Ex-NYPD Cop Begins Sentence For DWI Death

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/ WCBS 880 / CBS 2) — Former NYPD officer Andrew Kelly was cuffed and taken away Friday after a delay and unexpected development in his sentencing for striking and killing a Brooklyn woman while driving drunk.

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He had pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter.

He surrendered on Friday to begin serving his three month prison sentence.

His formal sentencing will take place Oct. 8.

He’s charged in the death of Vionique Valnord, who was waiting for a cab in Mill Basin last year when she was struck and killed. Police that responded to the crash attempted to sober Kelly up before administering any tests.

Valnord’s family filed a lawsuit against the NYPD for the attempted cover-up, although they say they have forgiven Kelly.

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One Comment

  1. rcowboyroper says:

    Where is John Walsh seeking justice for this famiily , Had it been an officer being killed he would be screaming for Justice. Throw the crooked Judge in with him .

  2. FtheSystem says:

    No way this can be considered justice. The family should take it into their own hands and put a hit on him.

  3. rcowboyroper says:

    Once again the justice system has failed. He was an authority figure who knew the laws very well and betrayed the trust of the public. I suppose it was because he was doing his duty when it happened. The other who tried to cover it up should be sitting right there with him. I think a betrayal of you trust when in authority you should get four times what a normal citizen would.

  4. KC says:

    Like everyone else, I too am dismayed at the mere 90 day sentence handed down by the judge in the case. Let’s also not forget the cops that tried to sober up Mr. Kelly before anyone asked any questions. What a joke!

  5. Tea says:

    He won’t even serve the 90 days in jail because of the sad excuse of a justice system. “over crowding” will be his ticket out. he will probably end up serving 15 days in jail and get release so he can do it all over again and kill another innocent with his stupid actions. How many must die before the system realizes their errors in letting these guys out? NO ONE SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW! even if he was a cop, he isn’t exempt. he should have known better!

  6. Lynn says:

    Jtorres. you are spot on. he should get life. 90 days is a joke.

  7. jtorres says:

    A 2-ton vehicle in the hands of a person who’s drunk is a deadly weapon and if he kills someone with it, he should be treated just as harshly. If he’s a cop, even more so, because he should have known better. A regular person would never get off this lightly

  8. Rediculous says:

    If it was a regular drunk killing police man, what would thhe sentence be?

    1. Johnny says:

      Life in prison!

  9. Roy says:

    This is a travesty…90 days……..if he stabbed her to death,he would get 25 years,she’s dead because of his wanton act……………….and they call this the Criminal JUSTICE system……………………………outragious

  10. Roy says:

    If anyone should have known better,he’s the one.They should make an example of him,and sentence him to the max allowed by law……….

  11. DanTe says:

    90 Days for killing someone. And 25 years for swindling money from politicians.

    Pols won’t pass tough drunk driving murder laws because they’re all drunk. Any tough laws will effect them. VOTE THEM ALL OUT until common sense laws comes back.

  12. Steve says:

    A very sad story. But come on – 90 days in jail is a JOKE. Why are there double-standards when certain people commit crimes (this case, Catholic priests who rape children, etc.) – we should treat ALL criminal activity with an even hand – this guy should spend a LONG time in jail (and while I’m sure the majority of police and Catholic clergy are good people, we should punish criminals in these groups EXTREMELY harshly – as we would anyone else who thinks they are above the law).

    1. DanTe says:

      Remember who’s in charge of the DA’s prosecuting this: CUOMO.

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