Report: Drivers Skipped NJ-NY Tolls 1.7 Million Times

NEW YORK (AP) — Motorists crossing over from New Jersey to New York passed through toll booths 1.7 million times without paying last year.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said the toll skippers dodged $17.7 million in tolls. According to the New York Post, the agency was able to recoup $10.5 million of that, leaving $7.2 million in unpaid tolls plus fines.

The Port Authority said most of the violators are drivers without E-ZPass tags who go through the E-ZPass lanes.

Overall in 2009, the agency took in $962.5 million from 121.5 million trips through the tolls.

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  1. rojas says:

    listen, the mess right before the gwb nj side, will easily put you in a ezpass lane and you’ll find out only too late when you’re already at the ezpass booth, no clerk, what do you do? sit around and wait? to be arrested? arrest all the mta execs making sure they’re paying themselves millions while the agency itself is going bankrupt, or so they say. now they’re just giving themselves another public excuse to raise fares and tolls…

  2. moon beam says:

    They need to have those teeth that blow your car tires out when you don’t pay.

    So, the minute it happens. They just lost the use of 4 tires, and can not not only be fined, their car towed and impounded, but they can then be conveniently arrested.

    1. cars aint moonbeams says:

      oh yeah, that wouldn’t contribute to the existing traffic snarl.

      The majority of the uncollected money is likely due to repeat offenders who have believe that they can scam the system (perhaps they’re right, perhaps they’ll be caught) – there will always be some free riders. I’m not sure if, uh, is it between .7% and .8% is a considered a big leak. Yeah perhaps you would like it if they could just take control of your car and pull it over before the tunnel? Cut the driver’s hand off? Short of pulling the car or drastically increasing punishments there’s not much else to do.

  3. peter says:

    And the MTA thinks that this is a good method to collect tolls? Via camera?

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