New Jersey Might Hike Cell Phone Fines

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A Senate Transportation panel has advanced a bill banning mass transit operators in New Jersey from using cell phones while their trains or buses are moving.
The bill stems from a commuter train crash in California that killed 25. Investigators found the engineer sent a text message 22 seconds before the collision with an oncoming freight train.
The Assembly previously approved the measure unanimously.
Another bill being considered by a Senate panel would increase fines and impose license suspensions for drivers who ignore the ban on talking or texting on hand-held phones.
The fine is now $100. The bill would increase the penalty to $250 for a second offense and to $500 for subsequent offenses. It also would impose a 60-day license suspension for those who violate the law three times or more.

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One Comment

  1. al says:

    More Tickets and Fines. Wonderful! How about new ticket idea: ticket someone for extra pounds!! Surely, Christies will be the first to get the ticket!!

    1. Gene says:

      A $500.00 fine for the first offense. Same fine and confiscation and destruction of the phone for a second offense. Jail time is a waste of the taxpayer’s money for such a non-violent offense.

  2. Nick says:

    When can we just execute these selfish murderous sl-!meballs?

  3. Roy says:

    The law is rarely enforced,just look to your right and left while driving…what we need is enforcement,not a hike in the fine………………these idiots cause accidents,they need and deserve a tcicket….!

  4. Helga says:

    TOO many idiots behind the wheel talking b/s and not enough drivers paying attention to the roads! TICKET THEM ALL!

    1. mel says:

      You first!! Did you right this comment from your cell phone while driving?

  5. AG says:

    Sure, typical Nanny state fascist socialist government. Keep your government out of my cell phone!

    1. MG says:

      Nice attitude jack@$$. With any luck, you will wrap your car around a tree the next time you text while driving. Rid the world of another selfish moron who cares for nobody but themselves. D!ck

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