Cuomo Responds To Paladino’s Debate Challenge

NEW YORK (CBS 2/WCBS 880) — The mud is flying.

Andrew Cuomo fired back Tuesday, responding to the political punches being thrown by opponent Carl Paladino.

CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports on the war of words.

Don’t expect the New York governor’s race to take the high road.

Republican Paladino’s first shot was this: “To clean up Albany start with Cuomo.”

Not wanting to get his hands dirty, Cuomo had the state Democratic Party put out this attack — Paladino depicted as a pig at the public trough getting $12 million in tax breaks.

The pig isn’t the only thing in the mud.

“He’s struggling to get his seat belt on,” Paladino said on a Tuesday broadcast.

That’s how Paladino summed up Cuomo’s campaign Tuesday, the second day in a row he has gone after his opponent with a baseball bat — his weapon of choice for fixing Albany.

“That’s not my particular instrument of change, no,” Cuomo said.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reports on Cuomo’s response to Paladino’s challenges

Cuomo tried to make a joke about the baseball bat, addressing his opponent for the first time on a radio show. And he also tried to take the front runner’s above-it-all attitude, saying he would not run a campaign like Paladino, who won the Republican primary against Rick Lazio with bombastic rhetoric against all things Albany.

“I’ve been trying to restore trust. I am not now going to be part of an effort that degrades state government and degrades New York politics and degrades democracy. I’m not going to do it,” Cuomo said.

Paladino stuck to his strategy, with this assessment of their differences on the shared goal of cleaning up and reforming Albany.

“He’s taking a whisk broom. He’s going to go and clean up some of the rails or whatever. We’re taking a baseball bat,” Paladino said.

With the latest poll showing Cuomo ahead by 16 points, experts say Cuomo’s present strategy of trying to personally stay above the fray is a good one.

“It makes sense. He’s the adult in the school yard and Paladino is the juvenile yelling ‘your mother!’ I mean its classic juvenile name-calling stuff,” Baruch College pundit Doug Muzzio said.

Paladino tried to one up Cuomo Tuesday by putting out a press release naming a blue ribbon commission to recommend ways to cut taxes.

Kramer reports she ran into one of his appointees on the street, former state Comptroller Ned Regan, who said he didn’t know Paladino and had “never met the guy.”

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One Comment

  1. Ed Whitson says:

    Go OKC Potatoes!!!!

  2. Dave says:

    Say NO to Status Cuomo

  3. P.B. says:

    “Oh yes, torres. I agree with you. Let’s vote for the more civilized folks. Like Maddoff, Cuomo and Rangel. Yes? Hitler also never used any foul language”.
    That is quite a jump. From a criticism of a man’s lack of control and use of bad language to a comparison with a couple of crooks and Hitler. That is so illogical that it probably has a name in the catalog of fallacies.

    1. Nick says:

      And torres wasn’t “jumping”? It is illogical and full of fallacies. That’s why I’m voting for Cuomo. It’ll be fun.

  4. ignatzz says:

    “No cojones”? What is this, high school? How adolescent. Paladino has some gall challenging someone else’s ‘manhood’ while behaving like some taunting teenager trying to goad another kid into a fight.

    If you want to be Governor, Paladino, don’t you think you should grow up first? Most of us outgrew that sort of stuff when we were 17.

  5. jtorres says:

    Aside from the politics: why do public figues and the media believe it is okay to use the Spanish word “cojones” and not the equivalent English word? Saying it in Spanish does not make it any less vulgar and offensive. It irritates me. If you can’t express yourself without using foul language, no matter which one it is, keep your fat mouth shut.

    1. Nick says:

      Oh yes, torres. I agree with you. Let’s vote for the more civilized folks. Like Maddoff, Cuomo and Rangel. Yes? Hitler also never used any foul languages.

      But I am curious as to why Cuomo would not answer what he was thinking when he was head of HUD. When HUD mandated that FNMA and FHLMC did all those “exotic” mortgage products to “help” the people. You know, the mortgage loans that got this economy into the mess it is today?

      I bet Cuomo was real civilized about it when he was at HUD. Yep. I’ll vote for him. You pusillanimous twits deserves a Cuomo.

  6. nathan says:

    Wait until Carl’s emails hit the internet…

    1. Nick says:

      psst… nathan, it did already.

      Slow ain’t ya?

      1. nathan says:

        Nick – youre a loser. Youve been one all your life and your candidate is too.. See you in Nov loser.

      2. Nick says:

        Never gets tired of being wrong in anything you pick or do, don’t ya “nathan”. Must be nice to have such a nice forgetful memory – or you might not be able to look in the mirror. Try to think back on all your decisions and see if you can name at least 2 that is right.

      3. Nick says:

        psst… slow in da head nathan.

        Learn to read. I’m voting for Cuomo.

        The way the dumbacRATS have been “helping” you imbeciles through out history, I figure you deserve another “help”. That’s why I’m gonna vote Obama too.

  7. P.B. says:

    “Paladino has pledged himself to one term in office”
    Not a good thing. There’s no way he’s gonna get everything that he says he can do done in one term. His reforms are radical and, in order to give them a history and make them survive his successors, he’d have to stick around.
    Wanna bet he’ll change his tune if he gets elected?
    As far as Coumo is concerned….he was preceded by Mario – he’s easy to attack on that basis. He has, though, established a credible personal political history – like it or not. The “run to Daddy” comments are cheap shots.
    It would be interesting to listen to a debate.
    Maybe Paladinp can deliver….but rich businessmen with aggressive talk are a dime a dozen and have not fared well in the political arena.

  8. JFK says:

    Run to Daddy Andy, your up against a real man now. Carl doesn’t have a Daddy to run to he can stand on his own two feet. Too bad you need a cruch Andy.

  9. USA says:

    Cuomo and the Democrats back Charles Rangel
    FU ALL

  10. Lou says:

    It would appear that Paladino has Cuomo’s number …. what a spineless response for Cuomo to make ……

  11. Johnny says:

    Cuomo is a joke and it’s just gonna be more of the same garbage if this guy gets into office. If Paladino is anything like Chris Christie, we’ll finally have some welcome change in NYS.

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