FEMA Denies Connecticut Request For Tornado Aid

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied Connecticut’s request for financial aid for Fairfield County communities hit by a June tornado.

The state Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security announced Friday that FEMA turned down the state’s request, ruling the damages weren’t beyond what the state was capable of fixing.

In August, Gov. M. Jodi Rell sought aid for affected areas, such as Bridgeport and Stratford, after she said federal and state officials determined the storm caused more than $3 million in damages.

Rell said Friday that she’s disappointed by the decision. She said she’ll work with the Dept. of Emergency Management and Homeland Security to look for alternative aid sources for homeowners, renters and businesses.

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  • jschmidt

    No the Democrats take the state for granted because the dumb voters vote Democrat. The Democrats have done a disservice to this state. Our delegation gets back only 69% of every dollar we send to DC. They’ve backed every tax and spend scheme Pelosi and Obama have pushed. We need more fiscal conservative in DC. Bleumy has exceeded his authority, put companies out of business with lawuits or chased them out of state. He and the Dems are responsible for the high costs of electricity, taxes and for doing business. Every business friendly rating showsCT near the bottom. Get rid of the Dems because they’ll never cut a budget, ask unions for cuts or reduce cost of business.

  • binhphuocngu

    BULLSH!T. The ONLY way FEMA DENIES is if this was not DECLARED a disaster by the GOVERNOR FIRST then signed by Obama. Funny. The GOIVERNOR NEVER DECLARED it so GUESS WHAT…

  • D Bourque

    Seems if Connecticut had a democratic governor they would get the assistance when needed. The only states that don’t have to fight to get any help are the ones that have a governor that is a democrat.

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