Controversy Over L.I. Islamic Center Parking Lot

NEW HYDE PARK, NY (WCBS 880) – A parking lot for the Hillside Islamic Center is at the heart of a controversy on Long Island.

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mosque2 e1285262710261 Controversy Over L.I. Islamic Center Parking Lot

Opponents have put up signs on their front lawns protesting the parking lot plan. (Photo/Mona Rivera)

Mohamed Khan, a trustee, said the center, which has been in the community for seven years, bought the house behind the mosque hoping to increase parking availability for worshippers.

“We are proposing to put in 18 parking spots,” Khan told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera. The center currently has a 19 spot lot. He said on a busy evening many worshippers have to park on the street.

Homeowners say they oppose the plan for a new lot, not because of the religion, but because of further encroachment on residential lifestyle.

Ed Weiss is among the affected.

“…and where does it stop?” Weiss told WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs. “You know, does somebody all of a sudden decide that they want to buy two houses in the middle of Hillside Boulevard and, at that point, decide to put up a warehouse, and now you have trucks coming in and out of the neighborhood? That’s our concern.”

“You can’t park in front of your house,” one resident said. “You’re coming home from work and it’s a big problem.

Amid cries of anti-Islam, residents say the issue is not about opposition to any religion, but it’s about protecting their neighborhood from commercialism.

“It’s fine that they worship, we don’t care about that,” resident Marie Gigliotti said. “But if they increase the size of the parking lot more people are going to come and there’s still going to be parking on our streets.”

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  • fed up

    the same ones who complain about this are also the first ones to sell their homes to them, they come with cash, not like struggling Americans trying to get a mortgage

  • New Hyde Park Resident

    The Issue is how inconsiderate and arrogant of these worshipers. This parking lot that is proposed will directly have an impact on my families property value. Does anyone feel this is unfair? There are plenty of commercial buildings for sale in the area where everyone would be happy.

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  • extremely intelligent

    atheism is the truth. jews christians and muslims should all go back to the middle east!

  • eddie

    This is a minor local issue being handled by the local zoning board. This would be addressed the same way whether it was a church or a Dunkin Dougnuts. This is a non religious issue.

    • No Dhimmi

      Blah, blah, blah. This is once again about Muslims trying to overtake infidel lands – just the thin edge of the wedge.

  • atif

    some comments here make me laugh , such ignorant morons live in Long Island ….Islam will bring u a peace of mind just try it morons..

    • No Dhimmi

      Ugh. Thanks for confirming that Muslims are hateful, sociopathic and are trying to enslave us all under Islamic domination.

      Long Islanders, you can be plenty sure that if you allow them to, many more of atif’s infidel-hating types will show up all over your neighborhoods.

  • Herman

    I’m leading a Christian missionary group to Iran and Saudi Arabia. We’ll be passing out Bibles, converting Muslims to Christianity, and building churches.
    I feel we will be welcomed and encouraged to build and evangelize by those governments as much as our president welocmes and encourages their people to our country.

    • Herman

      Sorry ..i’m Hebrew and my english is not too good.
      I meant to ask if anyone would like to join me and my missionaries.

  • abduallah

    moslem should blid more than one

  • Collossal Collinss

    I want to build a Church side by side to the Cabala in Mecca for the promotion of religious tolerance,i think muslims shold understand

  • Shake

    Make love not war, i guess that’s what muslims have been doing since their population is booming ;)

  • Collossal Collinss

    Muslims Should build the biggest Mosque in Beijing China.

  • Collossal Collinss

    I want to build a churd in mecca

  • Paul Wall

    Yes, there are churches but how many people are harassed going there?

  • ozie

    You do not rule the world or ever will

  • Sgeo

    Isn’t this what zoning laws are for?

  • ozie

    then do it back in a islamic country ,because we would not be allowed to practice our religion in your country ,you dont like it leave

    • Yaya

      There are churches all over Syria, Dubai, Lebanon, Egypt etc. Sorry. what was your point again?

      • No Dhimmi

        And the churches in Egypt are under assault – you can’t build a new one, and you can’t repair an old one. I do believe the point was about Saudi Arabia, not these other places. But how welcome would new church-building and Christian expansion be in these other countries? It’s simply not the same, is it? Or will you add to the mistrust so many feel by further being surreptitious?

  • donald day

    your religion is not the issue. property rights and values is. so pipe down.

  • AJ

    and you both are morons. And yes, I am a muslim.

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