One Dead, 4 Hurt In House Party Shooting Near Seton Hall

EAST ORANGE, N.J. (CBS 2) — One woman was killed and four other people were injured during a shooting at a house party in East Orange, New Jersey.

South Orange police said just after midnight the gunshots rang out at a two-family home on South Clinton Street, just off South Orange Avenue in East Orange.

Essex County Prosecutor Robert Laurino confirmed that 19-year-old Jessica Moore, a student at nearby Seton Hall University, succombed to her injuries Saturday afternoon. Moore had been hospitalized in critical condition after the shooting.

Four other people were shot and treated for non-life-threatening injuries – two men and two women. Two of the other victims were students at Seton Hall, while a third was a student at NJIT. The fourth was simply identified as a resident of New York City.

A party crasher tried to get into the house party, and there was a physical confrontation before he was given the boot. Cops say he came back with a weapon, knocked on the door, and opened fire as soon as the door opened.

The home is not a fraternity house, according to the cops, but it is located less than a mile from Seton Hall University. The apartment was rented by a Seton Hall student and a recent Seton Hall graduate, and students from the school were in attendance.

CBS 2HD’s Derricke Dennis talked with the lady who lives upstairs. She said they asked her for permission to have the party, as was their wont.

It wasn’t clear if the residents of the apartment were among those who were shot.

Police have posted a $10,000 reward for information leading to the suspect’s arrest. The investigation is ongoing.


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  1. ezflyer says:

    JasonS – well said….and very true…and the unfortunately, the silence will continue on the part of those in leadership roles that make a difference. Community marches and such mean nothing if those that should be there are absent. The violence will not end easily as long as this I can shoot mentality is present in their high ego minds.

  2. jimmy says:

    this is reality any where you have young ghetto black kids overcrowding in a house, your bound to have a shooting and more than one fight. this is not racism or stereotyping its the truth.

    i am hispanic and grew up in the south bronx and know this first hand.

    a tragedy yes, but it wont be the last time it will happen

    1. lsantos says:

      Such ignorance! from the Setonian:Moore, an honor student, was shot at an incident early on Saturday morning at a house party in East Orange. The 19-year-old was one of many at a party – reportedly featuring members of Phi Beta Sigma.

      Junior Derel Stroud, an At-Large Senator with the Student Government Association and eyewitness to the incident, e-mailed The Setonian just hours after the shooting allegedly occurred. He was reached just prior to Esteban’s press conference.

      “I had dropped off two girls at the party, but there were too many people and they couldn’t get in,” Stroud said. “So, I went back around the corner to pick them up. I saw the suspect walk out of the house, up to his friend, and said ‘give me the banger.'”

      Stroud said he immediately called 911 and flagged down an East Orange police officer nearby making a traffic stop.

      “I had my van from work…I squeezed as many students as I could – 14, 15 – into the van and drove back to campus.”

      Stroud said he knew Moore and described her as “always smiling, always nice.”

      “She was from Tennessee but living with her mother in Virginia… everyone called her ‘Tennessee,'” Stroud said. “I was at the hospital all night with her.”
      Not what you would call Ghetto kids since they were honors students!!!

  3. JasonS says:

    Color me completely unshocked to hear about another senseless shooting in the black community. The trouble is that black America has never put its foot down and drawn a line in the sand in response to their appalling murder rate. The only thing that gets them marching in the street is when a white cop shoots dead a black crack dealer in the course of risking his life to protect their communities. But a promising black student killed by a sub-human black thug? No response. No march. No Al Sharpton. No Jesse Jackson. And so on….The black murder rate is seven times higher than the white murder rate. SEVEN! Have you ever heard black America think about the reasons for this HONESTLY, i.e. not just blaming racism or slavery? This incident is all too common – black male refused entry to a club or a party, black male returns and sprays the party with bullets. These incidents are called “flashpoint rage” and are the cause of most of the fatal violence in the black community. This rage has been a problem among black males since the early 70’s, ever since the Marxist left began to dominate ghetto thought and illegitimacy was encouraged. Blacks in the ghetto are taught from a very early age to be angry at society, but most have no father figure to set them straight and teach them how to control that anger. This is why most black on black killings stem from utterly trivial disputes like parking spaces, $1 dice games, rap lyrics etc. This is the elephant in the room that black America won’t talk about. This is why the likes of Sharpton will always remain silent about these killings – because to come out and march against them is to admit to the rest of America that they have an internal problem that can’t be blamed on anyone but themselves.

    1. lsantos says:

      Nice rant-what great equalizing strides have you undertaken in your community to strike at the core of the mortality, poverty, criminal sentencing, educational disparities which do remain between ethnicities?

    2. robinsonz says:

      Correction Nwk community leaders and residents do host rallies and marches. Ras Baraka faithfully has anti violence gatherings inconjuction with others. So they are being down…However, the rising epidemic on violence is out of control!!!!!! Blacks as you stated are talking and doing but its going take alot more talking and doing…Hopefully before its too latelate

  4. Taylor Gardner says:

    My big sister was at this party…she was in the kitchen when the guy started shooting people. Her close friend, Jessica Moore, was killed… please pray for everyone’s families…that could’ve been my sister in a Jersey hospital… dying.

  5. lisantos says:

    BTW Karmachamelionjane, Harvard and Yale are ghetto schools too! Many of us students have turned down their programs upon offer. There are many schools, but you will learn that as you become educated AND wiser.

  6. lsantos says:

    Try not to be an elitest dear, which may have more to do with what happened in the slaying! GPA has no bearing on violence as much as attitude!

  7. bkrey says:

    Could and will all just pray for these young people. They are someone’s child that was in the mist of all this violence.

  8. KC says:

    Please explain, by “ghetto trash” do you mean (1) Seton Hall Students, (2) College graduates, or (3) current college students?

    SMH at the ignorance of some people

    1. karmajane says:

      Ghetto cause those “students” were at a house party where people think it is ok to solve an arguement by getting a gun and shooting up the place – and students of a college that only requires a 1.8 GPA

      1. Tamburlaine says:

        This isn’t about SHU and you know that. Shame on you for trying to take a cheap shot on the back of a senseless act of violence.

        Regardless, you really have no clue what you’re talking about. I went to SHU’s business school for my ungrad and masters. Stillman requires applicants to have a 3.0 minimum high school GPA. The 1.8 GPA you mention is the college’s minimum requirement for current students who wish to maintain residence on campus. So if your point about “students of a college that only requires a 1.8 GPA” was to knock the school it falls a little flat.

  9. Denis says:

    Why is it that in my community noone ever gets shot at the house parties???

    1. lsantos says:


  10. prince moore says:

    so bad to hear dis

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