NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A knock on the door of a dormitory of a Yeshiva on the Queens-Nassau border at 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning turned into a nightmare for one group of students.

In the tiny, quiet enclave just off Far Rockaway, known as Bayswater to the locals, is where a group of young men came face to face with two armed robbers, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reported.

“One of them claimed that their car broke down, and they needed to call AAA,” Yeshiva student Bernard Schoenfeld said.

“And one of my friends opened the door and the guy had a gun to his face,” Yeshiva student Yossi Rosenbluth said.

That friend was Philip Makowsky.

“They put the gun to my neck. They brought us upstairs,” Makowsky said, “I was white in the face like my friends were telling me.”

There were eight students in the house and Bernard Schoenfeld was one of them.

“I was lying in bed at the time. They pulled the gun to my head, said ‘get up.'”

Yossi Rosenbluth was also grabbed.

“They were there for like 10-15 minutes. Anything they could grab they took…. they weren’t very organized. They asked us for bags to take stuff in,” Rosenbluth said.

The robbers grabbed a set of car keys.

“They took one of the guys, they brought him to the car to make sure that the car was functional,” Makowsky said.

The two thieves ordered everyone into a room and before they left, the bandits herded everybody onto the porch and said ‘if you call the police, we’re going to come back and kill you.’

Police are currently investigating the case.

The car that the robbers stole to make their escape was a grey Nissan Sentra. The students told police that one of the thieves may have been as young as 17.

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