Police ID Man Accused Of Shooting Jewish Patrol

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Residents in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn are shocked by a totally unexpected shooting Thursday night that left four members of the Jewish community patrol injured.

Members of the Shomrim – a licensed, unarmed community group that works with police – spotted a man exposing himself in his car to children, but when they went to grab him for police, he started firing.

The wild scene that erupted in Borough Park ended with the gunman, 33-year-old David Flores, in an ambulance. Police say he shot himself in the arm after members of Shomrim tried to wrestle his gun away.

The events on Thursday night, however, are part of a story that actually began the day before. According to Gadi Hershkop of the Shomrim, Flores was first seen exposing himself to children on Wednesday.

“As they saw him again, they blocked off the street, he couldn’t get anywhere,” Hershkop said. “As they came out of the cars to hold him for the cops, he took out the gun and started shooting randomly.”

“He’s been arrested previously for public lewdness, arrested for possession of a gun, arrested twice for robbery – he has a total of nine arrests,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

In trying to wrestle the gun from Flores, four members of the Shomrim were shot. Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who was at the scene Thursday night, noted all the children who could have been hit by random gunfire. He said the neighborhood needs an increased police presence.

“You know those good old patrolmen, they guys who walk the street, the guys who come around the community? I want to see them as often as I see traffic agents,” Assemblyman Hikind said.

Why would Assemblyman Hikind call for more foot patrols if he also said the local precinct does a good job? Because, he said, nothing is as effective a deterrent as cops in uniform walking the street.

Police say when the Shomrim patrol first spotted the suspect on Wednesday, he escaped by driving his car across two sidewalks.

Flores may be charged with public lewdness as well as attempted murder.

  • Roy

    bottom line,this is about a man carrying an illegal gun,and attempting to lure children……………nothing more nothing less…………lets all be happy he was apprehended,before he could do more harm!

    • steve

      Where did the article say it was an illegal gun? Right to bear arms. Heard of it? Self defense. Heard of it? Innocent until proven guilty. Heard of it? You better hope nobody makes an accusation about you, while not offering any actual evidence. The police should have been notified, and allowed to take action, not the local block watch group, which took action without the burden of actually verifying that the allocations were true.

  • Lee Kushner

    It’s a pity that people have nothing better to do than fight each other, over nothing, like this. The article sucks, the guy’s behavior sucks, and the Shomrim sound like they suck, too, as far as being self-righteous idiots.

  • Roy

    Let’s not forget the perp had the gun.Why was he carrying a weapon if he didn’t have intent to use it against,anyone including the police ,who might try to arrest him…forget who apprehended this low life,he was a danger to the community……………

  • Elliot Rosenberg

    One more trash taken off taken off the streets. Thanks to Brooklyn’s finest Shomrim Patrol Group. This perv was heavily armed and the unarmed Patrol Group was able to disarm him without incident. Mayor Bloomberg should honor these heroes.

  • steve

    Randy, Joey,

    Yes! I read the article, did you? The group received information that the man had been exposing himself. Was there any proof? I understand being concerned about your community, but we have ‘process of law’ for a reason. It’s easy to accuse a person of anything, that doesn’t make them guilty. Your x-lover could accuse you of this, do you want to be on the receiving end of a vigilantly group for that?

  • paul

    if a jew had something to do with it i dont believe any of it

    • paul

      come on dont be so ruff on me

    • deibon snook

      you’re an ignorant animal paul

  • Joey

    All I know is that the suspect was beaten to near death at the scene. If I was there, I would have come home with two broken shoes.

  • Steve

    Pinny: Shot himself? How do you know this? He was shot with his own gun, maybe. How do we know this? Why shoot him if he is disarmed? These questions could have been dispelled if the reporter/editor had simply included the relevant facts in the press release. That was my point. I was not attacking the ‘Shomrim’ group, I’m more concerned that the media left open a door for speculation, that could stir-up emotions, where they could have disclosed the facts and published a less, potentially, polarizing artical.

