‘Bad Cop’ Paterson Goes After Paladino

Dem Cuomo Takes High Road; GOP Candidate Slams Silver

NEW YORK (CBS 2 / WCBS 880) — New York Democrats were piling up on Carl Paladino on Thursday, calling the Republican candidate for governor unworthy of the office.

Leading the charge on behalf of Democrat Andrew Cuomo was Gov. David Paterson.

It’s a war of words and CBS 2’s Tony Aiello has the story.

Cuomo decided to play Mr. “above the fray” on Thursday, refusing to join the harsh salvo fired at Republican Paladino by Gov. Paterson.

“They don’t need my opinion on the opponent’s judgment,” Cuomo said. “They’re his e-mails. I’ll leave it to his characterization.”

Paterson, however, didn’t hold back.

“I don’t think he’s fit for public service. He transferred emails back and forth that were racist, homophobic, and misogynist. There was a plane in one of the e-mails crashing in Africa and it said ‘run (n-word) run,’” the governor said.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb with comment from Paterson, Pataki

His strong words were a striking contrast from Wednesday when the governor had only mild things to say about Paladino.

To some it looks like Paterson is playing bad cop to Cuomo’s good cop.

“Andy Cuomo has to be very afraid that Carl Paladino will ride a tsunami of discontent, of anger and frustration into the statehouse,” Republican political strategist Mike Edelman said.

So Democrats want to turn the anger onto Paladino. Party leaders released statements slamming Paladino as a racially insensitive extremist.

Paterson’s comments were downright mild compared to what state Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs has been saying about Paladino.

In July Jacobs called him a “quack.” On Thursday he called Paladino “a wacko.”

Of course, Paladino can also speak with an acid tongue. Here was his take Thursday on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

“He’s a diabolical person. He’s not about doing the right thing,” Paladino said.

Paladino has apologized for forwarding the offensive e-mails and doesn’t think voters care.

Aiello asked a few.

“He’s definitely wrong, that’s for sure. He could not represent me!” one person said.

“I’m gonna look more into him before I judge,” another added.

It’s shaping up to be an interesting seven weeks to Election Day.

Cuomo said he’s willing to debate Paladino but the campaigns must negotiate details.

CBS 2 has joined with the New York Times and the City University of New York in a formal offer to sponsor a debate.

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One Comment

  1. Julia says:

    Patterson is one of the bums that Paladino is always referring to. His butt is supported by the taxpayers for years and years andd years. Just a yes man albany politician. Just like d’amato and his crew including Cuomo. “Lifers” living a privileged life on the taxpayers dime.

    Of course they are going to howl. Their livelihoods are on the lines because WHEN Paladino wins, they will ALL be on the unemployment line except for Cuomo who will work for Daddy.

  2. dncy2099 says:

    I always wondered how Hitler managed to come to power given how evil he was, now I know, he simply sat back and relied on a dumb populace blinded by short sighted anger.

    So now I contend if Hitler was evil and he was so are the dumb people who elected him Chancellor.

  3. jimski says:

    Go Carl!!!!! NY does not need another cuomo in albany running the state into the ground. As i see it, palaldino is over qualified for the office…he has made his own way and created jobs for others along the way…cuomo has ridden the silver spooned gravty train courtesy of his old man….what are HiIS qualifications????head of HUD???a freaking embarrasment…..hell no to cuomo!

  4. wayne says:

    pal need to explain himself and realize that the job of governor is a very serious job only less than the Presidency

  5. d2099 says:

    Not if you were a coffee pot, this greasball Palladino should go jump in the lake.

  6. W. Wallace says:

    If I said “Look who’s calling the kettle black” would that be racist.

  7. W. Wallace says:

    If is said look who’s calling the kettle black – would that be racist.?

  8. Maria P says:

    If anyone would know about being unfit for office, it would be Patterson!
    What a dope!

  9. D2099 says:

    This greaseball should go play in traffic.

  10. george Scott says:

    Is this the same Paterson that was doing backflips on stage a short while ago ?
    I guess it takes a clown to make a judgement call on another,Why is it my comments are not published ????

  11. George Scott says:

    Is this the same Paterson that was doing backflips on stage a short while ago ?
    I guess it takes a clown to make a judgement call on another,

  12. Ronnie says:

    Paterson is the one who is not fit for office. Carl Palladino is exactly the kind of person we need in our government. Someone that speaks his mind and his truths and doesn’t follow the leader. He is totally for the taxpayer and he has absolutely nothing to gain because he’s already a millionaire. He will be getting my vote come November.

  13. Toy says:

    IF (and that’s one heck of a BIG “IF”) Paladino were to be elected, his admin could accurately be referred to as a “sheet wearing” one.

    1. Nick says:

      As opposed to your “pillow sack” one. You entitlement slimes who put everything you looted from the taxpayers into pillow sacks.

  14. Steve says:

    It is refreshing to hear a politician say what we’ve been saying around the kitchen table for years. This State is being sucked dry by entitlements and out of control Medicaid. I have to give Palladino a chance, we know what the same ‘ol career politician does. That hasn’t worked since the end of WWII. Palladino, may be a little edgy, but I would rather trust my tax dollars with him, a self made millionaire, than with someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Palladino says it like it is, and I respect that

    1. DNYC says:

      “Edgy” i bet if he spoke this way towards Jews or the Irish you would not be as accomodating .

  15. JKW says:

    “Cuomo has just rolled out his first ad campaign, which promotes his record”.
    What record? As head of HUD???
    Isn’t Cuomo just another wealthy New Yorker with a family name?

    1. Nick says:

      Noticed how the libturd media conveniently NOT report his record at HUD?

  16. Dan Te says:

    Cuomo’s record:

    Head of HUD when HUD mandated that FNMA and FHLMC come out with whacko loan products to make homes “affordable” to people who cannot payback the loan. Which the banks are than forced to make and dump onto the market.

    Yep, Cuomo is a man with a big impact on history. He nearly singlehandedly caused this economic crisis.

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