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BRONXVILLE, NY (WCBS 880) – In Bronxville, you never know. That steaming cup of coffee might just come with a pretty good story.

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“I’m Mike Gill. I’m a barista at Starbucks,” said the man.

The man with the green apron and kindly eyes is the son of literary titan Brandan Gill.

Mike Gill, a barista at Starbucks has, himself, penned a book.

“The first book is called ‘How Starbucks Saved My Life’,” he told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams.

At 63, Gill was fired from his high-powered job in advertising. He was broke, divorced, and had a brain tumor.

He went into Starbucks for, as he puts it, “one last latte,” when, by chance, a manager offered him a job. He said yes.

Gill says, “It’s such a surprise to say ‘This simple life of serving people on the most basic level is so much happier for me.'”

He’s discovered solace in simplicity.

“It’s such a relief not to have all that stuff because there is a price to having a big job, and even a big life, in the sense of going out to parties or whatever. I mean, I’ll just go home and maybe I’ll go for a walk. Maybe I’ll have a nap. Maybe I’ll do a bit of writing,” says Gill.

Gill’s new book, “How to Save Your Own Life,” offers lessons he has learned from others during his own transformation.

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