  • Sparrow

    My, my. In these comments we have a little microcosm of everything that’s wrong with the internet. Why, all we need is a good case of Godwin’s and we’ll be all set to go! Should be along any minute now. 5…4…3…2…

  • Tarado

    “Flores”….UNDOUBTEDLY another piece of HUMANGARBAGE Illegal Alien. The Jews should have CASTRATED this guy on the spot!!!

    • Deke218

      @Tarado: At one time your people were “another piece of HUMANGARBAGE Illegal Alien”. Too bad they weren’t “CASTRATED “.

  • sol roberts

    when will the jewish community stop re-electing legislators who adhere to the ACLU philosophy of fighting crime.

  • Pinny

    To: Steve – How did he get shot if Shomrim are unarmed? – He shot himself with his own gun in the struggle to subdue him!

  • steve

    If ‘Shomrim’ is a licensed, unarmed community group, how did Floris get shot in the arm? That would be worth including in the report.



  • Not my real name 'I've lefti it several times before'

    This site really sucks. I’ve tried to leave comments on several occations, but it either re-freshes before I can submit my comment, or the comment just seems to get lost.

  • Deibon Snook

    Hey Roberto, do you go around neighborhoods exposing yourself to little kids?

  • Deibon Snook

    Assault and terrorism for apprehending a pervert who was armed with a gun? Roberto, you are nothing but an ignorant perverted thug.

    I have an idea, why don’t the police release this pervert and set him on your kids and in your neighborhood.

  • Roberto

    Vigilantism shouldnever be tolerated. We are a nation of laws not men. That Jewish lynch mob shuld have been arrested and charged with assualt and terrorist attacdk.

    • randy

      What are you stupid, didn’t you read the story! The person was exposing himself to children in the area. These guys were protection their hood in a postive manner.

      • steve

        Yes! I read the article, did you? The group received information that the man had been exposing himself. Was there any proof? I understand being concerned about your community, but we have ‘process of law’ for a reason. It’s easy to accuse a person of anything, that doesn’t make them guilty. Your x-lover could accuse you of this, do you want to be on the receiving end of a vigilantly group for that?

        • Chris


          Read the article.

          Paragraph two: They saw him exposing himself in his car. He started firing when they went to grab him.

          Paragraph three: He shot himself.

    • Tomas

      That “Jewish lynch mob” is a licensed, unarmed group of residents protecting their neighborhood…David Flores had the gun, not them…Roberto you need to adjust your meds!

  • Torquemada

    And after that the christian and muslim patrols should receive weapons and it is going to be soo much fun!

  • CS

    They are the ones who help protect their neighborhoods from animals and losers like you.

  • David Cohen

    The Jewish patrol should be given firearms. They do a much better job than the police dept.

    • johnny b

      bunch of Jews with guns is definitely not an answer or even close to a solution. what are you smoking? so you think everybody who patrols the street should get a gun?

      • Edward

        Everyone who is not a convicted felon should be allowed to carry a concealed firearm on the streets. This would lead to a safer city, as well as a more polite city. If more people were armed, criminals would think twice before drawing a piece.

      • Tom

        David Flores had a gun…hmmmm

  • CGG

    you are an idiot

  • terrorist

    In the name of Allah the sovereign king

    TO: The White House
    FROM: Khalid bin Walid Martyrs Brigade /New York and Washington Unit

    The United States magical security seal is broken and Pentagon power depleted. The Kabalistic Jewish sorcerers at the Oval Office can no longer able to summon Satan at their secret sermons. Talks on talks cannot resurrect the mystic power of the evil nation.
    Thanks to our leaders, Yasser Arafat and Saddam Hussein, who sacrificed their soul and envisioned suicide warriors with deadly arsenal to be sent to New York and Washington, to encounter Jerusalem constructions and concrete walls, we are still dorminant deep in your territory determined to wait a deadline destined to Jewish communities’ determent as we create a chaotic world.
    Yet; the CIA cannot see suicide belts buried at Bronx and Central Park, let alone, the cyanide and isotope bombs resting in rears.
    By the way; Peace will only be to those who follow the footsteps of prophet Mohamed and believe that there is no god other than Allah and Mohamed is his messenger.

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