Hurricane Earl May Head Our Way; Tri-State Area Preps

SMITH POINT PARK, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Preparations for extreme weather are under way in the Tri-State area.

Hurricane Danielle is blamed for the rough surf at the Jersey Shore Monday – but the real concern is Hurricane Earl, already lashing away at Caribbean Nations, and headed in our direction.

Despite the bright blue skies, storms swirling offshore concealed threatening rip currents already created by Earl. Now, Long island residents are preparing for the rest of the week with dread – recalling recent hurricanes and nor’easters, which meant costly beach erosion, damaging winds, coastal flooding and dangerous seas and surf.

CBS New York’s Hurricane And Tropical Storm Guide

“We’ve had it before, with Gloria,” said Eris Filiberto, Manorville resident. “It’s done tremendous to Long Island. It could take away all our beaches. Could be looking at another Katrina.”

Nassau and Suffolk’s Offices of Emergency Management have begun their 120-hour hurricane window. Brochures are being mailed to addresses within a hurricane flood zone surge. Web sites outline evacuation instructions, with closest shelter locations.

“Code Red” is a new electronic alert sent to residents who sign up for the latest information on the storm’s path.

Suffolk Country executive Steve Levy said his county is working hard to prepare for the worst.

“Making sure our shelters are in place, our pet shelters are open,” he said.

Experts advise to prepare a “go-kit” with a change of clothes, a battery powered flashlight and radio, prescriptions and first aid, personal items and important documents packed in a duffle bag – just in case.

For more information on Code Red, click here.


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  1. jerry says:

    growing up on LI I never thought much of hurricane warnings even after Gloria. After moving to Florida and listening to the long time residents saying “no need to worry we haven’t been hit by a huricane since the 1960’s” and only 2 hours later sitting through hurricane Charlie, a strong cat 4, I learned prepare for the worse but hope for the best. I never thought a hurricane could cause as mush devisation as I witnessed. And this was after the forecaste was that it would remain offshore until further north.

  2. joe dewey says:

    Idiots. Can’t you read anything without thinking you need to comment? really, people are not sitting by the pc awaiting your every word. Sometimes it’s best to say nothing.

  3. h william ryan says:

    you all better stand up and take a look a lesson from florida i have learned to watch and listen

  4. jim masterson says:

    I’d rather face Earl, then Katie Couric. Shiverssssssss.

  5. Steve M. says:

    Gee, I’m not preparing with “dread”…really I’m not! In fact I’m not even preparing at all…… Get a perspective!

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