. Double-R says:

    Gregg Crushed Al from white Plains… Congrats Look out Evan… theres a NEW YOUNG gun in TOWN!!!

  35. schmitty says:

    terrible radio voice

    1. Warren says:

      See above…or you try it… If you have nothing nice to say,, say nothing!

  36. John Thomsen says:

    I still don’t get it. Sorry. No sour grapes, just think the kid is horrible

    1. Warren says:

      And that my friend, is what makes horseracing.

  37. The Svider's says:

    Congrats Gregg…. I know there are two guys smiling down at you from up above….

  38. Rob Ericson says:

    congrats, you were my pick. good luck at he fan, and i cant wait to hear you.

  39. Larry,Howell,NJ says:

    Congratulations, can’t wait to be your first caller

  40. Ron Lenneberg says:

    Congrats Gregg. You had my vote. Looking forward to hearing you on The Fan.

  41. mike says:

    Al from white plains deserved to win it

    1. greg says:


  42. says:

    Gregg – well done.

  43. Susan and Jeff says:

    Congratulations Gregg! well deserved.. We will be listening!!

  44. Jones says:

    Yeah G Sus knew you could do it

    1. Dan Dawson says:

      You deserved the SPOT on the FAN!!! You EARNED it!!! Hope you have a long and successful career!!!

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