Police Say Disturbed Person Fatally Shot In NYC

NEW YORK (AP) — Police officers responding to a call shot and killed a Manhattan man wielding a knife after he pulled prongs from a Taser out of his body.Authorities arrived at 121-123 Vermilyea Ave. in the Inwood section of upper Manhattan around 5:15 a.m. Sunday after getting a 911 call about a threat being made against an officer.

Police said the four responding officers saw the man with a knife, identified themselves and told him to drop it.

When he didn’t, one of the officers used his Taser, but the man pulled the electrical prongs from his body and continued to charge at the police officers, police said.

The officers fired, hitting the man several times. The victim, identified as Emmanuel Paulino, 24, was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Nine witnesses told investigators that before police fired they saw a man armed with a knife continue to charge at police officers despite repeated commands to stop and drop the knife, police said.

Police released an audio transcript of a 911 call that they say Paulino made before the shooting.

When the 911 operator answered, a man responded, “Yeah, I want you to call the cops cause I’m ready to kill.”

“OK, so what’s going on there?” the operator said.

“Yeah, I’m ready to kill cops right now,” the man repeated.

The shooting incensed some in the neighborhood, who described Paulino as having emotional problems.

Neighbor Elizabeth Rodriguez told the Daily News that the man “was a good kid. He just had problems with cops.”

Fernando Mateo, the president of Hispanics Across America, held a vigil Sunday night in front of Paulino’s home.

“We believe that with all the technology and all the training the finest police department in the world has, it could have been prevented, it could have been handled differently,” Mateo said.

In 2008, an emotionally disturbed Brooklyn man plummeted headfirst to his death from a building ledge when police stunned him with a Taser. The police commander who ordered an officer to fire the stun gun later committed suicide after apologizing to the victim’s family.

After the man’s death, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly ordered refresher training for the NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit on how to deal with the mentally ill.

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One Comment

  1. gg says:

    Good, save taxpayers $$ on wasteful psych treatment that allows psycho’s out on the streets…we need to kill more on the spot, criminals and nuts…admit I’m right!

  2. sfsgef says:

    you are not suppose to shoot the knife weilding suspect several times… hello? this is like excessive force. I think one bullet to the thigh would have stopped him.

  3. Dave r says:

    Good shotting.

  4. Werner Klemperer says:

    A seven NYPD PO wearing body armor & gun


    verse one guy with

    4-inch pocket knife.

    Clearly the vic had issues – but the PO could throw a net around the target

    Remember NYPD Cops killed man reaching for his “Wallet”
    (Amadou Diallo shooting)

    Review salary & pensions of Police Officer Salary after 5, 10, 15 and 20 honorable years of public service!!!!!

    1. afafaf says:

      Vest dont stop knives…common knowledge for anyone that researches. 4 inch pocket knives are just as deadly as guns (anything that can cut you can kill you). Whens the last time you have seen cops carrying around nets? (Maybe they should for some of the posters on this site). Diallo case totally different (Obviously an unjustified shooting). Dont know what salaries and pensions have to do with this shooting…lol.

  5. James Binks says:

    Did the police address the man in a language that the man understood??
    Its the wild west, murder by cop.
    Seems the only response cops have is murder by taser, or murder by gun.

  6. sal says:

    TEXT BOOK SHOOTING!!! GOOD JOB GUYS! Maybe oneday you people will understand that sometimes police HAVE TO shoot people!! And believe me they dont want to because every time they do they get crucified by people like you.
    There is 35000 cops in nyc and less then 1% have shot someone. That dosent sound like abuse of power to me does it??

  7. afafaf says:

    Man wielding knife = danger to community. Obviously taser did not stop him and he lunged at the police with a rather large knife. Cops are not trained to shoot at arms and legs (center mass only, woulldnt want to hit innocent bystanders). Simply put, shooting was justified. So if you neither like or need the police dont call them. Handle your own business.

  8. John S says:

    My prayers are with those Police Officers that were involved in this shooting. I thank God that they were not injured or killed while protecting our community. May God be with you.

  9. ak says:

    What if this man killed someone? Than you would want to know why the police didn’t respond sooner. Who was the man threatening? Someone called 911 to report him, than he called 911 to say he wanted some police. It may not be the police’s job to keep mentally disturbered people from walking around with knives threatenting people, but it is the police’s job to keep others safe. I am sorry for this man’s family the pain they are going thru. But you can not blame the police for doing their job.

