Free Sunday Parking’s A Memory On UWS

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — Say goodbye to free Sunday parking on the Upper West Side. Community Board 7 voted Tuesday night to charge for meter parking.

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Some residents in the area aren’t pleased.

“That’s not fair, it’s unreasonable,” one woman said.

In 2005, the City Council approved free Sunday parking in all five boroughs for people driving to church, but the Board concluded people on the Upper West Side usually walk to services.

Recent surveys of parked cars revealed spaces were often taken for up to six hours, leaving inadequate parking for visitors to museums, shops and restaurants. In addition, Community Board 7 member Marc Glazer said the Upper West Side has lost 1,000 parking spaces since 2007 — making it even harder for visitors to find a spot.

The City Council still must approve the measure.


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  1. Joe Parker says:

    Ok first JACK and MICHELLE, go to hell.
    Oh wait, you probably already are since you were doing something “constructive” like “visiting one of the museums” or not honoring a family tradition by attending the same church the family has attended for the last 85 years. But then again maybe you need to visit more museums so you can try to learn something, because only an ignorant person would make such a comment.
    How about being able to transport three elderly parishners church because they are unable to adequately walk to the church? If you don’t know what you are talking about you really should be quiet lest you demonstrate how little honor or value you truly have. Maybe before you comment on how or why someone goes to a particular church you should try attending one yourself.
    Second, this is only the action of an isolated community board and probably won’t pass the City Council considering it’s an election year as well as the expense required for producing new signs.
    Third, even if it does pass, the expense to pay the meters was not the issue, it was the time limit imposed on the meters. Having to come out and pump six quarters or more into a meter every hour became annoying. The muni-meters have resolved one of these problems by allowing you to pay with a credit card and not carry around rolls of quarters in your car. However these one hour parking limits are still a headache.
    And finally, this goes back to the antiquated and still unchanged law that states you are not allowed to add money to the meter. According to Title 34 of the Rules of the City of New York, Section 4-08(h)(5)(i), you are only allowed to park for one term of the maximum time period allowed at that location, then you are supposed to move your car, not put more money on the meter. Still think the parking system is not a joke?

    Rules of the City of New York
    Title 34
    Department of Transportation
    Section 4-08 Parking, Stopping, Standing
    (h) On-street and off-street metered zones.
    (5) Time allowed at parking meters; feeding meters or reactivation of in-vehicle parking systems prohibited.
    (i) No person shall park a vehicle in a parking meter space for more than one time period lawfully permitted in that parking meter zone, nor shall any person deposit any additional coin or coins or use another authorized method of payment for the purpose of extending such time.

  2. michele says:

    Who’s driving in to/out of Manhattan? Who are these people that are unaware of the most comprehensive public transit system in the world that is right at their feet? And to the guy who DRIVES!! from Queens to Manhattan to go to church……I’m pretty sure that’s not what god intended. How about getting involved in a church close to your home? How about getting involved in the community in which you live? Or better yet, if you really want to teach your family about being a good person, how about setting a good example by not driving to church but instead taking public transit to volunteer in the community or visit a museum or enjoy the public green spaces that this city has put so much effort into creating and play with your kids in a park….you know, save the environment and teach them about history, and giving back and being healthy.

  3. Matt says:

    Metered spaces are in commercial zones so that people may patronize local businesses. Historically, business were closed on Sunday hence the concept of free parking on Sundays. In the 70’s that all changed as more and more businesses were staying open on Sunday. That, combined with the city’s need for revenue, led to the use of meters on Sundays. As the study pointed out, meters are not being used today by those attending religious services (note to NYC – not everyone celebrates the Sabbath on Sunday . . .) but simply by those seeking free parking. I am in favor of the return to metered parking on Sundays to help local businesses.

  4. Open The Spaces says:

    I wish they would extend this to the whole city again. Local businesses lose a tremendous amount of business due to the lack of parking created by cars that are left on business streets from Saturday night throuigh Mondayy morning. Believe me these are not people going to church.

  5. Jack says:

    so don’t go to church, do something constructive. Visit one of the museums.

  6. Joe Parker says:

    The parking system much like other metropolitan systems (MTA anybody?) is a JOKE! You don’t have to live in Manhattan to use a parking space on Sunday. My family’s church is in Manhattan but I live in Queens. You see there are these things that cross the water between the boroughs that allow people to drive back and forth. They are called BRIDGES ! ! !
    If it is revenue the council is worried about they should try going to Long Island City and finding a meter that is not being occupied by a NYPD Traffic Agent’s private vehicle sitting with their NYPD placard in the windshield and not paying the meter for the entire day.

  7. john says:

    the upper westside and midtown had sunday meters long before bloomberg

  8. StormsNYC says:

    little guys don’t own cars in Manhattan…

  9. e strach says:

    that is so messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For years sunday parking was always free , even before bloomburg was mayor..The city is just milking the little guy..

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