NY Rep. Weiner: Health Insurers Seeking Double-Digit Hikes

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — New York health insurance companies are seeking double-digit rate hikes, and one New York congressman said they must be stopped.

Representative Anthony Weiner said insurance companies want to raise rates as much as 19 percent next year.

Weiner is calling on New York’s insurance department to use its new power and limit increases.

“We are seeing that despite the fact that inflation is at zero, and real wages are growin hardly at all, the health insurance industry is showing that they are prepared to gouge New Yorkers even more,” Rep. Weiner said.

Insurance companies have two more weeks to submit proposals for rate hikes.


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    I don’t think you understand the concept of the issue at hand. That would mean that we would be paying higher premiums. It seems like you want to support greedy insurance companies that want to charge us more for subpar health care.

    1. DanTe says:

      So how are the “greedy” insurance company making money? Especially since you libturds pass the law that covers “children” up to the age of 26? Because you KNOW your spawns are too stupid to make it on their own. I’m just surprised you didn’t raise the “children” age to 62.

    2. walter J. says:

      Weiner’s comment on inflation and wages is totally irrelevant. Obamacare mandates that insurance companies remove the caps on payouts, they must cover kids on parents policies up to the age of 26, they now must take on patients with prior medical conditions. All this amounts to higher costs for the companies. Any business that is mandated to take on multiple higher costs must raise prices to stay in business. Look at the FACTS……not a political comment by a local politician pandering to an uninformed electorate.


      duh huh!

  2. anthont guerra says:

    Weiner, the whiner is at it again. How come we can raise tax rates but nothing else can go higher. Mayb he should look at Obamacare as areson for health insuranc increase.

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