Investigator Agrees With Wrong-Way Crash Findings

NEW YORK (AP) — An investigator said he agrees with the medical examiner’s conclusions that a Long Island woman was drunk and high when she crashed her SUV and killed eight people.

Thomas Ruskin previously disputed the toxicology results and blamed Diane Schuler’s actions on a medical condition.

He said while he found no one who saw the West Babylon woman high at the time of the July 26, 2009 crash, he also found no evidence to dispute the ME’s findings.

Ruskin recently stopped working for the Schuler family he says because they reportedly have decided to sell the story of the crash to HBO.

The collision killed Schuler, her daughter, three nieces and three men in another vehicle.

It occurred on the Taconic State Parkway in the Town of Mount Pleasant.

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One Comment

  1. S. Holmes says:

    Sesseme Seed bagel would shake out as a joint

  2. S. Holmes says:

    The only scenario that makes sense is that the husband mixed his vodka with Iced Tea or lemonade and forget it at the camp. She was drinking as she drove not realizing it was spiked and got wasted.

    1. McGarrett says:

      Yo Holmes, that is not the only scenario. She got coffee and a large orange juice at McDonald’s. Vodka and orange juice is the scenario, and no doubt she is the one who mixed it. Did her husband also forget he left a lit joint in her mouth?

  3. McGarrett says:

    Five-O is onto you Danny Boy…… “Beat it, pal. I don’t dig snakes.”

  4. McGarrett says:

    Of course the party line is abandoned when no longer on the payroll. Paid liars are not very loyal. The house of cards is falling down. When will Danny tell the real truth? Where was he that thursday night? He lied to the police and in his press conference, only admitting he really got there Friday when the cops checked his ezpass. He knows what set Diane off but won’t admit it. What else does Ruskin know? Who was the wrong number guy from oyster bay that got called that morning? Who was diane talking to on Saturday night that phone records show? Lots of info still to come.

    1. Danny Boy says:

      Get off my (belch, toke…koff) back, McGarrett!

  5. Glen Danzig says:

    Oh dear, and she was such a nice alcoholic, too.

  6. Ahmed Omar says:

    Planted?? Is that a joke!! Who planted it !! The families of the people who your wife killed !! Or the cops!! You been married to her for years, please don’t say you have never noticed she lives by the bottle and she like to get high. God bless all the dead and thier sins shall be foregiven

  7. Mr. Schuler says:

    Hey (belch), my wife was not a drunk. I nevah seen her drunk. That vodka bottle was (braaaaap) planted there.

  8. jojo says:

    I am sure that any money the lowlife family of this idiiot who drives with kids drunk and high makes will eventually go to the family of the people who died. The family of this woman should not be able to capitalize on this horrible tragedy. Sham e on HBO.

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