NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s crunch time at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in midtown, Manhattan as they get ready for the walk.

This weekend, the CBS 2 team along with thousands of others will Walk to Cure Diabetes.

Brian Herrick was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 3-years-old, but says it hasn’t slowed him down.

“If you’re dedicated to doing your best and having it be a part of your life not consume your life, then it won’t stop you from anything,” Herrick told CBS 2’s Cindy Hsu.

Spending a lifetime managing his diabetes, Herrick has also shaped his career path. He is helping to organize the JDRF Walk and goes to schools to teach children about the disease.

“I just graduated from college and I wanted to start a career that I’d want to stay in, something I want to go to work for everyday. I can’t think of anything I feel more strongly about,” Herrick said.

Heather Moffitt was diagnosed in high school 8 years ago and is now working for JDRF to help find a cure and hoping to clear up some of the myths about the disease.

“One of the one’s I always hear is ‘so you ate too much sugar’ and that’s the most annoying thing I can hear. Type 1 diabetes is not caused by anything, it’s a genetic factor that even scientists don’t know.” Moffitt of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation said.

Another myth is that only children get Type 1 diabetes.

“It’s not about kids anymore, adults are getting diagnosed daily in their 30’s and 40’s,” Moffitt said.

She said she is staying on top of the latest developments and hopes anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes will join the fight and know they’re not alone.

For More Information on the Walk To Cure Diabetes, Click Here.

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