Streetcars Coming Back To Red Hook?

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/AP) — The streetcar could eventually return to Brooklyn.
New York City’s Department of Transportation will conduct a 5-month study on the feasibility of bringing back the quaint-looking trolley to the streets of the borough’s Red Hook neighborhood.
DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kahn says the agency will use a federal grant to see whether the trolley would be the best transportation alternative for Red Hook residents. Currently, only one bus line connects residents to the subway system.
Streetcars were once everywhere on New York’s streets. They were phased out by 1957.

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  • Bob Diamond

    NEWS FLASH APRIL 20, 2011:
    NYC DOT SCUTTLES Red Hook streetcar- AGAIN- the first time was in 2002.

    There are some major facts about streetcar projects that NYC DOT doesn’t want you to know:

    What this “massaged” report doesn’t say, is that while it costs $41 per hour to run a streetcar, it costs NYCT $160 per hour to operate a bus. What the report doesn’t tell you, is that according to URS’s own experience in Portland, OR, it really costs $12 million per mile to build the streetcar line, not $26 million per mile as URS now claims. What DOT DID SAY in an email last Dec, is that URS and DOT project a 43% increase in Transit Demand in Red Hook. Another thing they don’t want you to know, is a new streetcar costs about $800,000. DOT wants you to think its over $7 million per car…

    Finally, the ultimate key fact that DOT doesn’t want you to know, is that a 2 mile start up line could be built for under $33 million, with $25 million coming from a special FTA grant for new streetcar projects, called a “TIGER Grant”.

    But dont believe me, see what the prestigious American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has to say about the TRUE costs of a new streetcar line here:

  • Mary Wade

    If the research indicates that trolleys are feasible, whose jurisdiction would they be? The MTA? If so, the poor people of Red Hook will watch the fares go up and up, have the service cutback, and eventually do away with them altogether. Why not spend the Federal money on something with more staying power?

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