Hair Found In Hands Of Slain Nicaraguan Diplomat

NEW YORK (AP/CBSNewYork) — More questions than answers surround the brutal murder of a high-ranking Nicaraguan diplomat Friday as police search for both a suspect and a motive.

There were startling revelations concerning the case, suggesting that the man may have known it was coming. Police believe the break they needed may have well been in the alleged victim’s own hands.

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CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reported that after Friday’s revelations, investigators weren’t so confident the case was a murder after all.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Mercado has been stabbed 12 times, but that there were some conflicting clues, including the slash across Mercado’s throat, which experts called a ” hesitation wound.”

“Hesitation wound is a wound that potentially could be made by an individual himself. In other words, it could be self-inflicted,” Kelly said.

Kelly also said detectives saw what might be a murder clue clenched tightly in Mercado’s hands.

“I can tell you also that there was some human hairs found in both hands of the deceased,” Kelly said.

Whether it was an alleged killer’s hair or Mercado’s own, police don’t know yet. Like many other friends of Mercado, Amparo Amador said the diplomat had lately spoke as if he was about to die.

“One day he told me, I want to…if I die here, I don’t want to, funeral. I don’t want nothing here. Close the box, close the casket [send it to] Nicaragua,” Mercado said.

Friends of Mercado honored his memory Friday with flower tributes left outside his Grand Concourse apartment where he was found dead Thursday.

Mercado was found at 10:35 a.m. by his driver, who was picking him up for the United Nations General Assembly’s annual meeting. The driver found the door ajar and Mercado’s body lying just inside the blood-spattered apartment with a knife on the floor next to him, police said. The victim was also clutching hair in both his hands.

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  1. tony says:

    A tragedy could happen anywhere. Remember what happened at Clinton neighborhood

  2. Noriega says:

    Has his driver, who found him dead, been totally cleared? Many times it’s the person “discovering the crime” that is the perp! (your welcome)

  3. roslyn says:

    rip—–some people prefer to live amongst their own kind—-this young man may have had to earn his money the hard way and felt at home amongst others like himself… could have been a heated female lover too—woman can be very nasty when angry…so don’t jump to conclusions

  4. teresita says:

    what a tragedy. Probably if he stayed in a classy place, this would not take place. Probablly Nicaragua is a poor country that’s why his ambassador stayed in a cheaper place.

  5. Roy says:

    Somewhere down the raod,they will arrest his ex boyfriend………..

  6. Brooklynite says:

    Maybe he felt comfortable there. Sometimes people don’t want to live where we might expect them to live. I’ve had people make assumptions about me based on what they think they know about me.

  7. Ole Pedersen says:

    Maybe the rent is cheaper. Nicaragua is not rich.

  8. Gigi says:

    What is a DIPLOMAT doing in THE BRONX? 180TH and Grand Concourse-HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He should’ve been in the city somewhere-not the HOOD

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