WFAN’s and SI’s Jon Heyman is reporting that Yankees star Alex Rodriguez sent his longtime agent Scott Boras a letter saying he was parting ways with him.

The letter was sent about 45 days ago, and there has been no contact between the two since, sources say. It was first reported on USA Today’s Website and on that A-Rod left Boras, who represented him since he signed as a high school star out of Miami with the Seattle Mariners.

Hollywood agent Guy Oseary has been seen back in the company of Rodriguez in recent days, sources say, but it isn’t sure how he figures into the picture. Rodriguez’s new player agent isn’t known, if he indeed has one.

A-Rod met Oseary through Madonna, who uses Oseary as her agent. Oseary has advised A-Rod before.

A-Rod did more than $500 million worth of baseball contracts with Boras. The last contract that was done with Boras as his agent runs until A-Rod is 42, so he may not need someone to negotiate baseball deals for him. Boras’ role beyond negotiation is to work with players on enhancing their performance and keeping them fit. Rodriguez, on the disabled list with a calf injury, is expected back Sunday.

Jay Reisinger, a Pittsburgh attorney who advised A-Rod regarding the steroid accusation, and Washington D.C. lawyer Jim Sharp, will continue to provide legal duties but they are not replacing Boras as his baseball agent. Reisinger and Sharp represent A-Rod in the Anthony Galea case.

Rodriguez and Boras teamed up for two of the biggest contracts in sports history, a $252-million, 10-year deal with the Texas Rangers followed by a $275-million, 10-year deal with $30-million in home run plateau monies with the New York Yankees that became possible due to an “out’’ in the first contract after seven years.

Even though he has left Boras, Rodriguez is responsible for paying Boras the fee on the second contract, which has seven years remaining.

Update: Danielle Doll from Guy Oseary’s office says Oseary is his baseball agent but said, “We manage him. We represent him and manage him.”

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