  10. yshaggy says:

    Try living without them and all you would have to do is look at your watch so you could see when the end came

  11. Daniel says:

    To those who read this article and say “why did the officers shoot him in the chest and not in an arm or leg?,” do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? Real life is not an action movie where the hero can shoot the knife out of the criminal’s hand, or shoot him in the leg to bring them down without killing them. Either of those feats would require a level of skill far beyond what most people could hope to attain in their lifetime. Police are trained to shoot for “center of mass,” meaning the torso area, because this is the largest and easiest to hit part of the body, and shots to this area of the body can reliably stop an assailant. Plus, what do you think would happen if an officer shoots a suspect through the femoral artery in either leg? (hint: they would likely die in under a minute due to loss of blood) Also, imagine the lawsuits by suspects who were shot in the groin region by officers who were aiming for a leg. The reality is that as it stands, statistics show that NYPD officers only hit their target 17% of the time in real-life situations, imagine how poorly they would perform if asked to shoot for anything other than “center of mass.”

  12. ts says:

    I wonder how many of these internet heroes posting these comments have confronted a person with a knife? My guess is zero.

    1. mj says:

      yeah cops are brave . first off at the first sign of trouble they call in 20 more for back up . second give me a bullet proof vest , pistol, shot gun, taser, mace, nite stick AND a license to kill and i’ll be as brave as they are .

  13. John Adams says:

    Because American police are cowards who won’t hesitate to kill people. Back in the eighties a Los Angeles cop entered an apartment (report of a child left alone) and shot a two-year-old boy sitting on the living room floor holding a plastic pistol. The boy was blac and the cop was white. He was cleared of any wrongdoing.

  14. mj says:

    why do the police HAVE to shoot these people ? they can taser them , mace them .shoot them with those bean bag guns . unless the person is actually about to attack someone , shooting them should be a last resort. even if they do decide to shoot , why can’t they shoot to wound or bring them down? shoot them in the arm , leg ect….the police have a license to kill and they don’t hesitate to use it

    1. Bob says:

      It says he was tasered and that didn’t stop him, actually. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      1. mj says:

        i wrote the reply about the taser BEFORE it was releaased that they tasered him. the original story did not mention a taser. i still feel it was over excessive use of force. sorry to burst YOUR bubble

    2. DanTe says:

      The original Taser would have stopped him. But than you stupid libturds has a thing against “strong” Tasers, so all the new ones are “modified”. Now they don’t work.

      Thanks to you dumb $4!T5, the slogan is:

      Use guns. It’s safer.

  15. bobby lee says:

    The man was surrounded by Police and he was apparently shot by police. A number of questions come to me:
    1. Who was he threatening?
    2. A report said he was hit 8 times in the chest?
    3. How many officers executed this operation?
    4. Mentally disturbred usually means that he doesn’t respond as a normal person.
    5. Was there an officer in charge? what rank?
    6. It was reported that he had a 4 inch knife.

    It will be interesting how they spin this…previously a white entered a precinct with a knife and used it as a weapon and was not killed.

    1. sal says:

      you are truly a moron. How many officer executed this operation?????!!!! im guessing you have never been in a strugle of any sort. Another thing , 4 inch knife can kill you. and the sergeant was the one that tasered him so he was in charge. On top of thaqt you ask who he was thretening???!! how about the cops???? or maybe the numerous people that called 911

      1. James Binks says:

        I have been threatened four times by people with a knife and gun. I have never killed any of them. I have talked my way out of it. I am not a professional, not a cop. and I have never been trained to deal with such. Common sense and a calm understanding tone, does work wonders.
        Seems, that authorities simply do not care. Everyone must understand and comply immediately. We do not have an official language in the country. There are many people on the streets who do not understand English. But we can kill them if they do not comply. 8 shots to kill this man. Did the cops think he was an elephant??

    2. DanTe says:

      Hey “boobie lee”. The next mentally disturbed person waving a “little” knife, we’ll call you. You can walk up to it and talk to it, real nice like. And hopefully, he sticks you like the stupid #@$@# you are.

  16. fdsfdsa says:

    We don’t need cops. We need more security patrol. Cops don’t help because I never needed them, and I will never need them.

    1. Dgdtsdg says:

      Until you do…I never thought I’d new them either

  17. unknown says:

    just another cop with a swelled head carrying
    a gun !

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