NY Lotto: MasterCard Users Paying Illegal Fees

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — The New York lottery said players who buy subscriptions with their MasterCards were illegally being charged extra fees and higher interest.

Spokeswoman Jennifer Givner said that since June 1, MasterCard users have been billed as if they were taking cash advances. She said that typically means $10 fees and immediate interest at rates up to 24.9 percent.

MasterCard spokesman Chris Monteiro said the banks that issue MasterCards set the fees and rates. He said the company receives only a fee for processing.

Givner said Friday it was MasterCard that moved lottery purchases into a category with bets on dog racing and horse racing, and that lottery purchases were previously treated like fees for government services such as renewing a driver’s license.

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  1. George Myers says:

    CBS your site keeps refreshing killing my comments! The Lottery was for education, ca. 1971, because state aid to education is based on property values. MasterCard in the Big House should be ashamed!

  2. Dole Pineapple says:

    How about not spending money you dont have to never win… try working like we all do… http://www.kriegsview.com for 2011 new tax laws.. i guess its eaier than working..goverment will keep paying unemployment

  3. Riphly George says:

    Well, well. There probably was notification of this in the fine print in the enclosures people receive with their bills and statements, but MasterCard knows people don’t read all that stuff regularly. Nice pick-pocketing.
    People should try this in reverse. The next time they pay a bill by check, they should include a serious notebook-length brochure somewhere in the middle of which they include the following statement:
    “If the ___(Name of company)___ continues to provide service and does not cancel my service, it agrees thereby that I do not have to pay the next billing.”
    This should be buried in the middle of a lot of other innocuous fine print which also includes advertising for things of no interest to the service provider. Perhaps the customer should send such a notebook-length brochure without the statement a few time before including the statement, just to make sure the company doesn’t read it.
    Do unto others . . .

    1. darlingnikki360 says:

      LMBO!!! Good idea Riphly George… I just may try it.

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